When you first start your virtual assistant journey, it can be hard to find clients to work with, or maybe you want to step forward a little and build on some experience. These websites will help you find some Virtual assistant jobs for beginners. 

A virtual assistant is an independent contractor that works from home or remotely and assists with administrative, business development, social media, marketing, or other tasks. When taking on virtual tasks and administrative work, you free up time for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers.

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virtual assistant jobs for beginners

Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners on Websites


When you join HireMyMom, you will get access to exclusive job listings from legitimate and vetted businesses without having to pay commissions to their website for using the platform, Like other job boards. You will also have access to work-from-home skill training and resources. They have three membership options $9.99 for a one-week trial. $29.99 for a 3-month service. $99 for 6-month platinum membership, including being a featured candidate on the home page.

Why should you give them a try? The memberships help keep the number of job seekers to a reasonable size versus free job boards where you are competing with thousands of job seekers, not to mention that you would usually be paying 10%-20% of your earnings back to their website. You can even view a sample of some of the jobs posted for virtual assistants.


Ruby hires Virtual assistants to work remotely. They handle live virtual calls and chats. You could be talking live or engaging with another website visitor using one of the chatbot services. Says on their website that they extensively train their virtual receptionists in empathetic services. In most of the job postings I saw, you need at least two years of professional/administrative customer-facing experience, and remote working experience is a plus. They also have bilingual job postings.


Yep, you guessed it (my butler). I think that is a unique twist on the virtual assistant aspect, haha. Some of the tasks they list are daily appointments and calendar management, bookkeeping and payroll, Inbox management for emails, marketing, and advertising support, and creating social media posts. You can see some of the virtual assistant jobs and see if you have any transferable skills.

Job Board For Virtual Assistants

This remote job board offers you work-from-home employment or contract work. (yes, they have both!) In all types of areas, including customer service, reservations, administrative, transcription, telemarketing, tech support, writing, tutoring, translation, and many others. 


Woodbows was created due to the lack of finding quality virtual assistants that wanted to work. The work ranges from graphic and web design, digital marketing, customer support, app development, content writing, data entry, etc. They hire from the USA and India but only face-to-face interviews followed by a written test. If you are talented and have a passion for work, try them out.


Founded in 2014. Thousands of businesses are looking for social media managers, Data entry specialists, Bookkeepers, graphic designers, customer support reps, and much more. You can easily create a profile, have your profile discovered or apply for job postings. Startups will then reach out to you directly by private chat or email to initiate an interview. Once you get hired, the startup will pay you directly. You keep 100% of your pay.


They hire and train proactive, self-starter virtual assistants. If you live in the U.S. have administration experience, and have a college education, this is a great option for you. Some of the tasks include inbox management, Expenses and invoicing, Social Media, Data entry, Research, Travel booking, and even website maintenance. 

Assistant Match

Assistant Match is a great place to find virtual assistant jobs for beginners because they offer comprehensive self-study training programs. The focus is on the business of being a virtual assistant and walks you through the exact steps you need to take to have a successful virtual assistant practice. Some tasks include blogging, customer service, website updates, bookkeeping, researching, and scheduling appointments.


 This company offers a variety of tasks you can do. From data entry to research, translation, bookkeeping, customer support, and more. They do hire only from the U.S. They interview every single person over the phone to get better acquainted with who you are and what you offer.

Belay Solutions

They hire social media strategists, bookkeepers, website specialists, and all things virtual assisting. They do not train you, but they provide resources and ongoing support via webinars, mentors, and coaching, and they have a community where you can share best practices and get answers. The application process consists of two email or video interviews and a skills assessment.   

Va Va Virtual Assistants

They offer a host of all virtual assistant jobs for beginners, like a content writer, social media manager, virtual executive assistant, bookkeeper, data entry, and so much more. Va Va Virtual Assistants is based out of Atlanta. Virtual assistants work throughout the country to assist many clients. 


They only hire from the US or Canada, but if you have at least three years of experience as a virtual assistant and want to expand on skills development, this is the place for you! It says on their website that every virtual assistant is trained for over three months in 300 tasks, and they take over 16 certifications. So if you are ready to become one of America’s best-trained assistants, take part in 3 months of advanced paid training, and pass certifications, you can be set up for success.  


They are a virtual assistant company dedicated to providing bilingual English/Spanish personal and business virtual assistants that are highly skilled in secretarial and administrative duties. Tasks include contact and calendar management, appointment scheduling and follow-ups, travel arrangements, social media management, customer support, and inbound and outbound call center services. 

Virtual Gal Friday

Here you can find virtual receptionist tasks like email- management and answering phone calls. They also hire virtual medical assistants, virtual paralegals, and virtual executive assistants. They do expect you to come with experience. So if you’re finding a hard time finding clients, this may be a place for you.

Common Questions that Virtual Assistants Might Want to Know Before Applying for Jobs on Websites

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make?

This depends on your skills, but most of these websites will start you at $10 an hour or more. If you have your own virtual assistant business, you would likely start yourself at $20 an hour or more.

Who Hires Virtual Assistants?

Almost all companies and entrepreneurs appreciate virtual assistants that can take tasks off their hands. They can focus on business growth. Companies need your help. I know I have hired help with tasks that slow me down. I can for sure tell you they are so appreciated!

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

Administrative tasks are the most common, but anything on the computer is virtual work. 

What if I have a Little Experience but Want to Know How to Start My Own Virtual Assistant Business?

Va networking is where it’s at! Everything you will ever want or need to become a sought-after virtual assistant. It doesn’t matter if you are new or an aspiring virtual assistant, on a budget, and looking to find your first client, a lot of free resources, are found on this website. You can find checklists for virtual assistant start-ups, 200 services you could offer, a free contract for your clients, templates for after you close the deal with a new client, and so much more.

Why I Would Consider Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

You know that you are not happy with working for someone else for the rest of your life and are looking for your purpose and have a passion for helping others. You want to earn your own money.

At Va Networking, you can find the virtual assistant career training that walks you through step-by-step what you need to take with so much valuable advice and guidance to start your journey quickly and stress-free in as little as 30 days. This training even includes a storefront in the form of a website to get you started. 

Wrapping Up Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

 If you are in the beginning stages of becoming a virtual assistant, you do have options that will help you along the way. You could try a few of these websites to gain experience and build on your skills. Once you have a good solid foundation for working with clients, you will be off to the races!

Do not let becoming a virtual assistant intimidate you. We are all human, and some humans need better communication skills. As you grow, you will learn how to professionally handle difficult clients. I hear from some of my virtual assistant friends that it is a matter of the initial interview, or they call it a discovery call, maybe in a video chat, that they get to decide if the client is a good fit for them. They get to decide that for themselves I love that.

According to Global Workplace Analytics. Which is a research-based consulting firm that helps employers optimize remote and flexible workplace strategies. They forecast 25M to 30M U.S. employees will regularly work from home within the next two years. This trend will keep growing as more and more people want to work from the comforts of home.    

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