When it comes to looking for text chat operator jobs. Did you know there was such a thing? A text chat operator’s job is to answer casual and erotic text messages on a fantasy-based adult text network. You should be able to talk/text to customers about all kinds of topics. You might be assigned different roles. According to Glassdoor if typing in chat operator salary the average base rate is 35,569/ yr. 

You probably should not expect to make that much because you are not using your voice, but some companies do pay upward of $2.00 a minute.

You don’t have to be any type of pro-sexter or nympho to text. You have to be good at grammar; luckily, there’s autocorrect, and have an internet connection.

Disclaimer:  This blog post contains affiliate or referral links that may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost to you!). I only recommend products or services that I know and trust. 


Most companies require you to be at least 21 years old. Some may even require you to be 25, and because some of these companies take age requirements very seriously, you will have to provide a driver’s license or Id with a clear picture on it. They will most likely ask that you take a picture of yourself holding your driver’s license or Id to verify it is you.


Most text chat operator jobs will provide you with a login and password to their secure platform so you don’t have to risk your personal information. If they don’t, then I’d suggest you use third-party texting apps like WhatsApp and TextPlus. Do not ever use your personal information like your phone number or address, real name, pictures, videos, or even age. You never want a strange stalker coming for you; no matter what the texting turns into, it’s never gonna be the real deal, so stay on the platform you began with.


You should always use the recommended payment option that the company recommends even if there is a fee to be taken because it’s most likely better for your safety unless you are already protected through their platform. You should not use your bank or Paypal. You don’t want to risk your privacy using your bank. Paypal terms are against adult activities, and there could be a chance that they will block you and take your payment.

Now that I got those very important details out, we can safely move forward with these text chat operator jobs.

Text Chat Operator Jobs

text chat operator jobs

1. Adult Chat Jobs hires Uk females to join. Some requirements:  you  MUST BE 21 years or older landline telephone. Good grammar, NO txt speak (i.e., “You are” = “ur”, or “speak tomorrow” = “Spk 2moz”), and no emojis. You must answer a minimum of 75 messages a week.  Payment is weekly to your UK bank account ONLY.

You must have a UK bank account in order to get paid. This is a self-employed contractor position – You will be responsible for your own tax.

You will log into their web portal when replying to adult messages safely and anonymously. You can expect up to £9.60 per hour.

2. Arousr hires hosts to provide sexting, for phone sex, and video chatting. You set your own hours. 18 years of age. Weekly payments are direct deposit or bank wire. The website doesn’t say how much you will be paid.

3. Adult Staffing is more of a jobs website to search for chat operator jobs as look through their featured listings.

4. Chat Recruit is a UK company. They offer webcam chat, phone chat, and messaging. If you are in the UK, they pay you through direct bank transfer. If you are outside the UK and Europe, they pay you via International Bank Transfer directly into your own bank account only. You go through their platform, so Your safety and security are the top priority, and they will never be passed onto or accessed by any third parties!

5. Cloudworkers is based in Europe. You can earn an income as a chat moderator anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is a computer and an internet connection. You would have conversations on one or more online social community platforms. All of the chat platforms the moderators work on are accessed via an online chat interface. You, as a moderator, receive regular training by qualified trainers and have a reliable point of contact in your allocated team leader – contactable via phone, email, or Skype. They do not have payment details other than you get paid once a month. You have to be at least 18 years old.

6. Luv2Text is also based in the United Kingdom. As a text chat operator, you will be answering casual and erotic text messages on a fantasy-based adult text network. Customers will not know your identity because you will be assumed to be the person who the customer is texting. They provide all the training you will need so you can identify and satisfy your user’s desires and also provide ongoing support.

During the training, you will get familiar with the system and learn how to react in several situations. After the training, you can log in, start working and earn money.

You can earn up to £10+ an hour. There are no setup fees.
You will get paid weekly. You must be 18 years old. The website does state that you should have previous experience before applying.

