Ever thought about how you could make a good living voice acting? It’s a thing! Online voice-over work from home is a great way to bust your way into the celebrity world (sorta), but who knows, you might just have the voice for a cartoon or video game.

The key here is to find your voice and a niche and excel at it. Some niches are narrating audiobooks, telephone prompts, documentaries, commercials, radio promos, animations, and video games.  

Here are 19 great ways for voice-over artists to get their talents some money.

online voice-over work from home

Disclaimer:  This blog post may contain affiliate or referral links that may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost to you!). 


Thousands of voice-over projects are posted on Voice 123. Every level of voice acting can be found here. New to the industry and looking for an entry-level voice-over project? Or a seasoned professional? You can build and showcase your voice acting profile for free to start, and you can practice your craft by submitting auditions to unfilled projects. The good news about this site is they don’t take commission fees so that you can build on your client relationships yourself. 

You are paid directly by the client, which gives you a better chance to negotiate your rate. You can go here to register on Voice 123 as a voice actor.


 Bodalgo does not charge any fees or commissions. In addition to the online casting feature, bodalgo offers other free services such as bodalgoCall, which allows a client to connect to your profile studio in real-time, which is great for remotely directing a recording session. You will need a membership. 

Bodalgo offers voice actors two different account tiers: Once registered, you will receive a free basic membership, including your public profile and full database exposure. Your public profile includes a contact form so potential clients can contact and engage you. These services are free of charge.

Important: Bodalgo is a platform that is aimed exclusively at professionally trained voice-over talents. You can sign up on the bodalgo platform here as well as view all the frequently asked questions.


The same people run this platform as bodalgo (above). Again aimed exclusively at professionally trained voice-over actors. This means you have to have appropriate demos and references. They do not take any commissions, and there are no hidden fees. 

What is the difference between Demos and Auditions?

Demos are audio files uploaded by you, which are displayed during the talent search if these demos match a client’s request.

On the other hand, auditions are custom recordings produced by you specifically to the client’s specifications to audition for a specific job. 

online voice-over work from home


You may have heard of Fiverr before, but I was surprised to find out that over 21,000 voice-over services are available. Online voice-over work from home from every niche possible, like narration, education, or corporate, is on the platform.

When I sorted by relevance, I chose the newest arrivals, which resulted in over 18,000 services available. My guess is if you set up your profile properly with a video sample of what you can deliver, you will have the best shot. You can see what others are doing for their profiles to give you the best chance of getting good reviews and clients. You can sign up on the Fiverr platform here.

Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings is for phone system messages. You set up a profile with example recordings for a company, like daytime greetings. A message on hold for a company or an announcement example for a company. You could record sample messages if you have a unique voice or accent. English, Australian, British, Irish, perhaps? This is even better if you have a demo and a website. You can see all they have to offer here on their platform. 

Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio Voice is a freelancer platform for you to get paid the rate you set. You get paid for an audition! Also, You can get booked by a client by showcasing your examples in their search engine. You can sign up as a freelancer and take a look at the FAQ; just scroll to the bottom of this page.

Voice Crafters

Voice Crafters’ talent areas include E-learning, commercials, promo videos, explainer videos, IVR, Video games, audiobooks, and more. They are currently not accepting English-speaking talent from the US or the UK. Here is their sign-up submission form for more information. It is pretty safe to say they are looking for other languages, so if you are bilingual, that’s great. You can look at the languages offered by clicking on the refine search drop-down menu here. 


Filmless is a creative agency of choice for Fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Toyota, Google, AT&T, and more. Their services include graphic design, photography, animation, and video production. They all need a voice, right? You can take a look at some of the video examples and sign up to create your profile.


Funimation is all about anime. My son is an anime addict and often makes me sit and watch all his favorites. Although some anime can be a little gory, I’ll admit, I enjoy most of the characters and the storyline behind some of the rivals, even if I’m watching the anime with subtitles because most of them are in Japanese. You can see some of the anime characters here. (not a sign-up) link.

