Embarking on the journey to become an online chat tutor opens the door to a flexible and rewarding income stream while making a positive impact on students around the world. This job doesn’t necessarily demand a teaching certificate or a bachelor’s degree, but it does require a strong grasp of the subject you intend to teach, along with communication skills.

So, if you’re seeking a flexible schedule and have high-speed internet, let’s get started!

to become an online chat tutor there is a young girl smiling while on the computer.
  1. Brainfuse
  2. Cambly
  3. Chegg
  4. eTutorWorld
  5. HeyTutor
  6. Help With Assignment (HWA) 
  7. LearnPick
  8. Mathnasium
  9. OutSchool
  10. Preply
  11. Remind Tutoring
  12. Smarthinking
  13. Skooli
  14. StudyGate
  15. Tutapoint
  16. Tutor.com
  17. TutorMe
  18. VIPKid
  19. Varsity Tutors
  20. Yup

Earning Extra Money on Your Terms

Online tutoring allows you to be your own boss and set your own hours. Whether you’re an expert in math, science, languages, or other subjects, you can connect with students and help them succeed. Your journey as an online tutor begins by signing up on various platforms that facilitate live tutoring sessions. But before making a hiring decision, many platforms require background checks for new tutors to ensure student safety and success.

Creating Engaging Sessions

As you become an online chat tutor, you’ll use various tools and techniques to create engaging sessions. These may include using a virtual whiteboard, sharing short videos, and solving problems in real time. Such interactive sessions enrich the learning experience and provide students with unlimited access to valuable resources.

The best online tutoring services prioritize student success.

Finding the Right Fit

The path to becoming an online chat tutor starts with selecting the right platform. With the freedom to design your own schedule, you can offer assistance at times that work best for you. While prior teaching experience is not always necessary, platforms often perform background checks on new tutors to ensure the safety of their students.

Tutoring services have transformed with the internet, allowing you to reach high school students and learners across different countries. These platforms allow you to earn extra money while assisting students in academic subjects like math, science, and languages. In the United States, where the demand for tutors is particularly high, you can cater to students seeking additional support to excel in their studies.

Earning Potential and Rates

Online tutoring offers a unique opportunity to be your own boss and set your own rate. The average pay rate for online tutors can vary based on factors like the subject area and your experience level. Some platforms charge listing fees or take a percentage of your earnings, so it’s essential to review the terms before you apply.

Customer service and responsiveness play a significant role in attracting and retaining students. The privacy policy of the platform should protect both you and your students as you connect from different countries and backgrounds.

Career Opportunities in Online Tutoring

1. Brainfuse 

Brainfuse, established in 1999, offers online academic support to diverse clients, including libraries, schools, and universities. It connects students with tutors for personalized online sessions.

Tutor Requirements: Prospective tutors need a personal computer, stable internet, webcam, and microphone. Flexible scheduling accommodates availability.

Potential Earnings: Specific earnings information is not provided on the website.

How to Apply: Submit resumes to jobs@brainfuse.com to join this impactful educational community.

2. Cambly 

Cambly empowers learners worldwide with high-quality English education through proficient native-speaking tutors.

Tutor Requirements: Applicants should be passionate about fostering English proficiency. Fluency and supportive teaching style are required.

Potential Earnings: $10.20/hour for regular classes, $12/hour for Cambly Kids.

How to Apply: Apply to uplift learners, join the global community, and create positive learning experiences.

3. Chegg 

Chegg offers live chat tutoring in various subjects, catering to students globally.

Tutor Requirements: Strong academic background and subject expertise are essential. Base pay starts at $23 per hour.

Potential Earnings: Earnings are estimated at $23 per hour.

How to Apply: Check the job board for subject expert positions and qualification details.

4. eTutorWorld 

eTutorWorld provides online K-12 subject tutoring and exam prep.

Tutor Requirements: 

Demonstrated commitment to guiding and fostering student progress. Proficiency in English, Math, or Science for effective tutoring sessions. Possession of a CTET certification (preferred). Willingness to work during U.S. shift timings.

Potential Earnings: The average salary range for a Math Tutor at eTutorWorld Corp is between $33,963 and $60,167, with an average salary of $42,208.

