This page is where you will find posts that will increase your ways to earn extra money. When it comes to wanting to make extra spending money, there are many ways to improve your petty cash jar.

Some examples are: saving receipts, taking surveys, downloading an app that you could get cashback from, Airbnb, walking dogs, renting out your car, driving for Uber, and Lyft, cleaning houses, selling things on online marketplaces, etc.

There are several ways, as you can see here, that could be your ticket to increasing your allowance, which could help you pay off a credit card or student loans and save for a trip you have been planning for a while. Save for your retirement. 

For some of you, having extra pocket change can drastically improve your income and even lead to discoveries. Who doesn’t like to save, right? 

Today’s gig economy is all about flexibility. You no longer have to settle for a part-time job with a set schedule. Instead, you create your plan on time, making earning much more worthwhile!

This category also could include what you’d call side hustling, but I chose to have it be its category. Either way can help you earn or save money.

No matter where you and your journey take you, I hope I inspire you to see the value and potential of mad money. Don’t be quick to discredit your earning potential because if you think about it and stick with it, it adds up over a year! 

apps that actually pay you real money

Apps That Actually Pay You Real Money

Most of us like knowing and having other options to make or save extra money. I get really excited when I have saved a buck or two or even $5 on something I would purchase anyway. However, there are apps that actually pay you real money, and I’ll list a few best ones that I […] Read more…

how to make money online -without surveys

How To Make Money Online-Without Surveys

I think some people do like online surveys to make extra cash with free PayPal cash and fortunately, there are some good ones for that like Survey Junkie but today I’d like to talk about how to make money online without surveys. With these jobs, you won’t need to sell anything or take any surveys […] Read more…

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