Do you like storytelling or reading scripts? This article will show you the best 45 ways you are able to get paid to narrate audiobooks. I’ll share valuable insights on how you can break into narrating and lend your voice while earning money.

Disclaimer:  This blog post may contain affiliate or referral links that may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost to you!).

What is Audiobook Narration?

Audiobook narration is about recording an audio version of a book out loud. The narrator (you) reads the text aloud while recording it, and the final product is then sold as an audiobook. Listening to an audiobook is a convenient way to consume literature from wherever.

At the Audio Publishers Association, a research survey says that audiobook revenue grew by 10%, which marks the eleventh consecutive year of double-digit growth. The market size for audiobook listeners has also increased. With the majority of U.S. adults (53%) report that they have listened to an audiobook before.

Step 1: Build Your Skills

First things first, hone your narration skills. This involves reading aloud, creating distinct character voices, and maintaining a consistent tone throughout the book.  The Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) offers a free guide to audiobook production and a marketplace for finding audiobook projects to work on.

Step 2: Invest in Equipment

To produce great quality audiobooks, you’ll need some equipment. At the very minimum, you’ll need a good microphone and headphones. You’ll also need a quiet recording space and audio editing software for your home studio.

Step 3: Find Audiobook Projects

Once you have the skills and equipment, it’s time to find some audiobook projects to work on.

Step 4: Negotiate Your Rates

As a narrator, you’ll need to negotiate your rates with the author or publisher. Rates can vary depending on the book’s length, your experience level, and the project’s budget. According to the Audio Publishers Association, the average hourly rate for narrators is $150-$400. 

Step 5: Produce the Audiobook

Once you’ve secured a project and negotiated your rates, producing the audiobook is next. This all involves recording the narration, editing the audio, and submitting the final product for approval.

Getting paid to narrate audiobooks can be a great option and rewarding path for book lovers with a talent for storytelling. You can turn your passion into a profession by building your skills, investing in equipment, finding audiobook projects, negotiating rates, and producing high-quality audiobooks.

Best Sites to Get Paid to Narrate AudioBooks

  1. ACX
  2. Academy Voices
  3. Audio File Magazine
  4. Backstage
  5. BookBrowse
  6. Booklist Online
  7. Bodalgo
  8. Brilliance Audio
  9. Bunny Studio
  10. Casting Call Club
  11. Fiverr
  12. Findaway Voices
  13. Flexjobs
  14. Freelancer
  15. Goodreads
  16. Guru
  17. Great British Voices
  18. Hot Ghost Writer
  19. Internet Jock
  20. Librivox
  21. Mandy Voices
  22. Narrators Road Map
  23. On Hold
  24. Outschool
  25. People Per Hour
  26. PMG VO List
  27. Podcasting
  28. Publishers Weekly
  29. Reedsy Discovery
  30. Scribl
  31. Suite Sound
  32. Spoken Realms
  33. Tantor Media
  34. The Voice Realm
  35. Upwork
  36. U.S Review of Books
  37. Voice 123
  38. Voice Crafters
  39. Vo Planet
  40. Voice Jungle
  41. Voices
  42. Voice Productions
  43. Voquent
  44. Women’s Review of Books
  45. Your Own Book Blog

1. ACX (Audiobook Creative Exchange)

ACX homepage website with background with white text to get paid to narrate audiobooks

 ACX is a marketplace that is indeed owned and operated by Amazon. It serves as a platform for audiobook production that connects narrators with authors and publishers.

It offers a free guide to audiobook production and allows narrators to set their rates. ACX also provides a royalty share option, where narrators receive a percentage of the audiobook’s sales.

To get started with ACX, all you need is a recording setup at home and the ability to deliver high-quality audio files. Once you create your profile on ACX, authors will be able to discover your talent and approach you with potential projects. As an audiobook narrator on ACX, not only will you get paid to narrate audiobooks, but also gain exposure in the industry which can lead to more opportunities in the future.

The best part is that ACX offers flexibility in how you choose to get paid. You can opt for a per-finished-hour rate or a royalty share, where you earn a percentage of the audiobook’s sales. This allows you to find a payment structure that suits your preferences and goals.

2. Academy Voices

multi colors of light and dark blue, and light and dark pinks on bricks with lady in the background white text.

Academy Voices covers all voice-over needs for their clients. Whether they need voices for commercials, a podcast intro, social media ads, or audiobook narration services, they can provide them. 

Academy Voices only features voice talent who have been trained through A VO’s Journey Elite Academy. The Elite Academy is an online school that helps voice actors improve their acting and performance skills through weekly classes and courses.

 To join Academy Voices, voice actors must complete a heavy schedule of classes that cover audio inspection, talent quality assurance, and the ability to deliver high-quality audio quickly and effectively.

