Do you like spending time on social media? Do you have excellent written communication skills? You may be the perfect candidate for a chat moderator job. Chat moderators typically work from home and are responsible for moderating online conversations. Think you have what it takes to be a chat moderator? 

Let’s get started.

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Who Hires Online Chat Moderators to Work from Home?

Metaverse Mod SquadUdacityThe Social ElementPeak SupportZyngaChekkee
DripsTELUS InternationalHireSociallFacebook GroupsGameloft SENew Media Services
Just AnswerSutherland GlobalSocial FactorsTikTokKeywords Studios
Live PersonICUC ModerationLive WorldThe Mayeaux FoundationMecca Bingo
Baby CenterTeleperformance99 Dollar SocialDiscordBuzz Bingo
Remote chat moderator jobs- TheNewsKey

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What Is an Online Moderator Job?

An online moderator job plays a crucial role in moderating the web. They make sure content stays appropriate and respectful. They are responsible for monitoring websites, forums, blogs, and social media sites to ensure that the content posted meets a certain standard of quality. They will screen comments, remove offensive material when necessary, and provide feedback on user behavior. 

Online moderators must have exceptional communication skills as they are often required to interact with users daily. They need to be familiar with the website’s guidelines to determine which posts should be removed or edited. Additionally, online moderators must have strong problem-solving skills as they may have challenging situations such as cyberbullying or other inappropriate behavior. They must remain calm, collected, and professional while dealing with these issues.

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What Does a Chat Moderator Do?

Keep the Chat Friendly

The mediator is responsible for maintaining a positive and friendly environment in chat rooms and forums. They keep the conversations flowing by starting and keeping conversations going. They also make sure that all users feel welcome and comfortable. In addition, they also help to keep the discussions on topic, and they may even moderate live events.


Everyone Feels Comfortable

You are responsible for maintaining the chat environment and ensuring that all users feel comfortable and welcome. They must be able to handle multiple conversations at once and be quick to resolve any issues that may arise. Have a positive attitude and keep it fun.



They keep the chat clean and organized. They Remove spam or offensive content. Be welcoming to new users and help them adjust to the chat environment.


Keep Calm, Deescalate Discussions

Moderators must also be able to handle conflict resolution. If two users argue, it is your job to diffuse the situation. They are there to maintain a positive and fun chat environment for all users.


Issue Warnings

They issue warnings to people who violate the rules of the chatroom, such as using offensive language or bullying others. If an online chat moderator gives a forewarning, they should take it seriously and try to be more mindful of their words in the future – otherwise, they can face further consequences like being banned from the chatroom.


Respond to Comments

They respond to comments on the chat, help keep things civil, and can even offer valuable insight into a conversation. As a moderator, you monitor the chat, provide helpful advice when needed, and encourage meaningful conversations that promote healthy discussion. It’s a great way to be part of an online community while helping others in the process!


Address Complaints

Chat moderators’ jobs are responsible for addressing complaints and ensuring the safety of all users. They work to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for everyone involved in the chat. Moderators take all complaints seriously and strive to resolve issues quickly and effectively. 


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chat moderator jobs
Moderators are the unsung heroes of the online world! 💪 They help create safe and inclusive spaces where everyone can come to discuss, share, and even learn something new. 🤝📖

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What Skills Do I Need for Chat Room Moderator Jobs?

Qualifications: Technical Skills

Understand how social media apps, chat rooms, message boards, and forum sites work.

Able to use video or audio software.

Be familiar with all the features available on each platform and be able to troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.

Stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies so they can provide an efficient service.

Have A Working Computer.

 High-Speed Internet Connection.



Qualifications: Soft Skills

Written Language Skills: Be Able to Spell Properly.

Typing Speed: There’s no set typing speed, but the average is as follows: Middle 15 to 25 WPM; 20 to 35 WPM; college adult more than 30 WPM.

Keep Calm in Tense Situations: Diffusing difficult conversations between members. 


 Logical and Remain Levelheaded: When met with hostility or aggression, chat moderators must stay composed and respond appropriately with respect while enforcing rules and maintaining order.


Be Proactive: Taking action when inappropriate behavior is regarded, encouraging positive communication between users, and responding to user questions. 


Attention: Pay close attention to discussions taking place.


Reactive: Being reactive to user questions and changes in the chat environment, a moderator can help create a positive and safe experience for all users.

Clarity: Be familiar with the chat room rules, expectations, and requirements.


Online Chat Moderator Jobs

1.) Metaverse mod squad provides content moderation services to clients. They work with some of the biggest brands out there. If you decide to become a mod, they have benefits for U.S. employees and international employees. 


2.) Drips is a conversational outreach platform for businesses. They occasionally hire associates to help ensure the deliverability of their product. Production QC Associates primarily test their content by sending SMS messages across various providers and carriers and log the results while making changes as necessary. 


