Hey there! Imagine doing your job but from the coziest spot in your home or your favorite coffee place. Cool, right? Well, that’s what remote jobs are all about! If you’re looking for the best remote sales jobs so you can work from home,  We’ll talk about different sales jobs you can do without leaving your comfy space. And we’ll tell you exactly where to find these amazing jobs.

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In order to be great at a sales job, you need to understand the different kinds of remote sales roles. Their duties and the skills you need to excel at each. From business development and account management to digital marketing. We’ll discuss top remote sales jobs and ways to succeed, like balancing work-life, better client relations, and team performance.

Key Takeaways for Finding the Best Remote Sales Jobs

  • Remote sales jobs offer flexibility and work-life balance. There is a demand for skilled professionals.
  • There are various positions available in remote sales. Sales support for beginners as well.
  •  Remote sales require a strong understanding of various strategies to optimize performance.

Understanding Remote Sales Jobs

Sales managers and representatives who work remotely build relationships, promote products, and close deals to make money.

In remote sales, technology like video calls, emails, and CRM software is crucial for communication and organization.

To succeed in remote sales, self-discipline and time management are key. You have to reach out, present products, and close deals without a traditional office structure.

Remote sales roles vary by industry and company. Examples include inside sales reps, account executives, and sales managers.

The Importance of Your LinkedIn Profile

A solid LinkedIn profile is really helpful for job seekers, especially those searching for remote sales jobs. LinkedIn lets professionals make an online presence. You can link up with others in their field and check out lots of job opportunities. A profile that’s well set up can greatly boost a job seeker’s chances of getting the job they want.

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Ideal Workplaces for Remote Sales

Let’s explore the best workplaces for remote sales roles, offering flexibility, good income, and diverse customer connections.

1. Software and technology companies

 Remote sales positions are common in the software and technology industry. This is where virtual chit-chat and demos are the norm. Sales reps working for these companies can enjoy the perks of working with cutting-edge technology and the opportunity to pitch innovative solutions to potential clients.

2. Digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing agencies often hire remote sales reps to connect with prospective clients, grow their customer base, and promote their services. This role suits those who enjoy networking and learning about different industries.

3. E-commerce companies

Online shopping growth leads to more remote sales jobs in e-commerce. These positions involve managing accounts, upselling, and expanding market reach.

4. Telecommunications and Internet service providers

Telecom and internet providers seek remote sales reps to expand their client base and provide custom solutions. This role offers opportunities in a dynamic industry.

5. Outsourced sales companies

Certain companies specialize in supplying remote sales teams to businesses in different industries. Sales reps working with these providers get to work with various clients, providing a diverse work experience.

Best Work From Home Sales Jobs

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 Remote sales jobs are some of the most popular and in-demand work-from-home jobs. Here, we present a list of 15 reputable companies that frequently hire for remote sales roles.

1. Salesforce

A world-renowned customer relationship management (CRM) software provider, Salesforce offers a variety of remote sales roles, from account executives to sales development representatives.

2. American Express

This well-known financial services company hires remote employees for several sales positions, including business development and partnership sales.

3. IBM

As a leading technology and consulting company, IBM provides remote sales opportunities in software, hardware, and services sales. You can also check out the entry-level positions.

4. Oracle

Specializing in cloud solutions and software development, Oracle regularly hires remote sales professionals in different verticals like finance, healthcare, and retail.

5. SAP

This global software corporation hires remote salespeople to sell its range of enterprise software solutions, including human resources, customer relations, and supply chain management.

6. Adobe

Recognized for its suite of creative software, Adobe also offers remote sales positions focused on selling its cloud-based marketing, analytics, and e-commerce solutions.

7. Gartner

As a leading research and advisory firm, Gartner employs remote sales talent to sell its services, such as market research and consulting in the technology industry.

8. Zoom Video Communications

The popular video conferencing platform often hires remote sales professionals for different roles, including account executives and customer success managers.

9. Dell Technologies

This multinational technology company employs remote sales representatives to sell its wide range of hardware, software, and IT solutions.

10. HubSpot

Known for its inbound marketing, sales, and customer service software, HubSpot frequently hires remote sales professionals for various roles, including account managers and sales engineers.

11. Intuit

This financial software company, responsible for products like QuickBooks and TurboTax, offers remote sales opportunities in product, services, and partnership sales.

12. Xerox

The renowned document management company hires remote sales representatives for a variety of positions, including selling its hardware, software, and managed services.

13. PayPal

As a major player in the fintech space, PayPal employs remote sales professionals to sell its payment processing solutions and services to businesses.

14. ServiceNow

This cloud-based platform company often hires remote salespeople to sell its IT service management, business process automation, and application development solutions.

15. Cisco

Specializing in networking, cybersecurity, and collaboration tools, Cisco offers remote sales roles in its several product and service categories.

Leveraging Social Media in Remote Sales

One of the key aspects of using social media in remote sales positions is understanding the platforms where your target audience is most active. Depending on the target area and product niche, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter (X), and even Pinterest can be viable options. Identifying the right platform ensures that sales representatives can concentrate their efforts efficiently.

Enhancing Remote Sales Through a Strong Team

A robust team is vital for remote sales success. This includes skilled account executives. Hiring qualified professionals with a proven track record is crucial.

CVS Health serves as a prime example. Their focus on top-tier account executives has led to a thriving remote sales operation. These professionals manage client relationships, conduct virtual presentations, and negotiate contracts, driving the company’s sales performance.

To Build an Outstanding Remote Sales Team

Clarify Roles and Responsibilities

Make sure everyone knows their specific duties, goals, and expectations.

Implement a Thorough Selection Process

Focus on skills, experience, and cultural fit to attract the best talent.

Offer Competitive Benefits

Provide appealing compensation and growth opportunities to keep remote sales professionals motivated and engaged.

