Phone lock screen apps are mainly used for privacy and security. These automatically lock the phone screen after a predetermined amount of time, say 5 – 10 minutes. The current deal is as follows: every time you get paid to unlock your phone, you mainly enable the app to take over your lock screen.

This implies that you will see advertisements when you try to unlock your phone. Swipe in the proper direction to earn money (usually just a few cents). Nevertheless, this might mount up when you consider how frequently you unlock your phone each day.

Here’s a list of screen unlock apps that will pay you to unlock your phone.

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9 Ways to Get Paid to Unlock Your Phone from The News Key at
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How To Get Paid To Unlock Your Phone 

These apps compensate you for unlocking your phone through advertisements, surveys, cashback, and phone usage statistics. Essentially, they watch your usage anonymously and utilize the information to assist their partner companies in developing products that fit consumer wants.

Other Fast Money-Making Offers

Swagbucks– Make money by watching videos, taking surveys, and playing games. Sign up now to receive a $10 bonus.

User Interviews– Apply to a focus group online or over the phone and earn $30-$300.

Branded Surveys– Earn hundreds of points and cash out fast. The most generous points with daily challenges and polls too!

1. S’more

9 Ways to Get Paid to Unlock Your Phone from The News Key at

 You earn points from S’more by showing you content & ads on your lock screen. Then you can redeem points for gift cards. In addition, they will pay you to be able to rent the space on your lock screen.

How S’more Works

• They show you relevant content & ads on your lock screen

• Simply swipe up, down, left, or right to unlock your phone

• If you’re interested in what you’re seeing, just tap the learn more button

• In exchange for allowing ads, they give you points every day

• You can redeem those points for gift cards.

To earn points, you DO NOT need to learn more about every ad or try to see as many ads as possible Instead; you’ll continue to use your lock screen as you usually do. You won’t earn more for viewing as many ads as you can. 

2. Fronto app

9 Ways to Get Paid to Unlock Your Phone

Fronto charges up to $20 monthly for unlocking your phone, significantly more than most lock screen apps. It’s the most commonly used and one of the most popular applications. It’s a legit app. This is the device unlock app that you need to earn extra cash. 

Fronto pays you every time you unlock your phone for doing one of four things: reading news stories, downloading apps, participating in promotions, or simply unlocking your phone.

Fronto is unavailable for apple devices. Nonetheless, this is one of the best unlock apps for Android. First, make sure you only register your gadget once. Now attempt to get as many points as possible by watching advertisements for over 10 seconds. 

3. SlideJoy 

9 Ways to Get Paid to Unlock Your Phone

This is one of the most well-known phone apps for getting paid to unlock your phone. Customers can earn between $5 and $15 monthly, with more frequent phone users earning more. You can also contribute the money you make by unlocking your phone with this software. Also only available for android.

You get $0.20 for signing up, and when you refer a friend, you gain 20% of their first month’s profits. You also get $0.02 every time you unlock your phone. 

4. ScreenLift

9 Ways to Get Paid to Unlock Your Phone

ScreenLift is undoubtedly one of the best apps for getting paid to unlock your phone. This is yet another popular money lock screen app. By joining this app, you will receive a bonus of 250 points. You can try these even on business days. 

This one is the least frightening compared to other applications that pay you to unlock your phone. Its advertisement is merely a tiny image on your screen, and you are paid whether or not you interact with it. This can be a great source of passive income for you. The ​​unlocking procedure that lets you earn is pretty simple. 

Use your phone frequently because you are paid each time you swipe it to unlock it.

5. Screen Pay

Screen Pay unlocking and viewing to get cash

Only Android phones may use the Screen Pay App. Even an old phone will do. Go to the app store on your phone or their website to join! 

The method is identical to what you already do to unlock your phone, except when you go to unlock your phone, you’ll see a photo ad. You can either click on it to learn more about it or ignore it and enter your unlock code if you have one! The user interaction required for these apps is very basic.

Signing up for the Screen Pay App will earn you $1. In addition, you will make at least $3 for every 30 days you utilize Screen Pay on your phone. So if you use this app to earn extra bucks, you will get much better value than otherwise. 


Get Paid With MooCash

6. MooCash

Moo Cash showing other apps to download

Another great software that rewards you for unlocking your phone is MooCash. There are about three methods to get paid to unlock your phone with this software.