How to Apply: Apply to become a tutor or explore other roles.

5. HeyTutor 

HeyTutor collaborates with schools to aid diverse learning styles.

Tutor Requirements: Aged 18+, US-based, university affiliation preferred.

Potential Earnings: Average hourly pay is $21.33.

How to Apply: Create a tutor profile to join this supportive community.

6. Help With Assignment (HWA) 

HWA offers assignment help for U.S., UK & Australia college students.

Tutor Requirements: 2+ years of experience and a master’s/PhD in your subject.

Potential Earnings: Specific earnings information is not provided on the website.

How to Apply: Apply to guide students and earn extra income.

7. LearnPick

LearnPick Founded in 2002 in India, LearnPick connects students and tutors across more than 15 countries.

Tutor Requirements: A passion for teaching and inspiring learners. Subject expertise in various fields. Willingness to work remotely and engage with motivated students.

Potential Earnings: The average monthly pay for a Tutor at LearnPick in India is approximately ₹25,000.

How to Apply: Discover job opportunities and tailor your availability, qualifications, and fees to attract students. Engage in a flexible and enriching teaching experience.

8. Mathnasium 

Mathnasium provides personalized math learning for students of all ages.

Tutor Requirements: Passion for math and proficiency up to Algebra I.

Potential Earnings: The average salary is $15.12 per hour.

How to Apply: Join over 1,000 centers nationwide and help students thrive.

9. OutSchool

 OutSchool enables teachers to create unique online classes.

Tutor Requirements: Age 18+, living in specific countries, expertise in a subject.

Potential Earnings: Tutors typically earn around $40 per hour on average.

How to Apply: Sign up or log in to submit your application.

10. Preply

 Preply connects students and tutors globally for language and specialized topics.

Tutor Requirements: Strong speaking abilities and passion for personalized learning.

Potential Earnings: Popular tutors earn up to $550 weekly.

How to Apply: Apply and share your expertise.

11. Remind Tutoring 

Remind Tutoring offers academic support for families and schools.

Tutor Requirements: Certified teacher or years of tutoring experience.

Potential Earnings: Average earnings are around $25.00 per hour.

How to Apply: Fill out the application and take assessments.

12. Smarthinking 

Smarthinking seeks tutors with strong academic backgrounds.

Tutor Requirements: Advanced coursework, teaching, or tutoring experience.

Potential Earnings: Average hourly pay ranges from $20 to $23.

How to Apply: Check the job board for chat tutor availability.

13. Skooli 

Skooli connects students and tutors for personalized sessions.

Tutor Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, teaching license, or expertise in a field. Or have ESL or other language qualifications to teach English.

Potential Earnings: Starting pay is $25 per hour.

How to Apply: Create a profile and share your expertise.

14. StudyGate

 StudyGate offers personalized academic assistance.

Tutor Requirements: Experts in STEM humanities fields.

Potential Earnings: Varies based on performance.

How to Apply: Create an account and start sharing your knowledge.

15. Tutapoint 

TutaPoint provides one-on-one tutoring in various subjects.

Tutor Requirements: Able to commit five hours per week.

Potential Earnings: $14 per hour.

How to Apply: Apply to join this supportive platform.

16. Tutor.com 

Tutor.com offers expert academic and career support.

Tutor Requirements: Enrolled in college sophomore year or higher OR hold a 4-year degree.

Potential Earnings: Ranges from $11 to $35 per hour.

How to Apply: Apply on the website.

17. TutorMe 

TutorMe offers personalized online tutoring.

Tutor Requirements: At least two years of tutoring or teaching experience, degree, or enrollment.

Potential Earnings: $16 USD per hour.

How to Apply: Start your application online.

18. VIPKid

 VIPKid connects English tutors with Chinese students.

Tutor Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, eligibility to work in the US or Canada, teaching experience preferred.

Potential Earnings: $7-9 per class, $14-18 per hour.

How to Apply: Create an account and join the community.

19. Varsity Tutors

 Varsity Tutors offers academic support in various subjects.

Tutor Requirements: Teaching experience is not mandatory.

Potential Earnings: Average hourly pay ranges from $19 to $68.

How to Apply: Apply on the Varsity Tutors website.