 However, they need English voice actors to increase their viewers. They have open-voice acting auditions about once a year. There is no set schedule for when they conduct open auditions, but If you are over 18 and live nearby (Texas) and want to be included on the audition waiting list, you can send an email to voice.acting@funimation.com and be sure to include your resume, Demo reel, and your contact information.

Earworks Media

Earworks Media is always on the lookout for new voice performers. You must already have your home studio and a good microphone. You must have or get source connect, a software that allows you to record, review, and collaborate with anyone. Standard or pro. They have free trials, too.

 You must also live near or within a reasonable driving distance from Virginia Beach. If you have a considerable amount of professional experience behind a microphone and with clients, then Earworks wants to hear from you. Earworks could be your ticket to online voice-over work from home.

The signup page here does say that there is an occasional exception “If you have little or no voice-over experience but have acting experience and a fantastic demo, Earworks may still consider you. However, all other requirements MUST be met.” 


Findaway is an audio technology company that brings audiobooks to listeners around the world. They are a multi-product, multi-brand company that has everything you need to get discovered and start your own audiobook business. 

Findaway Voices

Findaway Voices is for authors and narrators. How it works essentially is an author will submit a book to Findaway with their criteria. Then Findaway will select narrators based on that criteria, and you get to audition. You get to set your PFH rate (flat rate per hour of finished audio), and if you’re chosen to narrate a title, you’ll get paid your PFH rate multiplied by the final completed length of the book. You can sign up on the Findaway Voice platform here and create your account. The good news is you can live outside the US.

The Voice Realm

The Voice Realm has voice talent that appears on national radio & television commercials for the biggest brands around the globe. Also included in this talent are video voiceovers, business and training recordings, E-learning voiceovers, telephone recordings, and narrators. 

You can sign up here and submit your demo to get started. You can find a lot of information on the website, including The Voice Realm Voice Over Coaching, where they have fun & short courses to teach you how to get your demos into the right hands.

Back Stage

Backstage is your all-in-one platform for film, TV, theatre, modeling, and voiceovers. They currently have several casting calls for voiceovers on their latest jobs page for voiceovers posted here. Unlike other sites, you can apply to as many jobs as you want on Backstage. Did you know that this is the platform that Sandra Bullock (favorite actress) got her start with? There is a membership fee to get started, but using this link here will save you 25% on a monthly subscription, which comes to $14.95 a month.

Paying a membership fee allows you access to quality auditions and creators seeking your talents, not on other website platforms. This gives you a greater chance of getting your foot in the door first.  

 If you’re serious about your profile and talent, take it to the next level with a platform with unlimited media to create the right photo or reel for the gigs you want. In this case, you would upload your MP3s. You can use this link to get a yearly membership backstage for $9.99 a month; that’s $30 off for one year.

You won’t miss an opportunity with their instant job alerts delivered with new roles matching your criteria. If you want to get started and bring in some money before committing to a long-term membership, you can sign up for the month-to-month membership.

Behind The Voice Actors

Behind The Voice Actors ( btva) is a community database of voice-over actors. You can see the voice-over actors and the characters they play in cartoons, TV shows, Anime, and more. You can see images of those behind the character and listen to sound clips of the actors playing their character roles. I’ll admit, I got a little carried away while scrolling through! You can get carried away too here and sign up.

Casting Call Club

Casting Call Club allows you to create a free profile and will list you in the search, but a paid membership allows you to get featured in the search results. It’s quite affordable as well, with the apprentice membership only $ 6.67 per month billed annually or $10.00 a month billed monthly. Take a look at their current casting open roles. You can get a good look at all the open roles descriptions and their deadlines so you can get started working online voice-over work from home.

Ny Casting

Ny Casting allows you to submit daily voice-over castings. Jobs for casting include narration, commercials, books on tape, translation, video games, announcers, and more. You simply set up your account. You can view the current casting for voice-over jobs here on the NY Casting website.