 If you are a voice actor interested in joining, you can find more information at A VO’s Journey Elite Academy.

However, it does costs $39 for your first month and $78 afterward. If you are new or want to get your foot in the door, they give you the opportunity you may need.

3. Audio File Magazine

white background with black text off all the latest recent articles and podcast episodes for resources for narrators

This is a website dedicated to audiobooks, offering valuable resources for aspiring narrators. It provides detailed audiobook reviews across genres, profiles of successful narrators, industry news, and resources tailored for narrators. 

AudioFile Magazine has resources that will make you go, “Whoa!” You’ll find all kinds of helpful stuff, like reviews of audiobooks, other narrator’s profiles, and interviews which can help you stay updated on industry trends, advance growth, and opportunities through these informative resources.

4. Backstage

Blue and faded white homepage with white text. A way to get paid to narrate audiobooks.

Backstage is an excellent platform for aspiring audiobook narrators to find paid jobs and kickstart their careers in the industry. With many job listings, it offers a wide range of options for those looking to get paid to narrate audiobooks.

Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, Backstage provides a diverse selection of audiobook narrator jobs suitable for all skill levels.

Backstage allows you to filter job listings based on your preferences, such as location, pay rate, and experience level. This feature is really beneficial for beginners who may be overwhelmed by the vast number of options available. In addition, Backstage provides resources and tips specifically tailored for those starting out in this field, making it ideal for anyone looking to break into the audiobook narration industry.

By connecting talented individuals with reputable clients seeking audiobook narrators, this platform creates a secure environment where both parties can benefit professionally and financially.

Overall, using Backstage as a resource can greatly increase one’s chances of finding paid gigs as an audiobook narrator while also providing valuable support and guidance along the way. 

5. Book Browse 

Green and brown text on pink background. BookBrowse homepage.

BookBrowse is a website that provides resources and advice for readers. Although its primary focus is on readers, it can indirectly help those interested in narrating audiobooks.

By exploring BookBrowse, aspiring narrators can gain insights into popular books, genres, and literary trends, which can inform their audiobook choices.

The platform’s author interviews and book club suggestions also offer valuable insights into storytelling techniques and the creative process, benefiting individuals looking to enhance their narrating skills. It can still be a valuable resource to expand knowledge and discover potential audiobook opportunities.

6. Booklist Online 

Black text on white background. Resources for aspiring narrators to narrate audiobooks.

Booklist Online is a website that gives detailed reviews and advice for books. Librarians, teachers, and anyone who loves reading can find it useful. You can find reviews for different types of books. The reviews are written by experts. People who enjoy books find Booklist Online really useful.

Booklist Online provides insights into popular books and how they are received by critics, helping narrators understand audience preferences in terms of content and style. By staying updated on the latest book releases and checking their ratings, aspiring narrators can gain a better understanding of what resonates with readers.

Moreover, the website offers a range of resources, including workshops and webinars led by industry professionals, to help individuals enhance their narrating skills. These resources can be instrumental in honing narration techniques and improving overall performance.

7. Bodalgo 

Blue background with white text at badalgo for voice actors.

Bodalgo is a voiceover casting website for audiobook narrators who want to get paid for their work. There are over 10,000 voice actors registered on the site. Bodalgo has become a go-to option for authors and publishers seeking to hire professional narrators for their audiobooks.

Bodalgo makes creating a profile and uploading your demos easy. The site also allows you to set up custom alerts so that you can be notified of new job postings in your field of interest.

What sets Bodalgo apart from other casting websites is its quality control measures. Every audition submitted on the site is reviewed manually by a team of experts to ensure only top-quality auditions are presented to clients.

Moreover, Bodalgo ensures timely payments as well as transparent communication between clients and narrators throughout the project duration. Overall, if you’re looking for an efficient and reliable platform where you can monetize your narration skills through audiobooks, then Bodalgo should be high on your list of options to explore. 

8. Brilliance Audio 

brillance publishing homepage with white background and blue text

Brilliance Audio is an audiobook publisher dating back to 1984. They have built a strong reputation in the industry. Notably, Brilliance Audio became a part of Amazon in 2007, further strengthening its presence and reach. Cool right? They specialize in producing bestselling fiction and non-fiction books across various genres, including romance, mystery, thriller, self-help, and business.

The company has experienced editors and producers who work closely with narrators to ensure high-quality productions. They also offer a royalty-share program for new or upcoming narrators who want to learn the ropes and get paid to read audiobooks.

Brilliance Audio was one of the first companies to embrace digital technology for audiobooks. And continues to push boundaries with features like sound effects, music beds, and full-cast productions. With its extensive catalog of titles and reputation for quality production values, Brilliance Audio is an excellent option for aspiring narrators looking to break into the world of audiobooks. 

