Anyone looking for a work-from-home job has probably come across AOJ Work from Home Jobs reviews at some point in their internet search. 

Do you want to know if American Online Jobs AOJ work-from-home jobs are a scam or legit? They claim to be the best site for finding legitimate work-from-home jobs, but is that really the case? 

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at AOJ and determine whether or not their claims are legit. Stay tuned!

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What is AOJ Work from Home?

AOJ claims to be an online job site that offers work-from-home opportunities to applicants who pass their screening tests. The ads that you might have seen online about them may have promised positions with a salary range of anywhere from $15 to $25 per hour. This may seem to be very promising, but is it legitimate?

In this post, we’ll be going through a set of checks so we can determine for ourselves whether any AOJ work from home job reviews is legit or a scam.

Our First Impression of AOJ

First off, when checking the AOJ website, it seems that they have multiple clone sites. The first website we found was, which immediately links you to a list of pre-screening questions that ends with a button that takes you to the second step of the application. 

Another red flag is that this is a WordPress site that quite frankly looks like a start-up site for students who are just learning how to code. As a result, it doesn’t look like anything close to a legitimate company-owned site.

Another website,, looks much like the first site that we mentioned. However, this website actually has links to Terms & Conditions, a Privacy Policy, and About Us at the bottom, making it appear like a slightly more legit site.

We then checked another website,, it actually went to a different address called This site looks much more legit than the first one we mentioned. However, when you see how much you can supposedly earn with this website, they promise anywhere from $5 to $15 per survey. 

Additionally, they say you might even get paid up to $40 for a single survey. Wow, right? Unfortunately, this seems a little too good to be true. Plus, the website has a very annoying pop-up ad that seems to block everything you want to read, again making our spam radars go off. 

What We Learned from The AOJ Websites

Just by checking the websites, you get the feeling that there is something off about this company. 

I mean, what company makes 3 websites? There could even be more, but we didn’t bother checking. 

However, two of the sites have an About Us link, so we did check those out. 

The pages mostly just made a lot of claims about how the company started in “2018 to help people make extra income from the comfort of their own home.” Strangely, though, there’s no mention of what exactly the company does, or who the owners are. 

These websites made us feel pretty sure that AOJ is a scam. Still, we wanted to probe further, and the further we did, the more sketchy AOJ became.

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Is AOJ Legit or a Scam? Here’s What We Think, Based on AOJ Work from Home Jobs Reviews…

All of the reviews we read about AOJ conclude that they are a scam. Plus, our initial navigation of their websites also made us believe that AOJ isn’t even the slightest bit legitimate.

Still, here are some specific reasons why we, alongside all the other online reviews for AOJ, conclude that they’re a total scam:

1. Too Many Clone Websites

Legitimate companies don’t need more than one website. Plus, the websites are low-quality and seem as if they’re trying to lure you in like a bait and switch.

2. No Contact Details on the About Us Page

Nobody knows who owns AOJ. Some reviews say that a person named Brenda owns it, while another says it’s a guy who speaks in the training videos. Again, the About Us does not say anything about who owns it, and there are no options for customer service, either.

3. Over-Promises

Different sites say that by joining AOJ, you can get per-hour rates that are much higher than the normal average rates for legitimate data entry jobs. Also, they advertise earning between $5 and $40 per online survey. No matter how hard we looked, we couldn’t find a single review from someone who actually answered their surveys and got paid. Essentially, AOJ posts fake job ads.

f you click on the links within their websites, they move you towards the different “opportunities” where you can sign up for a site of your choice (there are many to choose from). Once you choose a site and sign up, they need you to accomplish surveys, play games, shop, or answer questions. This is a classic strategy for companies to do affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing, according to Investopedia, is when a “company compensates third-party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.” Though many legitimate sites like Amazon do this type of marketing, sites like AOJ are not doing it ethically, as they don’t advertise themselves as affiliates to these survey companies.

