Are you looking for a job that lets you work from home? Then, Delta Airlines’ work-from-home positions could be yours! That’s right, one of the largest airlines in the world is now offering work-from-home positions. So if you want to join the most awarded airline with great benefits and flexible hours, Delta Airlines may be just what you need.

delta airlines work from home positions

Delta Airlines Overview

Delta Air Lines is a major airline based in the United States, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1925, the company has grown into one of the largest global airlines, serving customers in both domestic and international markets. 

Delta operates a hub-and-spoke system, with primary hubs in Atlanta, Minneapolis, and other major cities across the United States. It’s also the largest airline in revenue, so they are the best in the industry.

The airline is recognized for its commitment to providing exceptional customer service and extensive travel options. With a fleet of over 800 aircraft, Delta Air Lines connects passengers to more than 300 destinations in over 50 countries. In addition, the company is a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, which further expands its reach in cooperation with partner airlines.

 Delta Air Lines is also recognized for its dedication to Delta employees, ensuring a workplace that values diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity. As part of this effort, the company supports work-from-home opportunities for eligible positions, offering employees the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Delta’s remote work policies include a variety of roles, mainly in customer support positions. These openings allow employees to work from the comfort of their homes while still delivering the excellent service Delta is known for. 

Tools and resources such as flexible work schedules and remote work policies are provided to ensure a seamless transition to a work-from-home environment.

Work from Home Positions

Delta Airlines offers various work-from-home positions across multiple departments. These remote job opportunities provide flexibility, work-life balance, and growth opportunities. All of these work-from-home positions are from Delta Vacations, which is the vacation provider for Delta Airlines.

Remote Airline Jobs

Delta Customer Service Jobs

Work-from-home customer service positions with Delta Airlines typically involve customer support by answering inquiries, managing reservations, and assisting with other travel-related services.

 Most customer needs are met and start with Jobs in customer service and may also require attending call center training before transitioning to working from home. For this customer service agent remote position, you must be an excellent listener!

Reservations Specialist

  Delta Airlines Reservations Specialist is a work-from-home position, which makes it an ideal job for those who prefer remote working.

As a Delta Airlines Reservations Specialist, you would be responsible for helping customers with flight reservations, cancellations, and changes. 

You would also need to provide information about flight schedules, baggage policies, and other related queries that customers might have. This job requires excellent communication skills and working efficiently under pressure.

If you’re interested in applying for this position, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you must possess exceptional customer service skills, as your primary responsibility will be interacting with customers all day. Secondly, having prior experience working in customer service or the travel industry will give you an added advantage when applying for this role.


Remote opportunities, such as outbound sales representatives, are available in the Sales department. These positions involve selling Delta’s services, managing client relationships, and meeting sales goals. The sales team is crucial in driving revenue and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Information Technology

Delta’s Information Technology department offers remote jobs like software developers and I.T. analysts. These positions involve working on the airline’s technical infrastructure and creating innovative solutions to improve customer and employee experiences.


Remote opportunities in Delta’s Marketing department include positions like digital marketing specialists and content creators. These roles involve developing and executing marketing strategies, managing social media channels, and creating engaging content to promote the airline’s brand and services.

Business Consulting

Delta Airlines may also provide remote jobs in business consulting, which involve analyzing business processes, identifying areas for improvement, and providing strategic recommendations to enhance the company’s performance and profitability.


Remote administrative positions at Delta can include roles like virtual assistants and project coordinators. These positions involve managing schedules, organizing meetings, and handling documentation, among other tasks.


Engineering remote positions at Delta Airlines may involve working on aircraft design, maintenance, and operations projects. These roles require a strong background in engineering and may focus on aerospace, mechanical, or electrical engineering.


Although most transportation positions at Delta Airlines are not remote, there might be opportunities for planning and logistics roles that can be performed from home. These positions involve coordinating and optimizing transportation routes and managing operational scheduling and staffing.

Hiring Process

Job Openings

Delta Airlines offers work-from-home positions, particularly in its customer support department. In addition, they post remote job opportunities on their official website and other platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed.

 Potential job seekers are advised to apply only once and avoid creating multiple profiles to improve their selection chances.

The hiring process for remote positions at Delta typically begins with an online application. After applying, you are required to complete a Talent Assessment designed to help them understand your strengths in the workplace. To advance to the next stage, applicants must pass the assessment.

Interview Process

What is the Delta online assessment?

Delta Talent Assessment Test for Delta Airlines Work from Home Positions requires you to take online tests tailored to the job following the application process. For example, the personality test aims to identify candidates who possess the desired skills and personality traits that Delta is seeking. 

You can also try your take at their practice test. Again, see what you are up against and get a good idea of how the test will be.

How to Find Delta Airline Work-from-Home Positions

Here’s the process I best recommend. You’ll first go to the careers overview page. Then click the search careers at Delta button.

delta airlines work from home positions overview website

Then search by category. I say use this method because if you search by location, you limit yourself to work-from-home positions.

delta airlines work from home positions

Delta Airlines prioritizes the success of its remote employees by providing comprehensive training and ongoing support. They understand the importance of equipping their workforce with the necessary skills and resources to excel in a remote work environment.

Delta Airlines offers training programs specifically designed to prepare employees for remote work. These programs ensure that individuals have a solid foundation in customer service, technical skills, and other job-specific requirements. By investing in their employees’ development, Delta Airlines sets them up for success in their work-from-home positions.

In addition to training programs, Delta Airlines also offers mentorship opportunities. New remote employees are paired with experienced mentors who provide guidance, support, and insights based on their experiences. These mentors are valuable resources for navigating the challenges and nuances of working from home and fostering professional growth and development.