7. Dream Lover focuses on women as models and encourages people to share their photos (not mandatory to send a photo ) through their text messaging service. Minimum 18 years of age to apply. Their website isn’t very informative so I suggest you email with your questions.

8. Extra Lunch Money is a platform for buyers to directly interact with adult content creators. They do have other options like video and custom fetish clips. They also use a system called ELM which allows you to text message sellers using your own phone without sharing your personal number. They go by credits each time a buyer texts.

text chat operator jobs from home

9. Flirt Bucks hires women at least 18 years of age or older. If you have access to a computer equipped with a webcam and a high-speed connection. You also need a valid Id to verify your age.  Have moderate typing skills (at least 40 WPM). Must be fluent in English. Payments are made every two weeks. You can check out the FAQ page here for more information.

10. Lip Service you need a dedicated landline or a high-quality cell phone with a headset. They hire from the United States and Canada. MUST BE 18+ years of age to apply, and for some positions, you may need to be over 21. You have to have a working PC OR MAC and have steady access to email/Web. The website doesn’t give a lot of information, but it does have an email and phone number that you could contact with questions before you begin.

11. My Girl Fund, you set up a profile on their platform. There is a lot of information about how this platform can help you. You essentially charge your own rate, but they do go by payout levels to complete.

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12. My Dirty Hobby has other options besides the text feature, like video, live cam, or you can simply stick to the text-only feature. Monthly payments. Again at the bottom of the page, there is an email address for you to ask any questions before you signup.

13.ChatOperator Job ChatOperator Job is based in several locations. Up to 0.15 GBP per message. Payments are made weekly. You must have good grammar and typing. Be a native English speaker and have a bank account. You earn money for every message you answer. You can work part-time or full-time from the comfort of your own home. No experience is necessary, and you can start almost immediately.

14. Phrendly offers via chat, phone, and video calls discreetly from the convenience of your phone or laptop.  All interactions are enabled via their platform, so you never have to share your personal contact info with anyone. Have fun while feeling secure. This platform is for everyone that seeks to flirt online only.

15. Pntonlinewerk is another platform for those seeking webcam work and text chat operators. They have the website set up to read in English and Dutch.

16. Chat line Jobs hires confident motivated woman to join their chat line team. They require a minimum 20 hours a week, which includes 6 hours on the weekend. You could earn up to £10 an hour.

17. Texting Factory hires from anywhere too. You have to be fluent in English to become a chat operator. You must be at least 18 years old. They teach you everything you need to know and have a support team you can reach out to. 


18. Text 121 Chat is based in both the USA and the UK. Established in February 2003. They need operators for both their text and VOIP platforms. They offer a range of work-from-home job opportunities with flexible hours, full training, and ongoing development. The application page explains more in detail what you can expect.

19. Texkings.com offers text jobs in a variety of languages, such as Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, and Spanish. You’re required to type at least 25 words per minute responding to text messages. Must be at least 18 years old and have a valid ID. Pay ranges from 6–12-euro cents per message. Bonuses are available, and payment is made on a weekly or monthly basis.


So as you can see, there are a bunch of text chat operator jobs that you can look into.

If you already have an established fan base or you want to start your own adult chat, PremiumChat is definitely the place you should check into. You set your own rates and can share your links on all social platforms too.

Maybe even a few you could try at the same time. If you really like being in a fantasy-style setting, you could also try your take at voice-overs.

Maybe you think your voice has what it takes for a company’s ad. I see these types of postings on flexjobs, and they are 100% remote.


Maybe you’re more introverted and would prefer an online data entry job? Maybe you would like to take a chance at becoming a voice-over actor? You can make a good living while working from home, narrating an audiobook for Amazon or be the voice for a commercial.  Whatever you choose to do, I hope I provided you with a way to earn some money!


Uniqpaid will pay you Real Money for signing up for Free Offers, for reading E-mails, for completing Paid Tasks and Paid Surveys, for Visiting Sites, for Online Shopping, for Referring Friends, for Referring Advertisers. They give you many ways to earn money!