Also, AOJ doesn’t implicitly say that they’re a survey company. They want you to think that they’ll pay you for answering surveys when in truth, answering the surveys will actually earn them money. 

5. Pre-Screening is Insignificant

The page that opens when you click on any of the websites of AOJ is always the pre-screening questionnaire. Even if you don’t answer the questions and just click on the link for the next step, you don’t get an error page like what you would likely get from legitimate sites. Instead, the websites are full of links that we can only assume are affiliate links.

6. Training Videos

Here we go deeper into the free training videos. Under the Member Training Area of AOJ, you don’t actually learn anything that might be of use to you.

a. Lesson 1 is a short video about signing up for the survey companies within the AOJ site. It introduces you to AOJ and then prompts you to move to the second lesson.

b. Lessons 2 & 3 are training modules about promoting on Craigslist and Facebook. It says it’ll show you how to earn money from Facebook and asks you to join at least 10 groups with the tag “work-from-home.” Also, it teaches you how to create an account with Craigslist if you don’t have one yet.

c. Lesson 4 is about what referral marketing is. Supposedly this somehow shows you what AOJ really does.

d. Lesson 5 is about marketing on YouTube. However, it doesn’t show you how you can actually increase your ranking on YouTube. For you to get training for that, AOJ has a link for you to take a Udemy course that you need to pay $12 for.

e. Lesson 6 is for marketing on Instagram.

f.  Lesson 7 is about Pinterest marketing. It also has a link for you to go to Survey Junkie.

g. Lessons 8 to 10 teaches you how to promote AOJ, and it gives you instructions on how to join an email marketing plan. Also, you will get to learn how to do automated emails using GetResponse. GetResponse is a paid service for $15 per month, but the first month is free.

7. Reviewed as SCAM

All of the AOJ work from home job reviews that we saw after actually checking out the company for ourselves flagged them as an outright scam.

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What are the Pros of joining AOJ?

1. The application process is a no-brainer. It does not even need you to fill it out before allowing you to move to the next step. It’s very easy and free to join.

2. Since it’s an affiliate marketing site, what you actually do is promote products and then supposedly earn a referral commission, although we’ve had a hard time verifying that AOJ actually pays their affiliates. While the training videos aren’t very sufficient, they do give a basic outline of how affiliate marketing works. This could make it a startup for you to get experience with affiliate marketing. However, AOJ is still a sketchy site, and there are many more legitimate websites to learn affiliate marketing with, such as the Amazon Associates affiliate program. 

What are the Cons of joining AOJ?

1. There’s barely enough information and not nearly enough training. You just can’t get enough training from a 3-minute video.

2. There are limited options on how to earn. You can only choose to answer online surveys or earn money through referral marketing. We also haven’t been able to verify that they actually pay for the online work done.

3. There are negative reviews from everyone online.

4. It’s full of deceptive ads and sketchy websites.

All of the investigations we did point towards AOJ as a complete waste of time. 

Basically, a legitimate company would be forthcoming with information—what they do, who they are, and which companies they are affiliated with. None of these can be said for AOJ. 

But are there still legitimate paid survey sites? Yes. There are a lot of legitimate survey sites that have been reviewed by multiple users. You can check out Vindale Research, Swagbucks, OpinionInn Panel LifePoints, Survey Junkie, Panel Place for sites that haven’t been identified as a scam.

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Conclusion of Aoj Work from Home Job Reviews

Unfortunately, our review of AOJ Work From Home Jobs shows that this company should not be trusted. 

We advise you to stay away from this company and any other opportunities that promise high pay for little work. 

There are many scams like this on the internet, so be sure to do your research before investing in any program. 

Thank you for reading, and we hope it’s helped you avoid being scammed out of your time and effort!

Do you know of any aoj work from home job reviews?

By the way, if you’re looking for legit ways to make money online, be sure to check out our blog for posts on side hustles, making extra money, job leads, and more.

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