Are you looking for the best way to make money from home? If so, you may be wondering if it’s possible to make money typing online. Typing is a skill that many people are able to do, and there are a number of ways that you can use your skills to make good money, even with part-time work. In this post, we’ll share with you how to make money typing online from home. 

We’ll also share some tips on how to get started as well as some of the best platforms for finding the best online typing jobs. 

So, whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for more ways to make money from home, keep reading!

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How to Make Money Typing with Online Typing Jobs

Online typing jobs are among the most sought-after side hustles, especially for those who like to earn money at home typing. There are several types of typing jobs that can be done by anyone—students, full-timers, part-timers, and home-based workers. 

While the extra cash from these typing jobs is definitely a good thing, perhaps the best part about these opportunities is that they offer so much flexibility, allowing you to spend as little or as much time as you want doing these high demand jobs for extra income.

Here are just some of the common online typing jobs available:

1. Data Entry, Order Entry, or Handwritten Documents

Data entry jobs are typically entry-level online typing jobs that don’t necessarily require experience. Data entry jobs would normally require a person to have minimum typing speeds or the ability to type at a certain number of words per minute. Additionally, some knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and other programs might also be required. There are resources online that can help with improving your typing speed. Similarly, you might also find some Excel or Sheets tutorials on YouTube.

Some data entry jobs require retyping PDF files to Word files. Likewise, some would need you to transfer scanned data sheets to excel files, while some need orders inputted into the company’s internal system. Also, there are cases where handwritten entries need to be typed into Word or Excel sheets.

2. How to Make Money Typing Transcription with Video or Audio Recordings

Transcription jobs are transferring audio or video files to text or written formats. Companies that offer transcription services would usually have their set of guidelines such as the usage of American English, proper formatting, the inclusion of timestamps, etc. General transcriptionists would normally get jobs for transcribing phone calls, interviews, or meetings. On the other hand, transcription specialists tend to get harder tasks like medical and legal transcriptions. Specialists typically need at least a medical or legal background for jobs like this, as they would need to be very familiar with the terminologies.

Some transcription companies require a set of tests for their candidates, especially in terms of accuracy, English knowledge, and compliance to given deadlines.

With the same principle as transcriptions, audio or video recording jobs also require transferring audio and video to text. Generally speaking, transcribing audio or video recordings to text is often necessary for journalists.

3. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistants are like office assistants who support their clients with tasks as required. They do these tasks remotely, or from the comforts of home, which vary from administrative to technical to financial work, depending on the specific arrangement between the parties. Some tasks include bookkeeping, customer support, research, social media updating, etc. Also, some virtual assistants have no specified hours to follow while others do. The tasks given to virtual assistants normally follow a set schedule to ensure compliance. The pay rate for this type of work varies from an hourly rate to being paid per project, depending on the type of job being offered. 

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4. Online Tasks, Micro Tasks, and Surveys

Completing online tasks have examples like typing captchas, answering surveys, or rating photos and videos. Normally, these types of side hustles don’t take long to complete and they pay less than most of the listed jobs here.

Answering surveys tends to either pay money or offer a gift card for your choice of store.

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5. How to Make Money Typing with Freelance Writing and Ghostwriting

Freelance writers often offer their services as contractors rather than staff members at companies because it’s more flexible. This means that freelancers can sometimes take multiple jobs without having to apply in advance like regular employees would need to (though there are always some exceptions). But aside from getting paid by volume produced instead of dosage-based paychecks like many other types of creative professionals do, what sets them apart isn’t just flexibility, but also variety. Freelance writers are able to cover a large array of topics, unlike those who specialize solely on one topic.

In contrast, some writers opt for being a ghostwriter for a client. Simply put, ghostwriters get paid to write for someone else. In other words, they aren’t credited for the work output that they’ve done.

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6. Blogging

Being a blogger is like running a business. You would need to make very good content for your own blog that could potentially earn you income. The type of content bloggers choose varies, as well as the medium—videos, articles, or photography. Through the content of blog posts, the monetary compensation typically takes the form of sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, or selling products from your own website.

7. Proofreading and Editing

Being a proofreader or editor would be ideal for someone who can easily spot mistakes and make the necessary corrections. Proofreaders and editors are usually in the publishing business. They are very adept at catching spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes.

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8. Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeepers help businesses manage their books remotely. They categorize transactions as well as prepare financial statements and reports on demand. Similarly, some of the other tasks of virtual bookkeepers are reconciling accounts, payroll checking, and accurate inputting in the company’s internal accounting system.

9. Captioning

Closed captions or CC are those that you can read on the screen while viewing movies, watching videos, or playing games. Instead of just reading whatever is happening on the screen, CCs may also include translating sound effects into text for those who are hard of hearing.

10.  Chat Support

There are several contact centers or business process outsourcing (BPO) services that offer back-office work-from-home jobs that do not require you to actually talk to the customer. These non-voice accounts may also include chat support. Companies have chat support agents who can help customers who would rather choose chat than actually talk to a live agent.

What do you need to start?

Choosing what online side hustle to apply for is just the start of the process. It is equally important to make sure that you already have the tools and equipment necessary for the specific online typing job you prefer. Here are just some of the basic equipment items you might need before you apply for an online typing job:

1. Internet Connection

A very good high-speed internet connection is probably the first thing that you would need in applying for an online typing job. Many VA positions around the job market would require a minimum speed for your internet. Also, it would be wise to have backup mobile data, as this would be very helpful during power outages.

2. Laptop or PC

If you own a PC, some jobs might require you to get an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) just in case of a power outage. But if you have a laptop, it should not be an issue, as your laptop can be your backup. Some jobs would require your PC or laptop to have the minimum requirements to check if your hardware can still cope with the tasks that you are supposed to do.