The first way to earn MooCash is to download apps. They display advertising that directs you to the Google Play store, where you may install apps from their partner brands and get rewards. If you have been using these apps for a longer time, you know how easy it could be for you to make money. 

You could receive up to 10% in cashback or much less. So it all depends on the store and what you buy. 

You can earn even more rewards by using this app to make your regular online purchases from their partner online businesses. They work with over 1000 online retailers, including eBay, Walmart, and Gearbest. 

Another of the easiest ways to earn MooCash rewards is to refer friends to the program. They have the most generous referral programs. 

To redeem your MooCash, you must have accumulated more than the minimum redeemable sum of $2.

Your MooCash awards can be redeemed as Paypal cash, bank transfer, or prepaid card. However, it could take up to 7 days to get your prize. To get paid to unlock your phone through the phone unlock app, you must first download and install the MooCash app from Google Play or Apple store, then unlock your phone to see their banners. 

Unlock a Phone App That Pays You.

Regarding Apps that track your Ip address for brands to target their ads better, The Wall Street Journal talks about a startup Caden Inc, that wants to give cash to users who share personal data, including what they buy or watch on mobile apps. Users who consent to share that data for advertising purposes can earn a cut of the app’s revenue. Now that’s what I call compensating others!

Unlock Your Phone With SlideJoy.

The Slidejoy mobile app is the first and one of the easy ways to get paid to unlock a phone app. To begin, download and install the Slidejoy app on your Android devices.

SlideJoy works by showing you brand advertisements and tracking how you interact with them. Swiping an ad to the left, for example, indicates that you like it, whereas swiping it to the right shows that you don’t.

Now, since SlideJoy receives cash from those brands, it stands to reason that they will also pay you.

How Does SlideJoy Work?

So, how does slideJoy help you make the best money?

Slidejoy compensates you in carats, which they call points. It means you earn slidejoy carats whenever one of those commercials appears on your lock screen, regardless of whether you like the ad or not. You will only make money by swiping for more adverts.

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Get Paid to Install Nielsen App.

7. Nielsen App

Nielsen App mobile panel

With over 500,000 downloads, the Nielsen app is a “get paid to unlock your phone” app. After downloading and installing the app on your phone, you must leave the app running in the background. There are no eligibility requirements to install this app. 

The Niesen app operates by gathering data about your phone usage habits. They use this information to assist their partner companies in tailoring their products to you. This is the finest app to unlock a phone. 

Nielsen apps may capture the following information from your phone for phone usage data:

  • Call duration and time
  • The name and size of the files on your phone
  • The programs you have loaded on your phone and your GPS location.

Simple Ways to Earn Money from Your Lock screen

Money lockscreen apps are a way to earn passive income.

When you check the unlocked phone, a news or promotion card will appear on your lock screen. Swipe to the right to start the unlock process. Next, go to your home screen to see more stories. To gain additional information about the subject, swipe left on the screen. 

All that is expected of you is to use your mobile devices as usual. Lockscreen apps turn your lock screen into a platform for advertising. And while these apps require some level of intrusiveness and user input, they often work as follows:

A user must first download a lock screen app and then allow it to show adverts. To access the advertisement, the user must first watch a video that unlocks their phone. After that, the user can skip or exit the ad. This isn’t much extra work that you need to do to earn extra. 

Download your preferred money lock screen apps for your smartphone and sign up with the required to start earning nearly immediately. You will make money by having trending news adverts on your lock screen daily. The more you unlock your lock screen, the more lockscreen rewards you get.

These extra points can be redeemed for extra cash or gift cards to your favorite merchants or brands. In fact, at times, you can get an amazon gift card. You can also contribute your earnings or prizes to charity or family members if you wish!

Get Paid to Watch Stephen King Movies before Halloween

These apps can be used in different modes. By seeing 13 films based on Stephen King’s most scary novels by Halloween, horror fans – or scaredy-cats – can earn $1,300. Throughout your horror binge, you’ll be asked which film you liked best, whether you’re viewing alone or with friends, and how your pulse rate changes with each terrifying scene. Keep watch as they might do this again.

8. Perk Screen 

Perk Screen win and redeem for gifts, and prizes

This free mobile app pays you tokens and points when you unlock your smartphone. Points can be redeemed for prizes and gift cards. Every time you unlock your phone, there will be an ad. You can choose not to click on it and still earn points. 