They pay narrators upfront for their work and offer a royalty share option as well. They also offer a range of resources and tools to help narrators succeed, including coaching and feedback on their performances.

9. Bunny Studio 

white background with black text bunny studios for voice actors and audiobooks.

Bunny Studio is a platform where voice actors can sign up to offer their services for various projects, including narrating audiobooks. The website offers a wide range of voice-over services, including character voices, commercial ads, and IVR prompts. Bunny Studio makes it easy for clients to browse the available talent pool and select a voice actor that meets their needs.

One of the benefits of using Bunny Studio is its quality control system. All voice actors are vetted by the platform’s team before being approved to offer their services. This ensures that clients receive high-quality recordings from professional voice actors with experience in the industry.

In addition to offering narration services for audiobooks, Bunny Studio also provides scriptwriting and translation services in multiple languages. This makes it an all-in-one platform for people looking to produce audio content in different languages or formats. 

10. Casting Call Club 

Light blue background with black text built for voice actors and narrators.

By joining Casting Call Club, narrators have access to a wide range of audiobook projects from various genres. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or romance, there is something for every narrator’s taste and expertise. The platform allows you to create a profile showcasing your vocal abilities and past work, making it easier for authors and publishers to find the perfect voice for their books.

One of the advantages of using Casting Call Club is that it offers a streamlined process for both narrators and clients. Authors or publishers can post their projects on the platform, specifying their requirements, such as the preferred tone, accent, or gender of the narrator.

Narrators can then browse through these listings and submit auditions showcasing their talent. This efficient system saves time for all parties involved while ensuring quality narration that meets the client’s expectations.

11. Fiverr

Black background with white text. A picture of a tan dog with brown pilot glasses on his face.

Fiverr is a popular online platform that connects freelancers with clients seeking various services. It has emerged as a great opportunity for individuals who want to get paid to narrate audiobooks. On Fiverr, aspiring voice artists can create gigs offering their skills and expertise in audio narration. By showcasing your vocal range, articulation, and storytelling abilities through samples or demos, you can attract potential clients looking for audiobook narrators.

One of the advantages of using Fiverr for audiobook narration is its diverse pool of talent from around the world. Whether you’re seeking a specific accent or a unique vocal style, Fiverr’s extensive network ensures that there is someone suitable for every project. Additionally, Fiverr provides freelancers with tools to showcase their previous work, enabling potential clients to listen to samples before making any hiring decisions. This not only gives voice actors an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities but also helps authors and publishers find the perfect narrator who can bring their story or message alive.

With its easy-to-use website and affordable pricing options, Fiverr has become a go-to platform for both aspiring and experienced audiobook narrators alike. By leveraging this online marketplace’s features and tapping into its vast community of professionals, individuals looking to get paid for narrating audiobooks can easily connect with potential clients while showcasing their talents on a global scale. 

12. Findaway Voices

Findaway voices red homepage website with white text for a way to get paid to narrate audiobooks.

Findaway Voices is another great platform that provides opportunities for individuals to get paid to narrate audiobooks. With a wide range of genres and titles available, narrators can choose the projects that align with their interests and vocal abilities. 

Whether you are an experienced narrator or just starting out in the industry, Findaway Voices offers valuable resources and support. From helpful tutorials on narration techniques to guidance on building your profile as a narrator, this platform helps aspiring narrators navigate their way through the world of audiobook narration while getting paid for their skills. By joining Findaway Voices, individuals have the opportunity to turn their passion for reading into a rewarding career. 

One of the benefits of Findaway Voices is its royalty rate structure which allows authors to earn up to 80% of their audiobook sales revenue. The platform also provides a user-friendly dashboard where authors can easily track their sales performance and manage audiobook projects.

In addition to these features and services, Findaway Voices has a large network of retailers such as Audible and Apple Books, making it easier for authors to get their audiobooks in front of millions of potential listeners worldwide. Overall, Findaway Voices is a powerful tool for anyone looking to enter the world of audio publishing or expand their existing catalog into this growing market. 

13. Flexjobs 

flexjobs blue homapage with dark blue and red text for remote narrating jobs

Flexjobs is a platform that connects job seekers with remote and flexible work opportunities. One such opportunity for book lovers is narrating audiobooks. Flexjobs has a variety of listings for freelance audiobook narrators, including both fiction and non-fiction genres. Many of these positions allow for remote work, meaning you can record from home.

To find audiobook narration jobs on Flexjobs, simply search keywords like “audiobook narrator” or “voice actor.” You can filter your search by job type, location, and schedule flexibility. Some listings may require prior experience or a professional demo reel, but entry-level positions are also available.