3. Headset

If you’re interested in transcription jobs, a headset is a valuable resource. Get something that can cover your ears and preferably with noise-canceling features. To better hear what you are supposed to transcribe, you can also download noise-canceling software online.

4. Foot Pedal

Mostly used in transcription jobs, a foot pedal helps you control the audio with your foot through a play and pause setup.

5. Subscription (Free or Paid)

Some choose to install software that can help them with their online side hustles, such as Grammarly, Jasper, or Surfer SEO. Some are free subscriptions with very limited capabilities, while others come with paid premium content. If you are just starting out with remote work, go for the free services, and then you might subscribe to the paid subscription once your typing job gets traction.

Skills Needed to Make Money Typing

Now that you know how to make money typing and the equipment needed for your side hustle, it’s important to check whether you need to brush up on your skills.

1. First of all, having excellent typing skills is a great way to ensure your success with any of these types of jobs. Typing jobs, of course, need fast typing speeds so you can finish your tasks faster. Normally, data entry jobs require a minimum of 45 words per minute (wpm). On the other hand, transcriptionists would need about 60-90 wpm. Still, accuracy is important for online typing jobs. Try checking out some free online typing tests, as they can track your typing speed and accuracy.

2. Your software knowledge should be at least basic to intermediate. If you think you need to freshen up your knowledge in software like Excel, there are many articles and videos that can help you with the basic commands you might need.

3. Good communication skills are a must, even with non-voice typing jobs. For example, most jobs will require times that you need to report, present, or ask questions. For this reason, it’s important that you can convey your thoughts clearly to your team.

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Companies that Pay for Online Typing + How to Make Money Typing

Here are some of the best pickings for companies that offer online typing jobs.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk offers hundreds of jobs, from online typing to audio transcriptions to data entry. These job offers are tagged as “human intelligence tasks” (HITs).

2. Babbletype

To be hired as a transcriptionist for Babbletype, a test, and interview should be accomplished.

3. CastingWords

CastingWords have multiple tasks that people can do fast. For example, you get paid a dollar per audio minute of transcription.

4. SigTrack

SigTrack offers jobs related to voter registration entries. Accurately typing handwritten text is a must for SigTrack.

5. Clickworker

Clickworker offers a lot of typing jobs for you to complete. Once you complete these jobs, your performance score increases, and more jobs become available to you.

6. AccuTran Global

Based in Canada, AccuTran Global offers transcriptions and editing work.

7. Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription offers a range of opportunities to get paid to type online, such as subtitles and transcribing audio files in English and translating it into different languages. 

8. Hollywood Transcriptions

Hollywood Transcriptions offers jobs in transcription, translation, or captioning services for movie trailers or full-length films.

9. Axion Data Entry Services

Axion Data Entry Services would require you to type out text from scanned documents.

10.  GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a UK-based company that offers transcription and translation jobs worldwide. To find out if they are hiring, check the bottom of the web page under careers.

11.  Microworkers

Microworkers offer short tasks to job seekers. However, be very careful in accepting tasks as some may not be legitimate.

12.  OneSpace

OneSpace offers audio translation jobs and is great for people who can speak a second language, such as Mandarin, Malay, Urdu, Thai, Korean, Dutch, and Portuguese.

13.  Rev

Rev is among the most popular sites for online typing jobs. They have audio transcription, data entry, and foreign language translations.

14.  Peopleperhour

Many UK-based online job seekers have checked out Peopleperhour for their transcription and captioning job offers.

15.  TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is one of the most popular transcription sites around. They have short jobs that would allow you to finish faster and get other jobs. They are also said to offer the best pay in the transcription market today.

16.  Scribie

Scribie has this “free automated transcript” feature that would allow you to check and correct a complete transcription. This feature is on top of the regular transcription jobs that you can get.

17.  Xerox

Xerox offers different online jobs like administrative roles, customer service, quality control, and data entry.

18. offers jobs where you can see the current going price. In this way, you can actually filter those that you think are paying enough for your services.

19.  WeLocalize

WeLocalize is best for people who enjoy listening to music or recordings and typing in the correct lyrics. Plus, if you know French or German, your chances of getting hired increase significantly, too.

20.  Kolotibablo

Kolotibablo pays you for being able to accurately and efficiently complete captchas. You get a score based on how accurate you are and this increases your pay, too.

21.  2Captcha

Like Kolotibablo, 2Captcha also pays you for completing captchas.

22.  Birch Creek Communications

Birch Creek Communications is another company that looks for transcription contractors from time to time.

23.  Quicktate

Quicktate is not as popular as the other transcription sites because they need you to pay $15 for a background check after you complete the quiz and typing tests.

24.  Upwork

Upwork, previously known as Elance-oDesk, is another popular site for freelancers because of the multiple jobs that they offer. If you are interested in just freelance writing, you will only be recommended jobs related to your preference.

25.  FlexJobs

FlexJobs also has a lot of job listings for remote online work. However, they are a subscription-based service where you can choose to pay for one week up to a full year.

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If you want to make money typing online from home, there are several great options for you. Whether you’re a college student, stay-at-home mom, or just looking for the easiest ways to make money from home, we hope this list of the best typing jobs helps you find a great option for yourself. 

There are plenty of legitimate work-from-home jobs that allow you to make a good income, and all you need is free time and the determination to succeed. 

We hope this article has helped give you an idea of what’s out there when it comes to how to make money typing + shown you that it’s possible to make a living working from home.

By the way, if you’re looking for legit ways to make money online, be sure to check out our blog for posts on side hustles, making extra money, job leads, and more.

Thanks for reading!

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