Balancing Work and Life in Remote Sales

Achieving work-life balance is crucial for professionals in any job. This balance is very attainable for those in remote sales in the U.S. Here are some straightforward tips for U.S. salespeople.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

Stay motivated and face challenges with strength. A positive outlook helps in navigating the ups and downs of your job.

Embrace Flexibility

Remote sales offer a flexible schedule, unlike the traditional 9-to-5. Tailor your work hours to suit your life.

Establish Boundaries

Create a dedicated workspace at home and set clear working hours. Communicate these to family and friends to avoid disruptions. Don’t forget to take breaks and engage in activities you enjoy for mental well-being.

Utilize Technology

Leverage video calls, instant messaging, and project management tools to stay connected with your team and clients, fostering a sense of collaboration despite the physical distance.

Improving Potential Client Relations

Building strong relationships with potential clients is crucial for remote sales jobs.

Identify Your Target Audience

Understand where and how to connect with clients based on their preferences. Younger clients may prefer social media, while older clients may prefer phone calls or emails.

Know Your Industry, Products, and Services

A knowledgeable salesperson can better explain benefits and address client concerns, which builds trust and credibility.

Effective Communication

Be clear, concise, and confident. Tailor messages to suit the client’s interests, summarize complex information, and use easy-to-understand language.

Additional Strategies

Listen Actively

Pay attention to the client’s needs, desires, and concerns. Take note and follow up appropriately.

Personalize Messages

Show attentiveness and understanding by tailoring communication to clients’ specific interests.

Be Responsive

Quick replies make clients feel valued. Respond promptly to maintain rapport.

Maintain Professionalism

Even in a remote setting, professionalism is crucial. This includes appropriate email signatures, profile pictures, and backgrounds for video calls.

Exploration of Remote Work Opportunities

When seeking the right remote sales job, it’s important to use reliable job search platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor. These websites provide detailed listings from reputable companies, along with reviews and salary information, which can help job seekers make informed decisions.

For work-from-home sales jobs, having a well-prepared home office is crucial. This includes a comfortable chair, a desk, a reliable computer, fast internet, and a headset for video calls and client interactions. These essentials create a focused environment, allowing sales professionals to work efficiently without distractions or technical issues.

Non-Phone Jobs in Sales for Exploring Alternatives

In sales, you don’t always need to be on the phone. Jobs like business development representatives involve planning, research, and building relationships through email or face-to-face meetings. Roles in sales operations or marketing may focus on data analysis, planning campaigns, and researching markets. These jobs let you make an impact without being on the phone all the time. Exploring these alternatives in sales opens up new opportunities for success.

Remote-Only Job Boards

You can find open jobs on a remote-only job board that caters to those seeking sales roles. They feature a wide array of positions across various industries, ranging from marketing and sales to software development and customer support. Notable remote-only job boards include We Work Remotely, Remote.Co, and FlexJobs. They provide a selection of remote job listings, making it easier for both job seekers and employers to connect with like-minded professionals who value remote work arrangements.

Entry-Level Positions for Sales

Starting out in sales? You might begin with entry-level positions. These jobs are for those who are new to the field. They give you basic experience and teach crucial sales skills.

For instance, there are roles like Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), Account Coordinators, and Business Development Associates.

SDRs focus on finding potential customers. Account Coordinators work on getting leads. Business Development Associates are in charge of reaching out to clients for the first time.

In these positions, you’ll team up closely with more experienced salespeople. This way, you can learn and also contribute to the team. These entry-level jobs are fantastic for laying a solid foundation in sales. They set the stage for your future growth in this field.

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Mastering Sales Calls for Effectiveness

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In remote sales jobs, knowing how to handle sales calls is really important. Salespeople need to use their time well and be really good at helping customers.

One way to do this is by figuring out the best times to call potential customers. This means understanding different time zones and when your target customers are most active. Planning calls for these times helps avoid missed calls or voicemails and leads to more interactions and potential sales.

Being great at customer service is a must for remote salespeople. They need to be quick to respond, patient, and know a lot about what they’re selling. This helps build trust with potential customers and gives them useful information. Good communication also helps salespeople understand what the customer needs and makes the experience more personal.

Here are some important tips for better sales calls

Be prepared

 Do your homework on the customer and their industry. Knowing what they need and face helps build trust and offer solutions that fit.

Set goals

 Know what you want to achieve with each call, like setting up a future meeting or closing a deal. This keeps you focused and makes sure the conversation moves towards a goal.

Ask open-ended questions

 Get the customer talking by asking about their thoughts and experiences. This helps you understand their needs better and shows you’re really interested.

Success Factors in Remote Sales Work

In remote sales, certain things help remote workers succeed and advance in their careers. Recognizing these factors is important for excelling in this growing field.

Clear Communication

Remote salespeople need to share information well through emails, calls, and video chats. Listening carefully and responding to clients is crucial.

Time Management and Organization

Being organized and managing time well is vital for productivity. Planning days and focusing on important tasks while building client relationships is key.


Remote sales pros need to keep up with new tech, trends, and changes in the sales world. This helps them stay ahead and give great service.


Getting involved in industry events, webinars, and online groups expands professional connections. This can lead to new business opportunities and career growth.

Motivation and Discipline

Staying motivated and focused on sales goals is important in a remote setting. Creating a good work environment and having a routine helps keep motivation high.

So, there you have it – remote sales offers exciting career opportunities for anyone looking to balance work and life from the comfort of their own space. By staying positive, managing time wisely, and using technology, remote positions can be a great fit. From starting positions to specialized roles, there’s something for everyone. Many big companies are looking for remote salespeople, so keep an eye out for those opportunities.  So go ahead, explore, and find the perfect remote sales job for you!

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