20. YUP 

YUP specializes in math tutoring.

Tutor Requirements: Math proficiency and teaching expertise.

Potential Earnings: Typical pay is around $26 per hour.

How to Apply: Visit Yup to apply and see the FAQ.

a woman tutoring two small girls. Teaching lessons can help you become an online chat tutor.

The Best Online Tutoring Jobs

While there is a myriad of online tutoring jobs available, some popular options include teaching English as a second language, math, science, and humanities. Top platforms include:

  • Larson Texts: Offering part-time online math tutoring positions with hourly rates starting at $20.
  • Tutors.com is a platform that connects tutors with students in need, with earnings ranging from $25 to $70 per hour.
  • Bilingual opportunities: If you are proficient in multiple languages, you can explore opportunities to teach your non-native language to others.

Finding Your Niche

If you’re new to tutoring, focusing on beginner-friendly online tutoring jobs is an excellent starting point. Platforms like Tutors.com offer positions in various areas and require no prior experience. Moreover, opportunities to teach English as a second language or provide support in math, science, and humanities are popular options, as they cater to diverse learning needs.

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High-paying Online Tutoring Jobs

While several online tutoring positions offer appealing hourly wages, certain choices shine for their ability to yield greater earnings. You might want to concentrate on specific areas like advanced science or technical topics such as programming. Tutors who excel in these subjects can command higher hourly compensation. Another avenue is exploring roles with companies that prepare students for standardized tests like the SAT and ACT. These roles often come with more substantial pay. It’s wise to monitor job websites like Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com to enhance your prospects for well-paying online tutoring positions.

Tips for Success

Becoming an online chat tutor involves tailoring your approach to different learning styles. To connect with students and present yourself as a reliable tutor, create an appealing online presence by leveraging social media and online advertising partners.

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Your Personal Journey to Become a Chat Tutor

Your journey as an online tutor is a rewarding one. Whether you’re a college degree holder, a professional in your field, or a high schooler with expertise, there’s a platform suited for you. As you embark on this exciting opportunity, remember that your impact goes beyond academic success; you’re shaping futures and empowering students to achieve their dreams.

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Your Impact as a Tutor

As you become an online chat tutor, remember that your impact extends beyond academic success. You’re shaping the futures of students and empowering them to achieve their dreams. Your expertise can make a lasting difference in their educational journeys.


What are the qualifications for online chat tutoring?

Online chat tutoring qualifications may vary depending on the platform or subject. Some platforms do not require a teaching certificate, bachelor’s degree, or prior teaching experience (e.g., Cambly). However, many platforms value candidates with strong communication skills, subject knowledge, and the ability to adapt to various learning styles.

How do I find and apply for online chat tutoring jobs?

To find and apply for online chat tutoring positions, begin by researching various platforms such as Tutor.com, Wyzant, Chegg, Vedantu, VIPKid, and more. Each platform will have its application process, usually involving providing personal information, educational background, work experience, and demonstrating subject knowledge.

What subjects are in demand for online chat tutors?

High-demand subjects for online chat tutors often include Math, English, Science, and foreign languages. However, the demand for specific subjects may vary depending on factors like regional needs and current events. Research each platform to find out which subjects are in demand and align with your expertise.

How much can I earn working as an online chat tutor?

Earnings as an online chat tutor can vary greatly depending on factors such as the platform used, your expertise level, and the number of students you have. Some platforms may pay per minute spent chatting, while others may have fixed hourly rates or earnings based on completed sessions. You’ll have to research each platform’s pay structure and compare it with your needs and qualifications.

What platforms are available for online chat tutoring?

Numerous platforms are available for online chat tutoring, including Tutor.com, Wyzant, Chegg, Vedantu, VIPKid, and Preply. Each platform offers different features and requirements, so it is essential to compare and identify the one that suits your needs and qualifications best.

What are the primary responsibilities of an online chat tutor?

An online chat tutor’s primary responsibilities include providing personalized assistance to students using written or verbal communication, demonstrating subject knowledge, addressing students’ questions and concerns, and adapting their tutoring style to cater to various learning styles. Additionally, an online chat tutor must be punctual and maintain a professional demeanor.

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