Captioning videos is an easy way to get paid to watch and type the words you hear in videos. Whether looking for a side hustle or a full-time job, you can earn in your spare time. There are many ways to get paid to caption videos, and this article will explore the various opportunities and places that provide inscription work from home available.

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What are Captions for a Video, and Why Do Businesses Require Them?

Captions that are composed of text are used by deaf people or hard of hearing to access content delivered by spoken words and sounds.

 These subtitles are the best way to assist users in better understanding conversation or just watching the movie without turning on the audio.

Companies now look for people to translate the speech from their videos into subtitles and captions.

 Captioning simply means voice and sound are converted from a video into text.

So, supposing you’re on the train or your lunch break and want to keep watching that YouTube video, but you don’t have your earphones?

No worries, continue the video by reading the captions at the bottom.

What Do you Do for a Video Captioning Job?

A captioner is also referred to as a steno captioner and is exactly who you’d want to turn to if you want to typeset text so that it is viewable on the screen or as subtitles for a film or TV show. Captioning is a particular type of transcription.

How Much Can You Make With Captioning Videos?

Caption jobs are flexible for people wishing to earn around $1,000 per month. In addition, you may make money from home by producing subtitles for videos and television shows.

Rates will vary depending on your skill and experience. Caption writers can expect the average earnings to be between $1-$15 per minute of video time. The more you subtitle, the more money you can earn.

Can Anyone Become a Captioner?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Inscription video is a job that can be done by anyone with an excellent command of language and transcription skills. If you are looking for ways to earn money while working from home, captioning videos can be an ideal option.

Captioners are in high demand today as more and more online content creators require their services. Websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo need subtitles for their videos to make them accessible to people with hearing impairments or those who prefer watching videos without sound.

Therefore, many companies offer paid opportunities for people who want to work from home as captioners.

What Experience Is Required to Get Started?

The good news is that you don’t need any specific qualifications or a college degree to begin working as a video captioner. However, some skills and traits can help set you up for success in this field.

You should have strong English skills and be able to pass a grammar and spelling exam. Having excellent typing skills is a must for video captioning. You must type accurately and quickly while listening to audio or watching video content. Strong attention to detail is crucial.

Secondly, familiarity with subtitle software and tools can give you an edge in the job market. While different employers may use different software programs, being familiar with common options like CaptionMaker or Aegisub can make learning new tools easier.

Best Companies That Pay You for Video Captioning Jobs

If you have read this far, I’ll assume you are still interested in getting paid to caption videos. So, enjoy this list of the best places to find your inscription job!

1. GoTranscript 

GoTranscript is a website that offers transcription and captioning services to individuals and businesses. They have a great caption sample on their website. However, what sets it apart from similar websites is that it also allows users to earn money by transcribing audio and video files.

This means that anyone who has good listening skills, an excellent command of the English language, and a computer with internet access can sign up as a transcriptionist on GoTranscript.

To get started on GoTranscript, you must first create an account and take a short test to assess your transcription skills.

Once you pass the test, you can begin receiving audio or video files to transcribe. The website pays its transcriptionists per audio minute completed, with rates varying depending on the complexity of the project. It’s also a great place to find a job writing subtitles.

2. Rev 

Rev is one of the finest in terms of freelance captioning services. To demonstrate your command of the English language, you must complete a short quiz and caption a sample. Then, you can start if it is accepted.

Several jobs are available so that you may work as much or as little.

You are also compensated weekly for all available completed and captioned files.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr provides a lot of alternatives, and it’s undoubtedly one of the best locations to start looking for captioning employment.

Despite the name, several occupations are available for various compensation possibilities; you must hunt for them.

Please take a course before beginning to ensure you qualify for the work. You can find classes on SkillShare or Udemy.

4. CaptionStar

CaptionStar delivers wide accessibility features for people with disabilities, including closed, broadcast, live, and open captions. They are well known to have worked closely with the top 100 Fortune companies and Event management platforms. 

5. Caption Max 

This is another captioning firm similar to CaptionStar. It is one of the most extensive regarding closed captioning and accessibility.

You may apply for on-site or apply for freelance positions, and for non-freelance work, you can also earn corporate perks such as medical insurance, a 401(k), and even paid time off.

6. Ai-Media

This is yet another closed and life captioning service that works with various shows and other media played in homes.

They’re even linked to Shopify and Amazon.

If you’re interested in doing this as a freelancer, it usually ranges between $20 and $42 per hour, depending on your skill level.

7. Captions for Talking Type

Another freelance firm that provides closed captioning and subtitles to various digital content and media companies.

It is affiliated with A&E and The History Channel, and they are continually trying to grow its crew.

They don’t have a dedicated employment page, so you’ll have to check back regularly because these positions are only sometimes available.

8. Colorado’s Caption (Now acquired by VITAC)

As the name implies, this company solely does closed captioning assignments. It is currently affiliated with several international media outlets and digital platforms worldwide.