Overall, Flexjobs can be a valuable resource for anyone looking to break into the world of audiobook narration or expand their existing portfolio. Its focus on remote and flexible work arrangements offers opportunities that fit any schedule or lifestyle. 

14. Freelancer

Freelancer homepage black background with white text hot pink button.

Freelancer is a popular online platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for various types of services, including audiobook narration. It provides a convenient and reliable way for both experienced and aspiring narrators to showcase their skills and find potential clients.

To get paid for narrating audiobooks, create a profile highlighting your experience and skills in voice-over work, including any relevant education or training you’ve completed.

15. Goodreads 

light blue and light pink background with dark blue text. A way for book narrators to get paid to narrate audiobooks


Goodreads is like a social media platform for book lovers that allows you to create virtual bookshelves, rate and review books, and connect with other readers. Goodreads also offers features like personalized book recommendations based on previous reading history and the ability to track progress toward reading goals.

Goodreads also allows others to promote their books through giveaways, author Q&A sessions, and sponsored content. This makes it an ideal platform for those looking to monetize their passion for reading by offering book promotion or social media management services.

Overall, Goodreads is a valuable resource for anyone who loves books – from avid readers looking for new titles to add to their TBR list to authors seeking exposure for their work. You can turn your love of literature into a profitable venture by engaging with the community on Goodreads. 

16. Guru 

Dark blue background on white text. A brown haired man with black glasses smiling in corner.

Narrators can create profiles on Guru and then highlight their experience, skills, and samples of your narration work. You can browse through available job listings in the writing, publishing, or entertainment categories to find audiobook projects.

On Guru, narrators have the chance to collaborate with authors, publishers, and content creators looking for professional voice talent. You can submit proposals or audition for specific audiobook projects, showcasing your unique vocal abilities and storytelling skills. 

It also provides a rating and feedback system, allowing you to build your reputation and attract more opportunities in the future. 

17. Great British Voices 

Black background with white text. A small child voice acting.

If you have a natural talent for speaking and enjoy reading aloud, you may enjoy Great British Voices. 

Great British Voices represents some of the best voiceover artists in the UK. A lot of the voiceover work is based on t.v. Commercials, films, radio, and audiobooks. And yes, they do seek talent internationally. 

Audiobooks are just one area where voice actors can find work. Many other types of projects require voiceovers, such as commercials, corporate videos, animations, and video games. By joining Great British Voices, aspiring voice actors can start building their portfolio and gaining experience in the industry. 

18. Hot Ghost Writer

Girl looking on white laptop with light blue background black text for writers and narrators.

Hot Ghost Writers is a website specializing in providing ghostwriting services for written content, offering support to clients needing professional writing assistance. They started in 2016.

They specialize in assisting clients with their writing needs, such as book manuscripts, articles, blog posts, etc. They provide a team of experienced ghostwriters who work closely with clients to bring their ideas to life through engaging and well-crafted written content.

Many of their projects have gone on to hit Amazon’s top 100 and top 1,000, and they work with clients on the USA-Today bestselling list.

You can explore their remote jobs page, where they are always looking to grow their team with the best talent.

19. Internet Jock 

Dark background with white and dark blue text. Get paid to narrate audiobooks.

Internet Jock is a platform that allows those with distinct voices to leverage their skills and get paid to narrate audiobooks aloud. The website connects voiceover artists with clients who require audio content for their projects. 

They offer a wide range of voice talent for various audio needs. They have been serving clients since 2001, providing voice-over solutions for commercials, radio imaging, corporate videos, and more. In addition to having your own home studio, here is what is required before you apply at Internet Jock:

  • Provide fast turnaround times of 1-2 hours during regular business hours.
  • Be experienced, capable of 1-2 hour turnarounds, and open to direction.
  • Use recording software that saves files in formats like WAV, MP3, AIFF, Flac, etc.
  • Submit a one-minute MP3 128K Stereo demo without embedded graphics.
  • Demo content should focus on commercials only, similar to those heard on the website.
  • Introduce yourself and briefly describe your experience in the message box.
  • Submit a variety of produced commercials only.


20. Librivox

Librivox homepage is light blue with black text. free public domain audiobooks.

Librivox is a special project that brings together volunteers from around the world to create free audiobooks with a focus on public-domain books. Librivox offers a diverse collection of classic literature narrated by dedicated volunteers. 

As a non-profit organization, they are committed to providing thousands of audiobooks for free download. They continuously expand their vast catalog, ensuring that literature becomes more accessible and enjoyable for people around the world. They strive to make the magic of storytelling available to all, fostering a sense of connection and appreciation for the written word.

