When it comes to looking for hand-screened remote job leads for real money, it becomes easier said than done. It’s hard to know what isn’t a scam and what is a vetted company that you know is legit.

Researching and hunting down job listings takes a ton of time when all you want is to find genuine work at home jobs from companies that will pay remote workers legitimate income.

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hand-screened remote job leads for real money

How Can I Find Hand-Screened Remote Job Leads For Real Money?

Virtual Vocations is a job service that provides job seekers with hand-screened work-from-home leads that offer real pay for real work.

From account management to writing, all of the job openings they bring you will offer some form of telecommuting or virtual work.

Instead of spending hours searching the web for online jobs, they do the work for you! They save you the time and frustration of looking for a legit online job by providing you with all the work-from-home jobs, all in one place.

Their trained researchers visit hundreds of industry and specialty job boards, social media streams, remote-friendly employer websites, blogs, and direct employer listings to find the newest and best job leads available.

What Types Of Jobs Are Available?

With over 60 career categories and jobs ranging from entry to the executive level, they have quality job leads for just about everyone. You can browse companies by industry. Some examples are:

  • Administrative 
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Information Services
  • Management
  • Travel
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Social Media
  • Publishing

Who Could Benefit From Hand-Screened Remote Job Leads For Real Money?

∗Anyone looking for supplemental income that utilizes their professional skills and education

∗Full-time working professionals interested in reducing their carbon footprint by telecommuting

∗Parents seeking a job that offers zero commutes and a flexible schedule. Maybe you’re a single parent looking for legit work-from-home jobs for moms.

∗Students in search of part-time work

∗Retirees interested in staying professionally active and earning additional income

∗Individuals with physical or health issues searching for telecommuting jobs that suit their needs

∗Military spouses who require the flexibility to work from anywhere so they can seamlessly move when their spouses are assigned to a new base

What You Get When You Create a Free Account

Remote job leads hand-screened and posted daily (limited access)

Receive alerts with new telecommute job opportunities that match your interest

Job application history to track jobs you’ve  applied to through the site

Save jobs you are interested in and attach private notes to stay organized during your job search

Upload and store your job application documents so you can quickly apply to jobs

Telecommuting Handbook download to help you get started.

Exclusive discount offers on paid memberships

Exclusive ‘Getting Started with Telecommuting’ online course created for registered jobseekers.

What you get with a paid subscription

Monthly $15.99  3 Month $39.99  6 Month $59.99

Full access to telecommuting jobs database, hand-screened and researched daily

Receive priority alerts for new telecommute job opportunities that match your interests

Job application history to track jobs you’ve applied to through our site

Save jobs you are interested in and attach private notes to stay organized during your job search

Upload and store your job application documents so you can quickly apply to jobs

Telecommuting Handbook and Interview guide downloads to help you get started

Exclusive online courses and action plans to help in your job search

hand-screened remote job leads for real money

I, for one, love and appreciate transparency. I can’t stand misleading marketing tactics. If you are interested in getting remote work and are tired of endless job postings, you can register and get instant access to free resources like ‘The Telecommuting Handbook’ and ‘Interview Guide for Telecommuters,’ screened remote job leads, and more.

The Telecommuting Handbook is a 50-page eBook. This eBook explains how to start telecommuting, setting up a home office, and managing personal expectations.

The eBook also includes Resumes and cover letters, locating job opportunities, and why employers aren’t responding.

The Interview Guide is a comprehensive 19-page interview guide that covers pro tips for your next video interview, answering tough interview questions, why you may not be getting interviews, and essential questions to ask a potential employer. The guide includes

 .What to expect during a virtual interview and how to field tough questions
. Essential questions to ask during a remote interview
.Reasons you may not be getting interviews

If you decide to upgrade to the premium membership, you will enjoy full access to their complete jobs database, premium courses, priority job alerts, and career industry downloads.

The free membership should be suitable enough to access some of the job postings and to take advantage of some of the great free eBooks and courses like Remote Job Search Strategies for Success.

The free course teaches you the essentials of creating a job plan, identifying scams, and setting up your home office for maximum productivity in this course for beginning remote workers.

There are a bunch of free courses, guides, coaching sessions, webinars, and worksheets to help you work remotely fast.

If you choose a premium membership, they do have a money-back guarantee If you are not satisfied with their service, simply cancel your subscription and request a refund within 30 days. They will promptly process a refund for your most recent payment.

Because they have already spent the time compiling and screening the jobs for you, once you have chosen a subscription, if you chose to, you are ready to start applying! Just browse the jobs by category, date or perform a keyword search in your area of expertise and view the most recent telecommuting jobs available. Take advantage now so you can find your zone of genius and work from home fast.

What is your area of expertise?

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