Online entry-level receptionist jobs are pretty easy to get, and the application process is straightforward. They often require minimal upfront experience, making them a good fit for people seeking to start a career in the administrative field.

Most of the time, you can find admin remote jobs that don’t require you to have a bachelor’s degree or any other college degree.

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Entry-level online receptionist roles typically involve managing phone calls, emails, data entry work, and other forms of communication. This also can include scheduling appointments and providing general assistance to company staff or clients.

Working online allows receptionists to perform their duties from the comfort of their homes and often offers greater flexibility in scheduling compared to traditional office-based positions. In addition to the comfort and flexibility, these jobs can be a stepping stone to future administrative or customer service opportunities.

Alternative Job Titles for Online Entry-Level Receptionist Positions

Job ads for online entry-level receptionist jobs might call the position by different names. Knowing these other titles can help you find more job options. Here are some standard job titles that mean something like ‘online entry-level receptionist.

  1. Front desk clerk
  2. Administrative assistant
  3. Office Assistant
  4. Customer service representative
  5. Clerk
  6. Office Coordinator
  7. Administrative support
  8. Secretary
  9. Administrative clerk
  10. Office receptionist

Key Takeaways

  • Online entry-level receptionist jobs provide a flexible and convenient option for those new to the administrative field.
  • These positions often involve managing various forms of communication, providing support to staff, and scheduling appointments.
  • Online receptionist jobs can be a stepping stone to more advanced roles in administration or customer service.

What are Entry Level Receptionist Jobs?

Entry-level receptionist jobs are for folks who are just starting jobs that involve helping customers and doing office tasks. I do this work remotely, which means I work from home or somewhere else, not in a regular office.

My main job is to answer calls or emails, help out customers or clients, and set up appointments. Besides that, I might use special computer programs or tools to plan schedules and meetings for my boss and talk with other staff members. This can mean arranging dates on calendars, setting up video calls, and making sure everyone knows about any changes in the plans.

Also, I might have to do other office jobs as they come up. This could include organizing files, making reports, and keeping track of important info for the company. The aim is to support the organization so everything runs smoothly and well every day.

Since I’m just starting, I’m supposed to learn while doing the job and improve over time. This job is a great way to begin a career helping customers, running an office, or similar areas. It gives me a chance to get really good at many different tasks and duties.

7 Online Entry-Level Receptionist Jobs

Virtual Receptionist Services

These companies provide remote receptionist services. 

1. Ruby Receptionists 

Ruby Receptionists helps businesses by answering phone calls and talking to clients in a friendly way. They do this using computers from their own homes.

Pay:  Receptionists in places like Arizona (AZ), Oregon (OR), and Washington (WA) start at $17.50 per hour. In states like Kansas (KS), Missouri (MO), and Texas (TX), they start at $16.75 per hour. After working for six months, the pay goes up by $1.50 per hour.

Location: Ruby Receptionists primarily hire from the United States.

2. also helps businesses by answering calls and helping clients with appointments. They want to make sure clients feel special and well taken care of.

Pay: Virtual Receptionist earn $18 per hour. 

Location: Hires from the United States.

3.   PATLive 

PatLive helps businesses by answering phone calls and taking messages for them. 

Pay: The average pay is $12.31 per hour.

Location: Hires from the United States.

Outsourcing and Support Services Companies

An independent contractor is like a freelancer. You’re your own boss, not an employee of a company. You choose when, where, and how you work. But remember, you’re in charge of your own taxes. Also, you won’t get benefits like health insurance or paid time off from the company you work with.

4. Liveops 

Liveops is a company that helps businesses with customer service. They hire people to talk to customers over the phone or online, solving problems and answering questions.

Pay: They typically pay their agents on a per-minute or per-call basis rather than an hourly wage. Rates can vary depending on factors like the client, type of service, and experience level.

Location: Liveops hires agents from the United States.

5. Working Solutions 

Working Solutions is another company that assists businesses with tasks like customer service. They connect businesses with people who can help by answering calls, and emails, and supporting customers from home.

Pay: Like Liveops, Working Solutions also pays on a per-minute or per-call basis. The exact rates can vary depending on the specific client program.

Location: Working Solutions hires agents from the United States and sometimes Canada. 

6. AnswerNet 

AnswerNet is a company that helps businesses by answering calls and assisting customers. They have remote positions for part-time and full-time Inbound Customer Service Representatives. This position is for a high call volume.

Pay: You’ll earn about $14 an hour.

Location: United States and Canada.

7. Answer MTI 

Answer MTI is a company that provides virtual receptionist and answering services for businesses. They serve a wide range of companies across various industries. This includes healthcare, legal, real estate, e-commerce firms, and many more.

Check back often as they update.

Pay: Varies

Location: Hires from the U.S.

New to working online? Or are curious about what it takes to work online? You can start with my beginner’s guide to get a better understanding.

Benefits of Online Entry-Level Receptionist Jobs

Flexibility of Full-Time and Part-Time Options

Being an online entry-level receptionist lets me decide if I want to work a lot or just a bit. I get to choose when I work, which helps me handle my personal and work stuff. Employers have different times available, so I can pick the hours that suit me. This type of job is great for folks who want to juggle work and personal life.

No Prior Experience Needed with Entry Level Positions

One cool thing about online entry-level receptionist jobs is that you don’t usually need experience in this field. Sometimes, they might want a year of experience at most. This means I can jumpstart my career in this field faster. These jobs mostly involve simple tasks like replying to emails, answering calls, scheduling appointments, and doing easy office work. I can learn a bunch and get solid training while I’m on the job.

Hybrid Work Options

With hybrid work setups, online entry-level receptionist jobs let me choose to work from home or in an office. This way, I get the benefits of working at home and also the chance to meet my coworkers in person. Hybrid work is perfect for folks like me who like the flexibility of remote work but also appreciate being with others in an office.