While it’s a volunteer-based project, narrators can gain experience and exposure by contributing their narrations.

21. Mandy Voices

light blue purple background with an animated girl. A website to get paid to narrate audiobooks.

Mandy Voices is a popular online platform for voiceover artists looking to find work creating audiobooks. They are a trusted and reliable source for those looking to break into the industry. The platform offers job postings daily, which range from small projects to large-scale productions.

 Mandy Voices provides resources like webinars and coaching sessions to help members improve their craft and stay ahead of industry trends.

So, Whether you’re a beginner or have experience, you can find opportunities to showcase your skills and gain valuable experience. They also send regular job notifications to voice actors, keeping them updated on the latest jobs in the industry. 

22. Narrators Road Map 

Narrators roadmap homepage website with bright blue colors and yellow green and blue road signs.

The Narrators Roadmap is a great resource and community for aspiring and professional audiobook narrators. It offers complete guidance on audiobook narration techniques, studio setup, auditioning, and marketing. The website provides specialized training programs and workshops led by industry professionals to improve skills.

It keeps narrators updated with the latest trends, news, and tips for success in the audiobook industry. The platform also offers a supportive community where narrators can connect, share experiences, and receive guidance. They also provide access to a resource library with articles, guides, templates, and recommended reading lists.

It allows narrators to connect with publishers, authors, and production companies for potential job opportunities and collaborations. It is a one-stop platform for guidance, training, insights, community support, and valuable resources to excel in the audiobook narration career.

You can find out from others in the industry how they get paid to narrate audiobooks and where they started.

23. On Hold 

OH hold's homepage website is bright yellow background with black text and a grey microphone.

On Hold is one of the top platforms for voice-over artists to find work in creating on-hold messages. The platform allows businesses to upload their own scripts or choose from pre-made templates and then select a voice-over artist to record the message. On Hold boasts a wide variety of professional voice talents with different accents and languages, ensuring businesses can tailor their messages to their target audience.

On Hold provides an easy-to-use platform for businesses and voice-over artists who want to create effective on-hold messaging. As more customers turn towards companies’ online presence as a first point of contact, it’s important that companies make sure they don’t neglect their phone systems. 

24. Outschool 

Out school homepage website white background with dark blue text and a African American child smiling.

Outschool is primarily known as an online learning platform that connects students with qualified teachers for a variety of educational subjects. While it may not be a dedicated platform for narrating audiobooks, there are ways in which you can leverage Outschool to enhance your skills and practice narration.

One example is by offering classes or workshops on Outschool that focus on storytelling and narration techniques. As an instructor, you can create courses that teach students the art of narrating and bringing stories to life through their voices. These classes can include activities such as reading aloud, practicing different character voices, and providing feedback on students’ performances. By teaching narration skills on Outschool, you not only share your expertise but also gain valuable experience and build a reputation as a knowledgeable narrator.

Another way to use Outschool for narrating is by offering classes centered around specific books or literary works. You can design courses where students listen to you narrate chapters or passages from popular books and engage in discussions about the story, characters, and narrative techniques. This allows you to showcase your narrating abilities while fostering a love for literature in students.

25. People Per Hour

People per hour's homepage light blue background with bright purple text.

PeoplePerHour is another freelance platform that connects businesses with freelancers offering a wide range of services. While it may not be specifically tailored for narrating audiobooks, there are ways in which you can leverage PeoplePerHour to find opportunities related to narration and voice-over work.

One example is by creating a profile on PeoplePerHour that highlights your skills and experience in narration. Clearly outline your expertise in voice acting, storytelling, and audiobook narration, and showcase any relevant samples or demos of your work. By positioning yourself as a professional narrator on the platform, you increase your chances of attracting clients who are seeking voice-over services for their projects, including audiobooks.

26. PMG VO List

PGM VO List homepage website has white background with light blue text boxes with brown and black text.

PMG VO List is a comprehensive compilation of the top 48 platforms where individuals can get paid to read audiobooks aloud. This list includes popular platforms such as ACX, Audible, and Librivox, as well as lesser-known ones like Findaway Voices and Each platform offers unique opportunities for voice actors to showcase their talent and get compensated for their work.

Other platforms listed in PMG VO List present diverse options for voice actors looking to monetize their skills. With this extensive list at hand, aspiring or experienced voice actors can explore numerous avenues to earn money while indulging in their passion for reading audiobooks aloud.

27. Podcasting

Podcasting is a fantastic platform for narrators to share their storytelling skills and connect with fans of audio content. One way to do this is by creating a podcast dedicated to narrating captivating stories from different genres, allowing you to build a loyal audience and showcase your narrating talents. Collaborating with authors to adapt their work for podcasts is another exciting option that benefits both parties.