To join the team of professionals, however, you must have significant skills and a fast typing speed. Furthermore, it expects staff to have strong communication skills.

After the standard application procedure, you must complete a real-time captioning evaluation, which will take around 30 minutes.

To get the job, you must pass that test with at least 98% accuracy. The income is excellent, and the firm provides various other advantages such as 401(k) and technical help.

9. The National Captioning Institute NCL 

The NCL works primarily to improve the lives of deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals with hearing difficulties. It enables those folks to enjoy movies and videos by providing captioning and subtitle services.

This website provides live captioning in addition to conventional closed captioning. You can apply for both opportunities if you have a fast typing speed.

They also provide audio description services for the blind or those with low vision.

You can participate in flexible shifts that run throughout the day. The application process is straightforward, and this organization provides in-house training to all new freelancers.

Apart from a competitive hourly salary, this organization offers paid training and medical benefits to its closed caption professionals.

10. Vanan Captioning

Vanan offers captioning and subtitling services in over 100 languages and only works with native captioners for those jobs. Therefore, this is an excellent place for a freelance captioner or a subtitle writer to apply.

11. Vitac ( Formerly Caption Colorado)

Vitac is one of the largest providers of media accessibility solutions that offers live, post-production, Zoom, subtitle captioning, and audio descriptions for some of the biggest names in television broadcasts, remote meetings, and events. And yes, you can work from home.

12. Capital Captions

Capital Captions is a UK-based video transcription and subtitle services company offering tailored services like translation and data entry services.

Suppose you want to work as a freelance subtitler, transcriptionist, or translator for Capital Captions. In that case, they are recruiting professional, experienced, qualified individuals to take on a diverse range of transcription, captioning, and formatting work for international clients.

13. Caption Media Group

They offer various Spanish, English, and Portuguese services, including closed captioning and subtitling. Most job openings they are hiring for are posted directly on search engines like Indeed. 

14. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is an automatic transcription and subtitles generator tool. The tool can transcribe audio into text and add captions to videos.

They hire freelancers to listen carefully to the audio and proofread the transcriptions generated by their software. If you work with subtitle files, you’ll be expected to sync them with the audio to improve subtitle breaks for the best readability.

How does Happy Scribe pay freelancers?

Happy Scribe pays on the 1st and 15th of each month. However, they spend only via Wise, meaning they will not be able to work with you if your country is not listed amongst those countries where you can send money via Wise.

You do not need prior experience or any particular qualification to join. It is desirable but not necessary. Must be at least 18 years old.

They do have a FAQ area for any other questions you may have.

15. CrowdSurf

Crowdsurf’s website is where independent contractors can find captioning projects to write subtitles for YouTube videos. You’ll also find other open positions for freelancers to take advantage of.

CrowdSurf uses via Work Market to hire freelancers. Once your Work Market account is set up, apply to join CrowdSurf as a new CrowdSurf transcriber.

You can review the guidelines and then take a brief assessment to join the CrowdSurf group.

16. Aberdeen

 If you want to get paid to caption and subtitle videos, they provide various services, including language services, custom video transcoding, and digital file distribution services.

Aberdeen offers real-time and off-time captioning services. If you want a subtitle job here, you need excellent typing speed and accuracy! 

17. 3Play Media

You can expect to find transcription jobs in English and Spanish. You can also apply to be an English voice writer for contract work to transcribe recorded audio and edit imperfect transcription using their internet-based software application.

To be a good candidate, you need to provide expert transcribing services independently and provide a quick turnaround on finished work.

You must have excellent communication skills and be  Proficient with internet research and reference resources.

18. Wordly

Wordly is an AI-powered company that specializes in translation services. They offer a platform that allows you to earn money by captioning videos. Through their technology, Wordly enables users to translate audio content into different languages and provide captions for videos, making them more accessible to a global audience.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Wordly aims to streamline the captioning process and improve the efficiency of translation tasks. This can be beneficial for both content creators and viewers who want to reach a broader audience and make their videos accessible to individuals who speak different languages.

Court Reporter Captioning Jobs

Ever wonder how court reporters type so fast?

Court Reporters use a unique “steno machine” keyboard that allows them to type super fast because steno machines have fewer keys than a traditional QWERTY keyboard.

Broadcast captioners use court reporter skills on the stenotype machine to provide captions of live television programs

How Much Does a Court Reporter Make?

The typical wage ranges between $17-$25 an hour in the United States, according to

If you want to find out how to begin court reporting and captioning from home, you must also understand that they provide transcripts the same day. 

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Types of Captioning Jobs

Captioning is classified into two types:

Open captions 

Closed captions

Best Ways to Get Paid to Caption Videos

What is Open Captioning Jobs?

Open captions are built into the video and cannot be disabled. 

Types of Open Captioning 

You’ll see these on television, often in a commercial where you can’t turn it off.

