Have you ever wondered why so many people love that they can start a side gig alongside their day jobs or just have a side gig when you need extra money? Well, now you can have multiple side gigs from a cellphone. I know I have thought about it more times than the wheels on my car turn driving uphill. Online jobs for mobile phones.

It means you don’t have to apply to a regular job and wait for an interview where you’re asked a bunch of uncomfortable questions to see if you’re a good fit or not. You know you need that cash and you want to start NOW.

multiple side gigs from a cellphone

Start Multiple Side Gigs From a Cellphone

What if I told you that you could sign up and have access to loads of different side gig opportunities in one place. A community forum to get answers, advice, and support. Not only from the platforms team but also from other freelancers and job seekers who want to know more about different gig jobs or are already making money with them.

Surely you have heard of Rover, where you could be a dog walker or a sitter. Postmates for food delivery. Become an Uber or Lyft driver. What about Door Dash? Maybe you’d like to help an older adult with daily home tasks like the dishes or laundry?

Maybe you’d love to go grocery shopping to pick up a few things or a whole cart full of groceries for someone that otherwise couldn’t do that for themselves? I think you get the idea. The list of possibilities is endless.

AppJobs is a 100% free job search website. They gather all the information for you: the job descriptions, requirements, earnings and how to get started.

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Who Is AppJobs?

multiple side gigs from a cellphone

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Founded: 2017

AppJobs is a start-up for the gig economy with headquarters in Stockholm and Katowice. It is a digital platform that connects job seekers with apps and services like Uber, Airbnb, DoorDash, Upwork, Lime, and many more. AppJobs’ mission is to match job seekers with gigs tailored to their preferences and qualifications. The platform is the world’s largest gig worker community and is present in six continents and available in 12 languages.

What Is An AppJob?

An app-based job, or simply an app job, is a way to make money using your cell phone. Members will make money with mobile apps such as Lyft (driving), DoorDash (delivery), Rover (pet sitting), Fiverr (freelancing), and many more!

Through the app, members can find clients, complete tasks, and get paid instantly and safely directly to your phone. AppJobs is a gig economy start-up. They currently have over 900,000 members spread across 300+ cities, 38 countries, and 11 languages and are constantly expanding their community. 


AppJobs is the world’s portal to all work and services in the gig economy, the fastest-growing sector of work worldwide. With over half a million members spanning over 40 countries in over 200 cities, It is home to the largest and fastest-growing community of gig workers in the world. Workers use the platform to browse through flexible jobs with which they can earn extra cash. Their mission is to be the gig workers’ best friend.

Join them and help make the gig economy a better economic opportunity across the globe!

Who Can Use AppJobs to Start Multiple Side Gigs From a Cellphone

The platform is dedicated to anyone with an internet connection. They have a lot of job offers that vary from highly skilled to casual workers. From college students to senior citizens, or stay-at-home parents to the digital nomads or ex-pats. I wouldn’t say it’s a full-time job, but you could make full-time money.

Is AppJobs An App?

Yes and no, It is a job search website where users can find all the available app jobs operating in their city, and it’s 100% free! The website is 100% responsive to your mobile device. Maybe you could say it’s a hustle app?

You can take a look at how it works on your cellphone with this video.

The Benefits of Using Multiple Side Gigs From a Cellphone

  1. You get access to many opportunities to make money through apps and online platforms. This means that: 
  • you don’t need a CV/resume
  • you don’t need to attend a job interview
  • you can start working with no previous experience 

2. You can choose from several apps and categories: delivery, driving, cleaning, pet sitting, babysitting, online selling, online freelancing, online teaching, home cooking, hosting, renting, hospitality freelancing, and many more! 

3. It’s also good to note that you won’t have a fixed employment contract with the app you choose to make money with. Instead, you will be considered an independent gig worker.

 Some of the gig workers can’t start a job because they lack the necessary resources. On their page, you can find the tools and services that help you with getting a job, increasing your effectiveness in your side gig, or handling administrative tasks. They help you by offering you more than just dozens of job opportunities available in your city or remotely.

With the AppJobs services dashboard, you can track your income, rates, and expenses, save money on taxes and safeguard yourself with tailored insurance. You can check the type of insurance you could be covered under after you sign up. Oh, don’t forget about the community forum where you can get your questions answered.

How to Use AppJobs to Start Multiple Side Gigs From a Cellphone

You will not find traditional jobs. Instead, you are presented with many opportunities to make money with apps and online platforms. This means:

APPLYING PROCESS:  You can apply for an app job online independently and it will take you less than 1 hour.

TYPE OF JOB:  All the job offers available at AppJobs are freelance, which means you won’t get a fixed employment contract.

EMPLOYMENT/ TAXES:   Instead of this, you’ll be named as an independent contractor. Some companies will pay taxes for you; some won’t. Check that information before you sign up.

VISA: You can work abroad with a student/holiday visa, but any of these freelance jobs won’t aid you in getting one. If you’d like to work in another country, you should already own a valid visa before you move.

PAYMENTS: You need to own a bank account to get paid (none of these jobs pay in cash). You get paid directly to your bank account.

REQUIREMENTS: You don’t need to show them your resume or/ previous experience/attend a job interview (in most cases) to start working.

OFFICES: They don’t have an office in every country/city. However, you can always contact via email: help@appjobs.com to see when and where they are expanding.

What Do I Get Inside The AppJobs Platform?

After signing up and completing the profile, you will get access to their panel; this is a place where you can find job recommendations based on your qualities as well as useful services and can easily connect with other job-seekers!

Wrapping It All Up

Being a freelancer means flexibility, freedom, and autonomy. It may seem like a utopia for workers compared to a traditional work description, but it still comes with its own set of challenges.

Lack of stable and constant sources of income, benefits, and job security might be things to consider for you. Should this lack of benefits be a deal-breaker? If you’re not currently working a full-time job, you might find a side hustle helpful.

Save yourself some time by not having to check each individual website for each opportunity! Starting multiple side gigs from a cellphone doesn’t have to be a daunting task.

What side gigs have you tried before? Did it give you the extra income you needed? Give this money-making app a try for yourself and find a suitable side hustle or multiple. Side hustles from your phone all in one easy place.

Why not make money on your cell phone?

 Need a walkthrough to sign up? I can help you!
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    I’ve never heard of AppJobs but it sounds amazing. There are so many ways to side hustle your way to extra income in the gig economy, but it’s hard to find and research them all. This sounds like the perfect solution for finding the best side gig.

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      Absolutely! So many choices out there.

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