 You can also appear as a guest narrator on existing podcasts or host a podcast where you review and recommend audiobooks, attracting listeners who value your expertise. Additionally, sharing tips and insights about voiceover techniques and audio production in a podcast can establish you as an industry expert.

Podcasting offers narrators a wonderful option to engage with a dedicated audience, collaborate with authors and fellow podcasters, and take their narrating careers to new heights in the world of audio content.

28. Publishers Weekly

Publishers weekly homepage website white background with black text. A picture of 10 other people's faces.

Publishers Weekly is a valuable resource for narrators looking to enhance their careers in the audiobook industry. By staying updated on industry news, connecting with authors and publishers, leveraging book reviews, and showcasing expertise, narrators can use Publishers Weekly to stay informed, find collaboration opportunities, and navigate the dynamic world of audiobooks.

29. Reedsy Discovery 

Reedsy Discovery homepage has dark blue background with white and light blue text. A way to be a freelancer and get paid to narrate audiobooks.

Reedsy Discovery is another platform that offers aspiring narrators the opportunity to get paid for narrating audiobooks. With an extensive network of authors and publishers, Reedsy Discovery allows narrators to connect with writers seeking professionals to bring their stories to life. By joining this platform, narrators can browse through a wide range of available projects and choose the ones that align with their interests and skills.

Whether you are a voice actor or simply someone with a knack for storytelling, exploring opportunities on Reedsy Discovery can open doors to new creative possibilities while earning an income doing what you love: bringing written words to life through audio narration.

30. Scribl 

Light purple and orange homepage with a cartooned girl sitting on a chair reading a book.

Scribl is a platform where you can publish your own audiobook, and it offers opportunities for other narrators to work together with you. On this platform, there are both paid projects and ones where narrators can earn royalties. One interesting feature is the CrowdPricing system, which allows narrators to collaborate on audiobooks. 

You can join specific projects listed on the platform and earn royalties based on how well your audiobooks sell. This means that multiple narrators can work together on one audiobook, using their unique voices and skills to create an exciting listening experience.

By participating in this system, narrators can connect with authors and publishers, get noticed, and earn royalties based on how popular the audiobooks they contribute to become. Scribl is an interactive platform that encourages creativity and collaboration among narrators, authors, and listeners.

31. Suite Sound

Suite sound homepage is white and black with white text.

Suite Sound is a dedicated website that serves as a valuable platform for narrators and voice-over artists. The platform specializes in providing opportunities for voice-over work, including audiobooks and e-learning modules. 

They have a diverse client base that includes major broadcasters, multinational corporations, and government organizations.

If you are a professional that wants to be included in their free listing, submit your demos in mp3 format and keep your demo clip to 60 seconds or less.

32. Spoken Realms 

spoken realms homepage is light blue with dark purple blocks with white text.

Spoken Realms is another top platform where you can get paid to narrate audiobooks. 

This platform attracts both aspiring and experienced narrators. As a narrator on Spoken Realms, you have the chance to showcase your talent and connect with authors looking for someone to bring their stories to life.

 The platform also provides detailed guidelines and resources to help enhance your narration skills. They have good compensation rates based on the length of the audiobook and your skill level.

When you join as a narrator, you can collaborate and learn from fellow professionals in their community. With its reputation for quality productions, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking to monetize their passion for storytelling by getting paid to narrate. 

33. Tantor Media

Tantor media homepage brown background with green feathered pen and ink glass bottle on the side.

Tantor Media is another top platform where you can get paid to narrate audiobooks. With a wide range of genres and titles in their catalog, Tantor Media offers opportunities for voice actors and narrators to bring stories to life through their expressive performances. As a Tantor narrator, you can earn money by lending your voice to popular fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books.

Being a part of the Tantor Media team means joining a reputable company that values quality storytelling. Whether you have experience in narration or are just starting out, Tantor Media provides resources and support to help you succeed in your role as an audiobook narrator. With its extensive library and growing demand for audio content, It’s an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to pursue a career or side gig in the field of voice acting.

34. The Voice Realm 

auditions to get paid to narrate audiobooks white text on dark blue background.

One major advantage of using The Voice Realm as an aspiring audiobook narrator is the range of genres available. This allows you to showcase your versatility and cater to your specific interests and strengths as a narrator.

By having access to a diverse range of genres, you can also attract a broader audience. With different people having different preferences when it to audiobook genres, being able to offer a variety ensures that there is something for everyone. This can be particularly advantageous in terms of gaining more exposure and increasing your chances of getting paid gigs consistently.