9. Screen Stash

Screen Stash redeem points for cash, gift cards, or transfer.

The Screen stash app is another popular unlock screen money-gaining app that shows you new stories on your personalized locked screen. You can earn points just by using the lock screen, and you’ll start earning points that you can redeem for PayPal cash rewards and gift Cards. 

Lockscreen Money Apps That No Longer Work

Don’t be duped into downloading a third-party app from a mysterious website that claims revenue from the highest paying lock screen app pay 2022 that is no longer maintained. Furthermore, these apps no longer have technical support and, in addition to being a waste of time, will not pay you. 

  • SurveyCow Lockscreen Prizes are no longer available.
  • Whaff Locker [no longer available in the App Store]
  • Sleep Money App BillsBoard Lockscreen App [no longer active]

Making Money With Your Phone

When attempting to earn money from a cell phone, you often can use applications that reward you with cash or enough points, sell things or services on your phone, or perform more traditional professions, like customer service. It does not matter what type of phone you have, as all you need to do is download and start making money. However, certain apps do have a minimum withdrawal threshold. 

You can get paid to use your phone in the following ways:

  • Playing video games
  • Viewing videos
  • Selling your information
  • Selling clothing and other goods
  • completing questionnaires
  • Doing user tests
  • Capturing photographs and videos
  • Getting awards for walking Receiving rewards for environmental stewardship
  • Sharing your expertise
  • Using gig apps
  • Becoming a customer service representative
  • Getting a job as a language tutor
  • Earning cash back for online purchases

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Other Mobile Phone Incentives

Sometimes different mobile phone carriers have incentives added to their plans. Here are a few of them.

Tesco mobile phone customers are given points every time their bill is paid.

Sky mobile phone customers can stream their tv apps without using their monthly allowance.

Boost Mobile has boost perks that allow you to access resources.

Virgin mobile phone customers often get freebies like Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium, or Free Apple TV+ subscriptions as part of the deal for using their virgin mobile phones.

The T-mobile phone service will pay off your current phone and service contracts – up to $650 per line or $350 in early termination fees by transferring to a t-mobile account.

Some phone services have different eligibility criteria for switching to a new carrier, and it’s always a good idea to view the requirements beforehand.

Final Phone Thoughts

Economic times are rough, and everyone could use a little extra dollars for vacations or to pay off some obligations. Technology has come to your rescue with the apps mentioned above, allowing you to make money from your smartphone.

Furthermore, while it’s difficult to say how much money you can make with these lock screen ad apps, some money is better than none. 

Join up for some of these money lock screen applications to see how useful they might be, and then get paid to unlock your phone remotely. Remember that you have to provide your phone number. 

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How Do You Remove the Mobile Network Lock from your Phone?

You will need an unlock code to remove the network lock. Pay your entire contract cost and contact customer service. You will also receive a code to register your email address. Insert another SIM card and input the code. This will release the network lock.

How Can I unlock an AT&T Phone that Hasn’t Been Paid?

To unlock the phone free with the IMEI number, you must first contact AT&T customer support.

Nevertheless, you must root the mobile device first to erase the sim unlock code.

If the problem persists, you can use the AT&T sim unlock code tool, specifically designed for users to produce AT&T sim unlock code online. 

How to Unlock the Phone to Any Network for Free?

Follow the unlocking process mentioned below to unlock your phone directly through the gsm carriers. Then, you simply need to follow the next steps and reach the end.

You can contact your carrier via live chat or phone. Inform them that you want to seek a carrier unlock. They will ask for details like your IMEI number, which you must submit, so double-check everything.

After they confirm that the information you supply is correct, they will submit your unlock request for an unlock code.

After entering the unlock code, insert your new SIM card, and you can use the new network without issue.

Can You Use any Carrier With a Locked Phone?

The most common type of lock is a sim-lock, which ties a single device to one carrier and prevents it from being used with SIM cards from other providers. However, phones whose original owners unlock can usually be used on different carriers as long as they support the same cellular technology (GSM or CDMA). Additionally, some carriers now offer services that allow customers to unlock their devices so they can take advantage of better deals on different networks.

Ultimately, whether or not you can use any carrier with your locked phone depends on the type of lock applied to it and whether or not you have access to an unlocking service.

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