When it comes to showcasing your Pinterest pins, of course, you want your blog readers to be able to quickly find you and follow you, right? Well, I recently wanted to add my Pinterest profile to the front of my blogs page so that my readers can do just that, but what I didn’t understand was why it wasn’t working for me so; after a few attempts, this is what I figured out, and I’m going to show you exactly how to set up your Pinterest profile to your WordPress blog.

Pinterest’s help resource directions will tell you what to do, but it does not go into detail to explain to a visual learner like me.

Step 1

 Go to the widget builder page on Pinterest and select profile. Pinterest refers to this as build a profile widget.

how to setup your pinterest profile on your blog

Step 2

Go to your Pinterest profile and copy the URL and paste it into the Pinterest user URL field. If there is something in the field already, like a generic URL, it is okay to erase it before pasting yours into it. 

pinterest profile blog

You can see your options for sizes. Square, Sidebar, Header, Create your own. I simply chose square, but you can switch it up and see previews of what you like.

Once you see your preview and selected your style, you will see two sets of codes at the bottom of your preview.

pinterest profile blog

Step 3

Head over to your blog and into your WordPress dashboard to Appearance > Widgets 

Under available widgets, find the text widget and click and drag to the right side of your screen where you want the text widget to be.

On the right side, I chose to put the text widget under my right sidebar. You can put it wherever it makes sense for you.

Step 4

This is how you would set up the text widget. Under Title, you can put whatever you want to, like your name or action. Then right where you see Visual & Text tabs, click on Text. This is where you are going to copy-paste the codes. I copied the first code, then hit enter, then copy-pasted the second code. Then save.

Step 5

Then all that’s left is to check it out and make sure your Pinterest profile looks great on the front page of your blog. If, for some reason, this didn’t work for you, then you could also try using the image widget. Sometimes your theme will not let you add text in the way you copy/paste it because of a different code language within your theme, and it strips out your copy/paste for security reasons.