Furthermore, the availability of various genres on The Voice Realm enables you to constantly challenge yourself as a narrator. By exploring different styles and subject matters, you can enhance your skills and expand your repertoire. This not only keeps things exciting but also helps you grow in this competitive industry. 

If you’re passionate about reading aloud and dream of getting paid to narrate audiobooks, The Voice Realm is an excellent platform for beginners with a lot of resources to get started. Its extensive job listings make it easy for aspiring narrators to find exciting opportunities across various genres.

35. Upwork 

Upwork homepage for freelancers to get paid to narrate audiobooks. White background with green and black text.

Upwork is a popular freelancing platform that offers many options for beginners to get paid to narrate audiobooks. Upwork provides a great starting point for narrators looking to break into the industry. As a beginner, you can create a profile highlighting your skills, experience, and passion for storytelling, attracting potential clients who are looking for fresh voices to bring their books to life.

On Upwork, you can browse through various job listings specifically tailored to audiobook narration gigs. These listings often include details such as the genre of the book, word count, deadline, and budget, like Alex, who has made over 40k and charges $100 an hour.

A quick Google search and voila!

Snapshot of Google outputs for narrator jobs.

 Once you complete a project successfully and receive positive feedback from clients, you can gradually increase your rates and attract higher-paying opportunities. Moreover, Upwork also offers tools and resources such as communication features and dispute resolution services that make it easier for both clients and freelancers to collaborate effectively throughout the narration process. 

36. U.S Review of Books

light blue top background with black text. Pictures of 6 book samples.

U.S. Review of Books is an online publication that reviews a wide variety of books. Audiobook narrators can use this platform to gain exposure, promote their work with positive reviews, stay informed about new book releases that could be adapted into audiobooks, and connect with authors and publishers for potential collaborations.

It’s a valuable resource for narrators looking to enhance their presence in the audiobook industry and connect with a wider audience.

37. Voice 123

Voice 123 homepage light blue with black text. Microphone and headphones.

Voice123 has been around since 2003, and It has a solid reputation and a large community of voice-over artists and clients. Voice123 offers a wide range of projects beyond audiobooks, including commercials, video games, animations, explainer videos, and more. This diversity allows narrators to explore different genres and expand their expertise.

Before you sign up on Voice123, they ask you to fill out a questionnaire. It’s like a form with questions about your voice and experience. They want to know about vocal range, if you have any accents, you can do, and if you’ve worked on any voice-over projects before.

They also ask about your recording setup and what types of projects you’re interested in, such as audiobooks or commercials. The questionnaire helps Voice123 match you with the right job opportunities based on your skills and preferences. It’s important to answer the questions honestly so clients can find the best voice-over artists for their projects.

38. Voice Crafters 

Dark blue background on white text. A female smiling by a voice microphone.

 Voice Crafters could be a great place to start. They are an agency that connects voice-over artists with clients who need their talents. You can join their team of talented artists from around the world and showcase your voice skills for various projects like commercialsexplainer videosaudiobooks, animations, and other voice-over categories.

Voice Crafters makes it easy for you to record samples, so potential clients can hear your voice and decide if you’re the right fit for their project. 

Before you decide to signup, here’s a breakdown of things you need to know.

  • You should have a minimum of 5 years of proven commercial experience.
  • Have your own professional recording studio to ensure the production of broadcast-quality audio without any background noise and echo.
  •  Poorly recorded demos, audio with significant background noise, and audible reverb are not accepted by the platform under any circumstances. 
  • You must have the ability to work directly with the platform and not rely on representation through agents, as exclusive contracts are not accepted.
  • Be able to deliver voice recordings with a short turnaround. Turnaround times should be fast and professional to keep clients satisfied. For instance, a 300-500 word voice recording should be completed within 24-48 hours or less.

39. Vo Planet

Light blue background with black text. A man smiling folding his arms.

Vo Planet is another reputable online platform that connects voice actors with clients seeking professional voice-over services. They offer a wide range of voice-over opportunities, including commercialsaudiobooksanimationsvideo game voice actors, and more.

Things you should know before signing up:

They do have an annual subscription-based model on the platform. You pay $199.00 a year. This gets you:

  • Regular email notifications about voice-over job opportunities
  • A personal profile page to showcase your demos, headshot, bio, and contact information.
  • The ability to upload your video demo sets you apart from the competition.
  • Access to exclusive member benefits, including significant discounts from renowned voice-over coaches, demo producers, and video demo services.
  • The prestige and recognition of being part of a vetted group of professional voice actors.

At VOPlanet, fairness is their priority when it comes to showcasing voice talent. When others search for voice actors on VOPlanet, the results are listed randomly. This is great because every voice actor has an equal chance of appearing at the top of the search results. They don’t have any unfair ranking systems or allow others to pay for top placements, unlike some other voice-casting sites. 