Associates Can Apply

Online entry-level receptionist jobs aren’t just for folks with a high school diploma. Even if I have an associate’s degree or other certificates, I can still apply. This means more folks can go for these jobs. It’s good to have extra qualifications, but it’s not a must to start. They want to teach and help me pick up the skills I need for the job. This means people who are keen to learn and want to kickstart a career can do really well in these roles.

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Types of Online Receptionist Jobs

Medical Receptionist Overview

If I were to work as an online medical receptionist, my main job would be handling appointments, talking to patients, and keeping their information safe. I could work in places like hospitals, clinics, or private offices. It’s important to know medical words and make sure patients’ info stays private.

Schedule and confirm patient appointments: I’d use special software to book, change, or cancel appointments for patients.

Answer patient questions: I’d give basic info about services, rules, or bills and send calls to doctors or nurses when needed.

Maintain patient records: I’d make sure the electronic records of patients are correct and have the latest info.

Administrative Assistant Role

As an admin assistant, my job would be to help the organization with things like keeping files in order, managing schedules, and making sure everyone can talk to each other easily.

Organize files: I’d make sure important papers are in order, easy to find, and kept safe both online and in real life.

Manage calendars: I’d use a special calendar tool to plan and keep track of important events so nothing gets forgotten.

Coordinate communications: I’d take care of emails, calls, and letters to make sure everyone in the team and our clients can talk to each other quickly.

Nurse Triage Receptionist Responsibilities

If I were a nurse triage receptionist, my job would be to help healthcare workers handle phone calls and make sure patients get the right care. Knowing how to prioritize and follow medical rules would be very important.

Screen incoming calls: I’d figure out how urgent patients’ worries are and connect them to the right medical person.

Assist with patient care coordination: I’d talk to doctors and patients to plan important appointments or connect patients to the right doctor.

Document patient interactions: I’d keep clear notes about every time a patient talks to us, including any important health info and what we did to help.

Virtual Concierge Services

Virtual Concierge vs. Hotel Receptionists

A virtual concierge focuses on assisting guests through online channels, handling inquiries, providing information about amenities, and helping with reservations. This role is primarily centered around digital interactions.

In contrast, hotel receptionists, including front desk receptionists, are typically on-site at the hotel. They handle a wider range of responsibilities, including administrative tasks like organizing files, managing schedules, and coordinating communications, in addition to welcoming guests and facilitating check-ins and check-outs.

While both play crucial roles in ensuring guests have a pleasant stay, virtual concierges specialize in online guest services, while hotel receptionists, especially front desk receptionists, manage a broader spectrum of tasks within the physical hotel environment.

Job Hunting Tips for Online Entry-Level Receptionist Positions

Job Search in Major Cities

When I search for an online entry-level receptionist job, I focus on big cities like New York, NY. These cities have lots of job options. Even if the job is remote, there’s a better chance of finding it in bigger cities. First, I check job websites and look for receptionist roles I can do from home. Talking to people in my chosen city can also be really important. They might know about job opportunities that aren’t posted online.

Understanding Job Descriptions

To improve my chances of getting a job, I read through the job descriptions for remote receptionist positions. This helps me understand what skills employers are looking for. For instance, some jobs, like a CareLine Nurse Triage Receptionist, might need special qualifications. Knowing this helps me figure out if I’m a good fit and lets me focus on jobs that match my skills.

When I search for online entry-level receptionist jobs, I pay close attention to the job details. I check things like the work schedule because some receptionist jobs might need me to work at specific times or even on weekends. Being aware of this helps me apply to jobs that fit with the balance I want between work and personal life, and it means no surprises once I start working.

Which Online Entry-Level Receptionist Jobs Are for You?

I hope by now you know what receptionist jobs include. I also hope you know that you do not need anything more than about a year of customer service experience to find a legitimate online entry-level job. Just make sure your resume is tailored to that specific job. Now, go follow through with your job search!

And if you are looking for more virtual call center roles, you may need a little more than just a year of experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications are needed for an online receptionist?

You generally need a high school diploma or equivalent. Some employers may prefer candidates with prior experience in customer service, administration, or receptionist roles. However, entry-level positions are often available, and on-the-job training is usually provided.

Where can I find remote entry-level receptionist jobs?

You can start by checking popular job search platforms such as Glassdoor and Indeed. Additionally, some businesses and organizations may post job listings directly on their websites. Networking through social media platforms like LinkedIn may also help you discover job openings.

Can I work part-time as an online receptionist?

Yes, you can work part-time as an online receptionist. Many employers offer flexible hours, allowing you to adjust your schedule to meet your personal needs. Some positions may require specific hours or days, but you can often find part-time job listings on websites like Glassdoor and Indeed.

What skills are required for remote receptionist positions?

To do well as a remote receptionist, you should be good at talking to people and keeping things organized. You’ll handle phone calls, text messages, and emails, so it’s important to be polite and professional. Knowing how to use basic computer programs like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace is also really helpful. You’ll need to be good at managing your time to get things done right and on time.

How do I apply for an online receptionist job without experience?

If you’re applying for an online receptionist job without prior experience, tailor your resume to highlight your transferable skills, such as communication, problem-solving, and organization. Emphasize any volunteer work or extracurricular activities that demonstrate responsibility, teamwork, or customer service abilities. When applying, express your enthusiasm for learning new skills and your interest in the position.

What is the average salary for entry-level remote receptionist jobs?

The average salary for entry-level remote receptionist jobs varies depending on factors like location, company size, and industry. Generally, you can expect an hourly wage of around $11 to $16 per hour. Keep in mind that salaries may increase with experience and additional qualifications.

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