Delta Airlines has implemented robust systems and resources to ensure remote employees have ongoing support. 

In addition, they provide dedicated communication channels, such as online chat platforms or virtual team meetings, to facilitate collaboration and address any questions or concerns.

 Furthermore, Delta Airlines has a responsive helpdesk or support team readily available to assist employees with technical issues or other work-related matters.

Remember that background checks and a drug test may still apply for Delta Airlines’ work-from-home positions.

Holidays and Vacations

Delta Airlines understands the importance of personal time, holidays, and vacations for their remote employees. Therefore, they offer a competitive benefits package that includes paid time off for vacations, holidays, and personal days to ensure a healthy work-life balance.

Delta Airlines maintains employee satisfaction and high-quality customer service by providing their remote workforce ample time to rest and recharge. While specifics may vary for different roles, the company prioritizes the well-being of its employees, making it an attractive option for those seeking work-from-home opportunities.

Employees’ Benefits

Compensation and Perks

At Delta Air Lines, employees enjoy competitive compensation packages that reflect their dedication and hard work. While specific salaries may vary depending on the role, Delta is proud to offer numerous benefits and perks that enrich the work experience for its staff.

 Some examples of these benefits include insurance, health and wellness support, financial and retirement planning, and several discounts to provide both personal and professional support for its employees.

Travel Benefits

Delta Air Lines employees have the exciting opportunity to take advantage of travel benefits, which include discounted or free flights, depending on their level of service. This allows them to explore new places while experiencing the company’s services firsthand. These travel privileges extend to employees, their families, and friends, making it a valuable perk for those who love to travel.

Employees also get discounts on car rental and hotel rentals who hoo!


Delta places great emphasis on the health and well-being of its employees. They offer comprehensive health benefits, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, to ensure employees and their families access high-quality care. This proactive approach to wellness contributes to a happier and more productive workforce.

Education and Growth

Delta Air Lines recognizes the importance of education and professional growth for its employees. As a result, the company offers various career opportunities for employees to further their careers within and beyond. 

These opportunities include tuition reimbursement programs, professional development courses, and other resources to facilitate personal and professional growth.

In summary, Delta Air Lines offers its employees a wide range of benefits for working from home, focusing on compensation, travel, healthcare, performance incentives, and education addition, the company takes a holistic approach to employee well-being, investing in their growth and success in various aspects of life.

Delta Airlines Remote Jobs Part-time

 Delta Airlines advertises part-time work-from-home positions, and when I took a deeper look, I came across some reviews that said they had to work for a year before that could be the case. Delta Vacations does not offer part-time schedules.

Flight attendants

Flight attendants often work part-time, although it’s not a work-from-home job. First, they must have a high school diploma, and then they have to get a certification. The certification process usually lasts about 3-6 weeks. So, if you are 18 years of age or older or straight out of high school, it’s a good career field to pursue.

 Comparing Delta Airlines with Competitors 

 When comparing Delta Airlines with its competitors, it’s clear that the company has several strengths that set it apart from its rivals. For example, Delta offers a highly efficient and reliable service which has helped to establish its reputation as one of the top airlines in the world.

Another area where Delta excels is customer service. The airline invests heavily in training its staff to ensure exceptional service to passengers on board and on the ground. This focus on customer satisfaction has helped Delta stand out from other airlines that may not prioritize this aspect of their business as much.

 American Airlines compared to Delta Airlines in work-from-home jobs. 

Two major players in the U.S. airline industry, American Airlines and Delta Airlines offer various remote job opportunities for their employees. However, a closer look reveals significant differences between how these two airlines approach work-from-home jobs.

American Airlines has been slow in offering work-from-home options to its employees. While the airline does have some remote job opportunities, such as Reservation Sales Agents and Customer Service Representatives, these positions were only introduced recently. 

Furthermore, these roles have limited availability and often require candidates to be based in specific locations. On the other hand, Delta Airlines has been more proactive in offering remote job options to its employees. For example, the company provides various telecommuting options across different departments.


 Southwest Airlines compared to Delta Airlines in work-from-home jobs. 

Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines are two of the leading airline companies in the United States. These airlines have adapted to the work-from-home trend due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. However, there are differences between how Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines handle their remote workers.

Delta Airlines has more employees working from home than Southwest Airlines. As a result, Delta has more call center positions that can be performed remotely. In addition, Delta’s work-from-home program provides its employees with a computer, internet connection, and other equipment needed for work.

 Furthermore, as I said, they offer training programs to ensure their employees are well-equipped for remote work.

On the other hand, Southwest Airlines only offers a limited number of remote jobs for its employees as most of its operations require on-site staffing. The company provides some flexibility when scheduling shifts, but full-time work-from-home options are scarce in this airline company. 

When comparing Delta Airlines with its competitors, it is clear that the company has the competitive edge that sets it apart from others in the industry. 

You don’t have to be from the U.S. to apply but must obtain an appropriate visa to be eligible for employment in this u.s.-based job.

One notable aspect of Delta’s work-from-home program is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The airline has welcomed team members from all backgrounds, regardless of sexual orientation or national origin.

 However, Delta wasn’t on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index list for its LGBTQ+ inclusivity efforts. But Southwest Airlines and American Airlines are.

According to CBS News, Delta Air Lines seeks ideal candidates with new skills (source: CBS News). Delta Air Lines’ website also states that they are an equal opportunity employer and will provide reasonable accommodation in their application and selection process for qualified individuals (source: Delta Air Lines Careers Overview). So keep a look out for future opportunities too.

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