All your commissions are yours. They don’t take anything. The best part is you can audition for as many jobs as you want.

40. Voice Jungle

Voice Jungle homepage white background with green and black text. A man looking on grey laptop smiling.

VoiceJungle is a place where voice actors can find paying jobs without any fees. You don’t need to audition to join. They pay you quickly once the client accepts your work. To become a voice actor on VoiceJungle, you need a home studio and meet their quality standards. When clients pay for your voice work, you have to be able to complete the work fast, like within 24 hours fast.

To apply, fill out the form on their website and upload a demo of your commercial work. They don’t accept audiobooks, dramatic readings, or character demos at first. Once you’re accepted, you’ll have the chance to submit more demos. VoiceJungle will contact you with more information about joining their team.

41. Voices

Dark blue background with white text. A female smiling by a microphone with head phones on.

The voices platform is for aspiring voice actors. This includes audiobooks, video narration, radio and television ads, and e-learning. You can sign up and access job opportunities in voice acting. Create a profile, showcase your skills, and upload demos. 

They offer resources and training materials to help you improve. Voices operate on a subscription model with a free and premium plan. With the free plan, you can create a free profile and show off your skills with unlimited demos and portfolio samples.

Clients can find you easily through the website and send you private job invitations. Plus, you can trust that your payment will be secure with the SurePay™ payment protection service until you finish the work.

42. Voice Productions

Light blue background with black and dark blue text. Picture of girl recording her voice as a way to get paid to narrate audiobooks.

Voice Productions has been providing professional voice-over services since 2017 for Corporate films, instruction videos, commercials, e-learning, dubbing, audio guides, and telephone messages.

They have voice actors in over 50 languages. This website is a marketplace for voice actors looking for their next project. They personally approach clients’ needs and answer their questions, often in minutes. 

Once you apply and upload your demo and set your rates, you’ll be able to offer your skills to get paid to narrate audiobooks and other projects.

43. Voquent 

Voquent homepage white background with black text. A square animated man in front of microphone smiling.

Voquent is another great place with a chance to get paid to narrate audiobooks. This platform is for both experienced narrators and beginners.

For beginners looking for audiobook narrator jobs, Voquent is an excellent starting point. The platform offers guides and support for those who are new to the industry. Providing guidance on how to improve narration skills and make successful auditions.

By offering jobs specifically tailored for beginners, Voquent ensures that everyone has a chance to enter the world of audiobook narration regardless of their level of experience or connections in the industry. 

44. Women’s Review of Books

Woman Review Of Books homepage light blue sky with green trees.

The Women’s Review of Books is a website that offers book reviews and critical analysis with a focus on works only by women authors. It provides valuable resources for those interested in reading or narrating audiobooks. The website features a wide range of genres and works of literature, allowing aspiring audiobook narrators to explore different books, authors, and writing styles.

Although you won’t exactly get paid to narrate audiobooks, By reading the articles and reviews, you can gain insights into popular and influential works by women authors, finding inspiration for your own narrations. The critical analysis offered on the website helps develop a deeper understanding of storytelling techniques, character development, and themes found in literature written by and about women. 

45. Your Own Audiobook Blog

Creating your own book blog is a great way to start narrating audiobooks. Use platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, or Strikingly (a free website builder) to create your blog. Choose a specific genre or theme to focus on. Write engaging book reviews, recommendations, and discussions about audiobooks. Share your audio demos to showcase your narration skills. 

Promote your blog on social media and collaborate with authors and publishers. Build an audience and explore monetization options like affiliate marketing and sponsored content. Enjoy sharing your love for storytelling through your book blog with Strikingly’s free website-building option.


Q: How much can I expect to earn as an audiobook narrator?

A: Rates can vary widely depending on the length of the book, your experience level, and the project’s budget. According to the Audio Publishers Association, the average hourly rate for narrators is $150-$400.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to become an audiobook narrator?

A: Yes, you’ll need a good microphone and headphones at a minimum, as well as a quiet recording space and some audio editing software.

Q: Where can I find audiobook projects to work on?

A: ACX, Findaway Voices, and Tantor Audio are all great places to start.

Q: Where are the best places to look for audiobook narration if I’m a beginner? 

 Beginners looking to get paid to narrate audiobooks should consider joining online platforms such as ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange), Voquent, Casting Call Club, or Findaway Voices. These platforms connect authors and publishers with narrators, making them an ideal starting point for beginners.

Overall, whether you start by exploring online platforms like ACX or Findaway Voices, offering your services at local libraries, or connecting with fellow professionals in the industry through networking events or online communities – there are plenty of excellent places for beginners interested in getting paid to narrate audiobooks!

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