What are Closed Captioning Jobs?

Closed captioning entails typing everything you hear, including background noises, sounds, and even the tone of speech. For example: (laughter) or (applause) that you might see in the text.

Types of Closed Captioning Jobs

A closed captioner creates captions and subtitles for recorded audio files, videos, and live events.

Jobs in Closed Captioning

Closed captioning includes captioning pre-recorded shows or movies, as well as captions for the video and what they’re saying.

It is mainly transcribing, but you must be able to type swiftly, have high English language abilities, be proficient with computers and comprehend closed caption codes. 

What Is Real-Time Captioning?

Real-time captions, or Computer Assisted Real-Time Translation (CART), is created in real-time as an event happens.

Captioning in Real Time (RTC)

This is an inscription done right then and there.

It’s not simple and might be difficult for new captioners, but if you’re adept at captioning correctly, this is for you.

Becoming a real-time captioner does pay a little extra, and it may be a rewarding opportunity.

CaptionStar is an excellent option if you like real-time captions and already have some expertise. Real-time captioners can expect to get paid more than offline captioners too.

What Is Offline Captioning?

Offline captions are prepared for pre-recorded programming before duplication of broadcast or DVD, or tape.

What Are Subtitling Jobs?

There is little difference between closed captioning and subtitling tasks. Subtitles are basic audio-to-text conversions.

Can I Make Money by Subtitling Videos on YouTube?

 The answer is definitely yes. Subtitles are required for many videos, so individuals are paid to subtitle videos. You can find subtitle work in many different languages. Crowdsurf is a beautiful service to utilize for this because it offers flexible work.

Is It Necessary to Add Captions to YouTube Videos?

Not everyone watches videos with sound on, and it can be challenging to hear individuals sometimes, so people hire those to manage YouTube subtitles. It pays well, and there are always openings. 

Captions play an essential part in ensuring that consumers watch excellent videos.

It also has an impact on the algorithm.

Using captions in YouTube videos benefits not just viewers with hearing impairments but also enhances general accessibility and boosts the probability of interaction, so consider including captions and time codes in your films.

Businesses want video captioners to ensure their information is seen in the internet’s vast sea.

It’s simple to accomplish, may be enjoyable, and can earn you some good money.

It requires decent English language abilities, a computer with adequate internet access, and some spare time.

What Is Audio Transcription?

Sometimes individuals merely want written information on what was stated, typically utilized for eBooks or other copy forms.

That is why they will post jobs for audio transcribing, and you may earn up to $.60 per minute.

If you’re intrigued and want to try it out, go to Go Transcript to see whether it’s for you.

How To Become a Closed Captioner

You can get paid to caption videos in many industries, including television, film, online streaming services, and educational institutions.

To become a closed captioner, you’ll need to have excellent typing skills and attention to detail. Familiarity with transcription software is also helpful. Many companies require candidates to pass accuracy tests before hiring them as captioners. It’s also important to have strong language skills and knowledge of grammar rules since captions must be accurate representations of the spoken content.

One way to get started as a closed captioner is by taking an online course or certification program in transcription or closed captioning.

How Many Words per minute (WPM) am I required?

You should be able to type at least 100 words per minute, preferably more.

You should be able to achieve close to 200 words per minute, which is around what the typical person talks in a minute.

What Are the Drawbacks of Being Paid to Write Captions?

It might take a long time if you can’t type quickly or need to learn how to create captions for a video. As a result, it is frequently a side hustle rather than full-time employment.

You may also have to deal with substandard audio files and stringent deadlines owing to the customer’s demands, so make sure you’re prepared for that before you decide to be paid to write captions.

Overall, it’s an easy method to generate extra money that can lead to a serious job.


Do you get paid to subtitle YouTube videos? You can certainly be settled to create video subtitles.

Individuals always search for someone to do it, from movies and TV broadcasts to little shows.

It may be less enjoyable labor, but it is consistent and may provide a constant source of cash. So, what places are you thinking of applying to?

Check out 25+ Online Jobs from Home Without Investment for more opportunities.

Other FAQ’s

What Is the Best and Easy-to-Use Captioning Software Out There? 

There are various solutions for captioning software that are simple to use and excellent for everyday video inscription and subtitling. Here are a couple of such examples:

Kapwing: Kapwing is a web-based video editing application with a simple automated captioning capability.

Subtitle Revision: Subtitle Edit is a free and open-source program that lets you generate and edit subtitles for your films.

Premiere Pro by Adobe: Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing program with an integrated captioning capability.

How Are the Captions for a TV Show Sponsored, and Why?

Captions for a television broadcast are frequently sponsored by the network or other groups interested in improving accessibility and diversity for viewers with hearing impairments.

For example, captioning a television show enables deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers to enjoy the content while remaining engaged with the stories and characters. As a result, TV networks may improve viewership and reach a larger population by offering captions.

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