3.) Just Answer is an online question-and-answer service that connects users with experts on different topics. You can find a category moderator job to manage open questions, recategorize, or update questions in the message boards.



4.) Live Person is an AI platform that provides solutions for customer care, voice solutions, and more. With locations throughout the world. Customer support is essential for any online platform as it allows customers to receive help and have questions answered quickly. The demand for customer support has grown tremendously with businesses going online and the rapid growth of e-commerce. As such, companies must be prepared to handle high volumes of customer inquiries. 




5.) Baby Center offers helpful pregnancy and parenting resources. You may find open positions for a community moderator for their online forum. It’s a great place for first-time moms to connect with others experienced to get advice.


6.) Udacity is an online learning platform. Community Moderators monitor the forum daily. Including weekends”—a minimum of 2x per day. Ideally should be several hours apart (once in the morning and once in the evening). You will find these positions under external contractors. They hire from all over the world, not just from the United States.



7.) TELUS International is a company that offers website and IT-related services. Its clients include companies in technology and games, communications & media, e-Commerce, fintech, transportation & hospitality, healthcare, and automotive industries. You can find several content moderator jobs which include different languages.



8.) Sutherland Global is a business process that redesigns & rebuilds business requirements for the digital age. The company has helped clients in various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and transportation, achieve greater agility for over 30 years. Headquartered in Rochester, N.Y., Sutherland employs thousands of professionals across 80 locations and 140 countries.


chat moderator jobs
👩‍💻 🤓 Now is your chance to become a Chat Moderator and create your perfect work-from-home schedule! 🗣 Make flexible income & enjoy greater work/life balance. 💰



Social Media Chat Moderator Jobs


9.) ICUC Moderation is a social community management organization that provides content moderation, community management, and social listening services.


10.) Teleperformance delivers customer relationship management, technical support, social media management, debt recovery, and other services. 


11.) The Social Element is an independent social media agency. They partner with Moderation Gateway to offer an official moderation training course to certify all moderators.


12.) HireSociall allows you to work from home. Manage such websites as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others. Provide top-quality customer service using live chat and increase conversions. You should be able to handle multiple social media accounts at one time.

13.) Social Factor offers moderation and community management services to brands. They are always looking for digitally savvy content creators.


14.) 99 Dollar Social hires freelance writers to write social media posts and write and curate images and articles for their customers. No copywriting experience is necessary, but English fluency is a must.


15.) Live World social media agents review and take appropriate action on social media posts according to brand guidelines, including rejecting or approving content, tracking, and escalating.


16.) Peak Support is looking for team members in the Philippines and the U.S. As a community support agent, you will serve as a member of a communications platform that helps resolve disputes and regulate network policies. Your role is vital to ensuring that the platform remains safe and welcoming to all users.


Chat Moderator Jobs No Experience Required



17.) Facebook Groups: Moderators can approve or deny membership requests and decide what appears within a group. They can remove posts or comments on posts, block people from the group, and pin (or unpin) a post. 

You can find some moderator jobs, often not needing prior experience.

If you want to learn what it takes to become a Facebook moderator, Meta has a helpful video transcript you can follow.

You can join this public Facebook group, where you’ll find chat moderator jobs posted. Others will create posts looking to hire.


As of November 2022, the national average annual pay for a Facebook Moderator is $45,063 per year. Approximately $21.66 an hour.

You’ll find job postings on Upwork, Job searcher, and Indeed.

18.) TikTok has an option that enables broadcasters to assign ‘Live moderators’ to help them manage their streams. 

You will ensure legal compliance and the safety of content uploaded to their platform. You will be responsible for the development, improvement, and maintenance of standards for the security of their online communities.



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Discord Chat Moderator Jobs


19.) The Mayeaux Foundation is a company based in Castle Rock, Colorado. You can find chat admin and moderator jobs for their discord.

20.) Discord can be a terrific venue for creating a community and creating an online place for people to communicate. Discord is not limited to gamers. It has extended beyond that to other interest groups. Companies are utilizing Discord to bring their communities of consumers, followers, or subscribers into one space. Chat room moderators are in great need.

Want to learn more about Discord? You can find a lot of information on the Discord blog.







Video Game Content Moderators

Game moderators are professionals hired to assist with online video games. They’re responsible for keeping gaming platforms free from any content marked inappropriate, and they can enforce the rules.

21.) Zynga is a leading developer of the most popular social games. In this game tech company’s long history, its central focus has been mobile devices and social networking. Zynga started in April 2007, and its headquarters are in San Mateo, California. 

While the company’s mission is “connect the world through games,” Zynga’s most popular titles are Farmville and Candy Crush Saga. While you may check back often, they occasionally have what they call super moderator jobs available.