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  1. please someone should refer me to one, if you have connection let me in. I have experience of the work.

  2. Liam Denzel says:


    Do any of these companies hire males?

  3. Is there any new caht platform out there? I am still working with Texting Factory, but i want more income. I like this kind of job, it is so easy. I need a high payer than Texting factory.

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      You can try E Moderators. I am sure there are others.

  4. JUST SOMEONE says:


    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      You might be interested in talking with others that need a good friend to talk to! You can check out this post https://www.thenewskey.com/14-best-platforms-to-get-paid-to-talk-to-lonely-people/

  5. Godowin Ninsima says:

    I don’t know why most of the companies don’t like to hire Africans. We also need that opportunity to work, but I don’t know why all the companies reject Africans. Do you know any company that hires Africans? They should give us some opportunity because we’re also good when it comes to that kind of work.

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      Some will hire people from anywhere in the world including Africans, as long as you are not underage and meet all the requirements. Some companies prefer to hire U.S. citizens if they are U.S based due to tax reasons.

      • Anonymous says:

        Texting factory Hire Africans.

  6. Cathy de Greeff says:

    Hi there, please may you be of assistance I have been trying to apply for a position with the following Operadorchat and every time I try to just go onto the site it immediately tells me that the site can not be reached at all, this has happened on numerous occasions, is there something wrong with the link?

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      Hi Cathy,
      I did some research, and it seems that they might have gone offline. I have now updated the information. Thank you for the heads up!

  7. Shellyann says:

    What’s the next step after I have confirmed my email?

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      Hi, you’ll be able to receive other opportunities:)

  8. Xavier-ann burry says:

    Great opportunity to make a solid income especially for the emotionally and physically disabled peoples.

  9. Hello, I would like to apply on Cloudworkers but I don’t know how, I never heard back from them, I speak French and English fluently but I come from South Africa, someone could tell me help me register

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      Try going to the bottom of their page and inquiring about the status of your application. Here’s the link to do so http://www.cloudworkers.company/en I hope this helps you!

  10. Some do hire people from all over the world even in Africa as long as you are not underage and fill all the requirement needed. Cloudworkers for example

  11. I just wish most of them would hire from Africa, especially Nigeria. It would be nice if we are given the opportunity.

  12. Chat operator says:

    I’m from Honduras in Central America. Do you know any of this kind of fantasy chat operator companies that hire people from my country? I would really appreciate your response.

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      As far as I know as long as you speak English you should be fine. A lot of the websites out there do offer you to speak other languages from other countries so I’m assuming it won’t matter where you are.

  13. diane gadsby says:

    i am very interested in this kind of work, and its great that i can get paid weekly, i am a hard working woman from Liverpool, UK

  14. too bad they do not hire Africans and we are hardworking.

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      Really? I agree they should have equal opportunities.

      • I can actually relate, most of these companies do not hire Africans. Luckily I ha e been working for clouworkes for almost 4yrs, and they recently closed my acc coz I was making lots of cash. I saw the list of other chat companies I applied with all of them, and the only one that got back to me is the texting factory. They take forever to respond though.

        • Ricky Smith says:

          I think this is true, Cloudworkers also cancelled my contract on that basis. How many messages did you average in a month? I used to do 15-18k until the discontinuation.

          • wow, that’s impressive. how did you do that ?

  15. I had honestly never considered this as a reliable source of income, but clearly there are people making a good paycheck doing it! I love that so many of the platforms go to such lengths to protect your identity by using their secure programs for messaging. That’s SO important!

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      Yes absolutely! Being protected and secure is number #1. Thank you for your comment.

  16. Oh I didn’t know that there’s actually a legit job for this. Another way of earning money while at home especially for the more extroverted people! Thank you for sharing this list!

    • LeeAnn La Rosa says:

      your welcome thanks for your comment

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