Over 482 million people flock to the endless Pinterest boards to visualize a future full of relaxing travel, easy money, and engaging holiday crafts. In the mix of TikTok and Instagram popularity, Pinterest often gets overlooked for its power and stability, especially with female users. Beginners and freelancers, including those exploring becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, can tap into this rich platform for potential success.

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Tapping into the Power of Pinterest

Women are way more likely to engage with social media and online blogs than men. That means all those mommy bloggers, social influencers, and female bosses taking over the world need help leveraging Pinterest to reach their goals.

This is also a great side hustle business for anyone who has a condition and needs to work from home.

That is where you, as a virtual assistant helps. Finding virtual assistant jobs with training and mentorship programs doesn’t just have to be freelance writing sites or corporate America. There is money to be made as a Pinterest virtual assistant working from home.

Let’s review how to become a Pinterest VA, the steps most likely to help you succeed, and what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

What is a Pinterest Remote Virtual Assistant?

Pinterest requires constant attention to reach the upper levels of power influencers. If you want to grow a solid audience of like-minded followers eager to click on your affiliate or shopping links, you need a consistent flow of optimized content (known as pins).

A Pinterest VA is a person who helps drive traffic to websites by writing pin descriptions, designing videos and images, and using online tools so everything looks like a uniform brand. You’ll do some basic keyword research and competitive analytics to ensure your client is growing at a reasonable rate.

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What Does a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Do?

As a Pinterest personal assistant, you’ll be in high demand with business owners without sacrificing that wonderful work-from-home environment you love. You’ll offer Pinterest management services. In general,  Pinterest managers will be expected to:

  •  Setting up a Pinterest profile and managing a Pinterest business account.
  •  Creating engaging boards based on themes.
  •  Designing eye-catching pins for ideal audience engagement.
  •  Schedule pins so they hit that same audience at the best moments.
  •  Connect each pin created to a landing page or blog post.
  • Tailwind account setup.

How Much Do Pinterest VA Jobs Pay?

Will you become a millionaire as a Pinterest virtual assistant? Probably not, but you can easily gross anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000 per month doing this type of work from home as a side hustle or as part of your career.

It will depend on your time and skills. If you check out online job boards, you’ll see some Pinterest VAs or managers earning anywhere from $25 to $200 per hour. The more expertise you have, the greater your potential income.

However, the most important thing is that you’ll develop an incredible skill. As you learn what does and doesn’t work on Pinterest, you can create your own profiles, businesses, and links. This is a fantastic way to springboard from being a virtual assistant working maybe 10 hours a week to owning and thriving in a business, earning well over six figures annually.

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5 Steps to Becoming an In-Demand Pinterest VA

Okay, we’ve covered the basics. Now it’s time to look closer at launching this fantastic, profitable work-from-home business. This is an excellent solution for stay-at-home moms, existing VAs who would prefer to niche down, social media managers wanting to expand into Pinterest, or those completely new to virtual assist roles wishing to earn some money on the side.

Step 1: Create a Pinterest Virtual Assistant Landing Page

You have to market your skills by doing, not by making promises without evidence. Build up your personal Pinterest account or a mock business account, then create a landing page. This will be a one-page website where you can showcase your various skills and expertise. 

You can create your landing page using Strikingly. Strikingly is focused on single-page websites and offers a free plan with limited features. It’s straightforward and a good fit for creating a quick landing page.

Don’t try to oversell who you are or what you do. Keep things simple and stick to information like:

  •  The various Pinterest assistant services or service packages you offer.
  •  What makes Pinterest so valuable for your clients (5-10 facts related to engagement and potential earnings).
  •  User-generated content (reviews and testimonials from clients – start with your friends if you don’t have any).
  •  Contact information.
  •  Examples of your work (social media links, copies of Pins or boards, etc.).
  •  Analytics proof (visits per month, number of subscribers, clicks on profile, etc.)

It helps if your social media links point to your various managed Pinterest or other social media accounts. Potential virtual assistant clients want to see growth and consistency the most.

The very best way to prove your skills is if they find you on Pinterest organically. That is the 1-2-punch of evidence you know what you’re doing.

Understanding Pinterest as a Search Engine

Just know that Pinterest is a visual search engine. Which means you will have to understand how people search. What keywords might they use to search for what they want to see? 

Unlike traditional social media platforms, where content is primarily chronological, Pinterest relies on users actively seeking out specific content.

The Power of Pinterest Search

Pinterest users are on a quest for inspiration, ideas, and solutions. Understanding the intent behind each search is key to crafting content that resonates.

Keyword-Centric Environment

 the Pinterest platform, keywords reign supreme. Users express their interests through search queries, making it crucial for  Virtual Assistants to align their content with these search terms.

Tapping into Trends

Explore related pins and boards within your niche to identify new ideas and the latest trends. Take notice of frequently used keywords. Staying attuned to these trends will enable you to align your content with what Pinterest users are actively seeking. Use this Pinterest strategy when it matters the most!

Staying Adaptable to Algorithm Changes

Recognize that Pinterest’s search algorithm evolves. Stay adaptable to these changes, and you’ll be ready to optimize your strategy based on the latest search trends.

Utilizing Keywords for Pinterest Success

A great way to find keywords is by testing Pinterest’s search bar. Start typing relevant terms related to your niche or services, and take note of the suggested keywords that appear. These suggestions are based on popular searches, providing valuable insights into the language your potential clients may use. 

Moreover, explore related pins and boards in your niche to identify trending and frequently used keywords. This approach will empower you to optimize your content for search engine optimization and enhance its discoverability on Pinterest.