22.) Gameloft SE is another game-developing company founded in December 1999 in Paris by Ubisoft co-founder Michel Guillemot. Gameloft SE is an independent game developer that operates video game studios across the globe. Gameloft is known for its mobile gaming platform. 

They are searching for Community Moderators or community managers who will improve the game community’s sentiment, carry out social customer service, and enhance the safety and positivity of players within their community.

23.) Keywords Studios is an international technical services provider that serves the global video games industry. The services provided include Art Creation, Game Development, Audio, Functional Testing, Localization, and Localization Testing.

You should have previous experience managing or moderating an online community.

You can find player support and community manager positions, often supporting other languages.



Bingo Chat Moderator Jobs


24.) Mecca Bingo (formerly called Top Rank) is a UK-based company and operator of 76 bingo clubs located in major towns and cities. If you ever played online Bingo, you’d notice their Chat Moderators (CMs) in the online forums.

If you’d like to become a part of the company’s set of Chat Moderators (also known as Chat Hosts), you’ll be surprised by how simple it is. All you need is a solid foundation for the rules and an aptitude to treat your customers with kindness.

25.) Buzz Bingo is an independent chain of bingo clubs in the United Kingdom owned and operated by Caledonia Investments. It has 92 locations. There’s a large variety of remote work opportunities, including live chat hosts.

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Dating Site Moderator Jobs


26.) Chekkee, an Australia-based content marketing agency, provides moderation services aimed at businesses. The industries it serves comprise e-commerce, social media, online dating, and gaming.

I found out that a lot of well-known dating sites hire through freelancer, Upwork, and People per hour.

Adult text jobs are different than chat moderation services, but both offer unique opportunities for those interested in making money from the comfort of their own homes. Chat moderator jobs involve moderating conversations or chats between people on topics to ensure that talks remain civil and appropriate. 

Adult text jobs or (text chat operators) are more direct communication between two people, typically one hired employee and one paying customer. Usually, the employee uses their chat skills to engage in conversations with customers about topics ranging from mundane day-to-day issues to more intimate situations. Typically, this means on an adult site with adult-related content.

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27.) New Media Services provides an array of content and content-monitoring solutions. You can find job postings for full and part-time chat support. 


How Much Do Chat Moderators Get Paid?



Chat moderators are essential to the success of many online platforms. They ensure that conversations stay safe, productive, and enjoyable for everyone participating. The amount of money a moderator will make rides on factors like experience, the platform they’re moderating, and even location. 

For example, a chat moderator in the US may have an hourly rate of $10-20, depending on their experience level. Your rate as a freelancer or independent contractor could reach as high as $30 per hour, depending on the complexity. For those who enjoy working with people online in various roles, such as problem solvers and content creators, becoming a chat moderator may be an ideal fit with excellent potential earnings!




How do I become a good chat moderator?

Being a successful chat moderator requires skills, knowledge, and dedication. It takes time to develop the necessary skills and practice to excel at this.

Firstly, familiarize yourself with the applicable software and tools commonly used in chat moderation jobs. Learn how to use them efficiently and effectively without compromising the security or safety of users.

 Secondly, understanding social media etiquette is important so that you can provide clear guidance on acceptable behavior within the relevant platforms. Also, monitoring user activity and developing strategies for tackling problematic situations are essential elements of good chat moderation. 

Thirdly, excellent communication skills are vital for successful chat moderators. You can interact calmly with users who may be frustrated or difficult is a skill required for any moderating position.

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Advantages Of Being a Moderator

Being a chat moderator has its benefits. For starters, it offers flexible hours and the ability to work from home. It’s ideal for individuals with other commitments as staying at home with children or caring for an aging parent.

Besides, the job itself can be relatively rewarding. You serve as a guardian of the virtual community and are responsible for promoting positive behavior while preventing cyberbullying, inappropriate content, and trolling activities. You also have the opportunity to help users find solutions to problems they may be facing in the online environment. 

Likewise, working as a chat moderator can open doors to other options, such as customer service jobs that involve providing support over messaging apps like WhatsApp or social media platforms like Facebook Messenger.

Tips for Becoming a Successful Moderator


If you’re serious about becoming a successful chat moderator, there are a few tips worth keeping in mind.

 First:  stay up to date with the latest trends and technology so that you can be well-equipped to moderate any conversations. Keeping yourself informed helps you better understand the topics of discussion but also makes it easier to spot inappropriate content or activities in the chat room.

 Secondly: Set up rules and guidelines before monitoring chat sessions so that everyone knows what is and is not permitted. Making sure everyone is following the community guidelines.

 Lastly: remain professional and courteous always, especially when dealing with participants in the chatroom; this will help foster an environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of retribution or judgment. By following these simple steps, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a successful chat moderator for many years to come!

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