 Voquent is an online voice-over agency and audio production company that produces and translates audio remotely from end to end in hundreds of languages. You can be the voice for a video game here! You can click here for more information about how you could sign up for free on Voquent’s website and upload your demo.

 ACX Amazon

ACX Amazon (audiobook creation exchange (ACX) is where you turn a book into an audiobook that is sold through online retailers like Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. You can audition for an author’s book to create an audiobook. You can sign up here to create your free account and see all Acx offers. The website has many production resources, including ACX audio submission requirements, video lessons, and resources to help promote yourself. 

voice over artists

Can Voice Actors Work from Home?

Yes, with online voice-over work from home, you can record voice-overs in a home studio. With a home studio setup, you can audition, record your voice, and complete voice-over jobs from anywhere.   

What Do I Need to Do Voice-Over Work from Home?

 This article from wanttobeavoiceactor.com will give you an overview of what you should know about setting up your home studio. You’ll be surprised that your home studio does not require expensive technology. In the article, the writer talks about not using a laptop as much as you might use a computer separated from a monitor due to fan noise, but I feel a laptop should also suffice.

Skills You Need to Have for Online Voice-Over Work

You need to speak clearly. Even if you have an accent or speak a different language. Although it is said that having an accent can intrigue a listener, it has to be natural. Flexibility in your voice to captivate the listener. We can all relate to this. When you’re speaking to a friend, maybe you are trying to get an important point across; sometimes, you may get excited and adjust the tone of your voice. Here is a good article by voicetalentnow.com about 5 Important Skills to Look for in a Voice Actor.

Online Voice-Over Work from Home Resources

Whether you are an experienced voice actor or long to become a talented voice actor, there seems to be no shortage of work. Here are some of the best resources for voice acting.

For Online Voice-Over Work from Home Voice Acting Classes Done Online Through Zoom.

Check out David Coury, a sought-after celebrity voice coach in Los Angeles. He has taught many celebrities, including Billy Ray Cyrus, Rachel Crow, Ashley Tisdale, and many more. His classes aren’t cheap but are more affordable than you think. Roughly $250 a class. Here is a quick video by David and some more information on what the class will offer you.

Gravy for the Brain has an extensive free guide to help you learn everything about how to become a voice actor. Peter Dickson, who you may know as the voice of the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent, has put together a more affordable option (“ less than a cup of coffee a day”), he said. You can view his short video explaining the web class and register.  

If you are looking for free practice voice-over scripts that can help prepare for an audition or hone your skills, then Voice Actor Websites can help you with that. They specialize in creating websites for voice actors. The public domain scripts listed here are provided as a free resource for voice-over talent.

Wondering if voice-over work is right for you? You can sign up for this intro to voice-over for a free mini-course.On the thinkific.com website. This free mini-course will answer your questions as it explores the world of voice-overs. Get an inside look at the field and decide if you’re ready to learn more.

Edges Studio

Edge Studio is all things voice-over acting training and casting.

This is another great place to find free voice-over scripts. To create your free account and have access to over 6,000 sample scripts to choose from, you can explore Edges Studio here to see what sample script is right for you.

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Conclusion to Online Voice-Over Work from Home

As you can see, there are several ways to get into voice acting and start working online voice-over work from home from your home studio. Websites to start, resources to seek, and scripts to create, oh my! 

Maybe you like the idea of voice-over work but would rather start more behind the scenes, per se? You can take a look at some of these posts. One is 19 text operator jobs in which you may be answering casual or erotic text messages. Don’t worry; you are protected! Or, say you’re a mom looking for ways to work online. You can read this post which is specifically geared toward moms who are ready to get back into the workforce. These websites are there to help you along your journey to working online.

Take note of these websites and find where you are comfortable creating your profile. I’ll leave you with this well-known quote.

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place”.

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