 A great low-cost tool to aid in this process is KeySearch. It provides in-depth keyword research, helping you uncover the most effective terms for any niche. Start using KeySearch to refine your keyword strategy and take your Pinterest game to the next level.

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Step 2: Upskill and Learn Pinterest

The best way to grow as a Pinterest VA is to take relevant training and mentorship courses online. These will teach you all the skills you need to develop and how to do the nitty-gritty details of Pinterest and other social media management/marketing.

If you’re nervous about investing in a course, go the free route through YouTube videos and TikTok instructionals. There are plenty of influencers on those platforms that teach you everything you need to know to get started.

A good starting point is The Simple Pin Media podcast. They cover so much more related to finding clients, leveraging trends, and tips for marketing pins and boards on the platform.

Step 3: Learn the Tools of the Trade

There are a ton of tools you can use for Pinterest. Everything from scheduling pins to graphic design elements to keyword research. Most of these come with a price tag, which can be not so great if you’re just starting out.

You must learn Canva. This is a free-to-use online graphic design tool where you can quickly generate all kinds of high-quality pins. They have free tutorials showing you how to create a beautiful pin design.

The website has themes and templates pre-designed so you can plug in the unique information for your client and then post. A professional account on Canva is always better because it opens up your ability to generate pins, but the free starting level will get you where you need to be.

The other must-have tool for being a quality Pinterest remote virtual assistant is Tailwind. There is a Forever Free plan available, but you’ll learn pretty quickly that you will need to upgrade. This is because the pin volume you will be expected to manage Pinterest clients is going to be in the 2-10 pins per day.

Tailwind is, first and foremost, a scheduling application. It has expanded a lot in recent years to many other secondary tools for optimizing and growing your Pinterest account, but the scheduling is where you’ll want to spend the most.

Any other tools you learn are icing on the cake. As long as you have Canva and Tailwind in your skills, you can expect to get more interest from potential Pinterest personal assistant clients.

Step 4: Find Your Clients

This is the step most virtual assistants have a challenging time succeeding. It is going to take marketing and a little work to secure your first client. You should absolutely hit up any of your friends or family members to grow your portfolio. Offer your virtual assistant services to them. Even if you have to do a little 2 hours per week of free work just so you have actionable examples, it is worth it.

Once you have a portfolio of examples, you can start to market your virtual assistant business. Try finding new clients through:

  •  Facebook Groups: Facebook has all kinds of niche groups and pages related to activities, organizations, interests, and more. Join these groups, engage naturally, and reach out to people and fellow bloggers you think could benefit from your services.
  •  Word of Mouth: Help your local bakery grow its Pinterest or help that friend in your knitting group expand her online business, and you’ll start to get word-of-mouth interest in what you do.
  •  Freelance Websites: There are platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, or LinkedIn where you can post your Pinterest VA services. You are likely to get clients quicker, but you may have to start at a lower per-hour rate until you have a solid reputation.
  • Social Media Platforms: This is the best way to market your new business as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Share tips on Instagram, make short-form videos for TikTok or share microblogs on LinkedIn.
  •  Use Pinterest: If you want to show evidence you know what you’re doing as a Pinterest virtual assistant, you should have a fantastic Pinterest account with over 5,000 monthly views and a link in your profile back to your Pinterest VA landing page.

You can use marketing agencies to help you out, but having that landing page where all the interest you generate is the best way to ensure you are funneling potential clients to your services.

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Step 5: Grow Your Pinterest

As just mentioned, you need to have a solid, successful Pinterest account. Don’t try to be the best. Instead, be the most consistent with reliable numbers. You’ll get access to Pinterest analytics when you create a free business account. This gives you a pre-built report for how many people read your pins, click on your profile, and explore your boards. That is a goldmine for marketing.

Most importantly, have fun writing pin descriptions with keyword-rich phrases, designing highly engaging pins for your target audience, and scheduling pins so they align with the people you want clicking on your boards (i.e., your clients).

This is a great platform to test different methods and theories without risking money. Be adventurous and check out the Free Introduction to Pinterest Marketing. It’s a 2-hour self-paced course.

Or, if you are ready to figure out Pinterest advertising, check into the Free Pinterest Academy. It offers on-demand courses on how to use Pinterest advertising.

 You’ll quickly learn what you need to be a high-powered Pinterest VA.

You can absolutely earn a great income as a Pinterest personal assistant. Get started right now, and good luck!

Let me know by leaving a comment if you found this post helpful. If you have any other questions you are curious about, I will do my best to answer them!

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Can I become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant if I don’t have a business background or experience in social media management?

Yes! Many successful Pinterest VAs started without prior experience. Anyone can learn the skills needed to excel in this role. A great Pinterest VA will adapt to best practices.

Is it necessary to invest in paid tools and courses?

You can start by using free tools. After getting your first client, I would suggest investing in premium tools like Canva Pro and Tailwind. You do not absolutely need a course, but they can help you fast-track things.

How do I stay updated on Pinterest algorithm changes?

Stay connected with Pinterest communities, follow industry blogs, and regularly check official Pinterest updates. Engage in ongoing learning through podcasts that provide insights into algorithm shifts.

Can I specialize in a niche as a Pinterest VA?

Yes! Specializing in a niche allows you to tailor your services to a specific audience. It’s a strategic move that can make you more appealing to clients within that niche.

Are there any legal considerations for Pinterest Virtual Assistants?

 Yes, get familiar with Pinterest’s terms of service and guidelines. Additionally, if offering services professionally, consider creating a clear contract outlining the scope of work, payment terms, and any confidentiality agreements.

How long does it take to see results and secure clients as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?

The timeline varies, but building your skills and establishing a solid online presence can take a few weeks to months.

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