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Hi, I’m Leeann

The content creator and author of TheNewskey. I created this website as my side hustle while working a full-time job.

Working remotely from a laptop and being able to work from the comfort of your house is a dream so many people have.

This intrigued my curiosity so much so that I decided to blog about all the different ways you could find work from home opportunities.

I wanted to write specifically for you that are in the beginning stages of your journey. Don’t think that you have to have years of experience to get an online job. You may already have transferable soft skills like communication, even if you have only worked as a waitress or waiter in a restaurant. It can lead you to a remote customer service representative job.

Almost everything you could want to learn more skills to work from home on your laptop is certainly available on the internet in a course form.

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More companies are now realizing they can also benefit from having remote workers. Enter the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every company across the world faced the need to send employees home quickly. The going-remote timeline for implementing a remote strategy jumped 10 years into the future.

Companies have recognized the benefits of remote work and have transformed their companies accordingly. Yes, talent will increasingly make remote work a condition of their employment, but unless businesses embrace the need for remote workers they will be replaced by remote-first companies.

Some companies have even gone fully online like, Google, Apple, and Facebook. As the content creator and author of this website, I intend to bring forward those online jobs that you can benefit from.




A great place to find remote or work from home opportunities are places that only post online working jobs. There you are able to sort through quickly and find relevant opportunities. 

Maybe your just looking for a quick and easy way to have or start a side hustle? Earn extra money to keep you a float during times you need it.

Look I get what it’s like to go to college and try to find a job that will allow you to start without having experience. What I never understood was how you were supposed to already have the experience if they don’t hire you to get the experience right?

Unless you find a job as an intern so that you can learn. Some will pay you but most won’t.

I found myself a single mother really hustling just so I could pay rent. I often worked two jobs so that I could provide for my kids. On the weekends I tried to make them joy because I felt guilty about the time I had to spend away from them.

Even though working from a laptop requires time and attention at least you can spend more time with your kids without spending more money on childcare as I did.

I am a life learner and I really enjoy learning new skills. Content creator, Blogger, and Author of Aspiring graphic designer, and dog lover. Mother of three beautiful kids. Research is a passion of mine. I never stop learning and challenging myself. This website is where I share all the details in the hopes that it guides and helps my readers grow and challenge themselves. Most days you can find me trying to keep humor alive. I am mostly known for my honest straight forward approach to some of life’s most difficult journeys. When I’m not busy researching and learning you can catch me listening to music.