More and more people are turning to creative ways of earning a living that does not involve boring cubicles or corporate buildings. Free-spirited people love freedom. Instead of being tied down to a desk from 9-5 during the week, these jobs for free spirits allow way more freedom without sacrificing a good income.

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Finding the perfect job for you is entirely up to your situation. What works for one person may not work for another, but that is the beauty of this list – to give you freedom of choice and empowerment. Let’s jump right into the top jobs that pay well for the free spirits in the crowd.

1 – Freelance Writer

If you have a knack for wordsmithing, you may want to consider a career as a freelance writer. For a content writer, there are many platforms where you can use your skills to work from anywhere in the world. Many digital nomads rely on content writing to pay for regular expenses while still exploring all the places they wish to visit. You can often find writing jobs on places like People per Hour, Remote Work Rebels, or iWriter.

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2 – Blogger

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No, blogging isn’t dead. In fact, new blogs are popping up every day, offering insights to everyone from Disney World enthusiasts to how to best create a new art project. The trick is finding a niche you are passionate about, that has plenty of demand, and that allows you to feel fulfilled as you try out new things and visit different places. Creating a new blog post about something you like, will likely have interest out there too.

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3 – Interior Designer/Decorator

Part of being a free spirit and adventurer is allowing good jobs to showcase your natural gifts for art and great interior designs. With interior decorating, you get to help people who may not have such empathy craft highly inviting spaces that are comforting, personalized, and beautiful.

4 – Dance Instructor

Time to share your passion for body movement by becoming a dance instructor. You can go the diverse route of teaching all kinds of styles or sticking to popular options like traditional, urban, or ballet. A strong background is best for success in these work around the world jobs, but having sponsorship or recommendations from leading authorities is just as good.

5 – Personal Chef

Plenty of high-powered earners will hire a personal chef. This is especially true if you have skills in the kitchen that apply to dietary concerns like organic food, gluten-free options, vegetarians, and similar needs. Personal chefs are interesting jobs that pay well, but may require a commitment to a certain number of days per week, so carefully balance your free spirit needs with the client’s schedule.

6 – Selling Crafts on Etsy

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You’d be amazed how many craft makers make a solid living by selling their products through Etsy. Everyone from holiday ornament designers to those crocheting cat costumes can find an audience through this massive online marketplace. You may have to do a little marketing through social media, but once you find your rhythm, you can earn a lot from anywhere in the world.

7 – Artist/Art Teacher

There has never been a better time to be an artist. Platforms like TikTok and YouTube make it easy to build a following for people interested in your unique style and creativity. In the meantime, you can improve your skills by teaching younger audiences. That way, you have a solid income as you build your artistic portfolio.

8 – Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer

Everyone wants to get in shape, and plenty of people will pay top dollar for your expertise. If you have a passion for helping others achieve their personal goals while maintaining your own fitness levels, you can earn a solid living as a free spirit through personal fitness coaching.

9 – Photographer

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There are all kinds of photographers that can work remotely from anywhere they would like. You could enjoy prenatal photography, weddings, proms, landscapes, and so much more. All it takes is a decent camera, an online presence with an easy-to-navigate website, and a working portfolio of your past work. Becoming a successful professional photographer can be a very lucrative job. You don’t have to start with a professional camera either, your cell phone can handle great pictures too.

10 – Producer/Musician

Artists, musicians, and producers can succeed through modern social media platforms. You create the sound, and the world gets the chance to listen to good music. That blend of creativity and technical skill makes this career perfect for the modern adventurer and entrepreneur.

11 – Philosophy/Cultural Instructor

There is always philosophy and cultural instruction for the free spirit that wishes to share their personal experience, research, and knowledge. This covers everything from Buddhism’s philosophical concepts to Taylor Swift’s significance in the modern music industry. Simply find your niche and reach out to online schools or local institutions.

12 – Florist, Botanist, or Gardener

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Many free spirits enjoy a green thumb activity like floral arranging, botany, or hobby gardening. This allows you to embrace the serenity and energy of working with nature while crafting beneficial products and services for clients of all shapes and sizes.

13 – Bartender

Now, here is a time-honored job for free spirits. With a little experience, you’ll get to work from anywhere on the globe, getting the chance to meet all kinds of people and share stories about all parts of life. This is perfect for social butterflies who want to earn a living while gaining insights into the human condition.

14 – Flight Attendant

If your free spirit is more aligned with international travel, you should consider a career as a flight attendant. Here, you’ll earn a solid revenue stream (often with benefits) while meeting new people and exploring parts of the world most will never see. Another option could be a travel agent. Travel agents could be the go-to person for setting up those glorious vacations. It’s the perfect combination for travel.

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15 – YouTube Influencer

The best part of being a YouTube influencer is complete artistic freedom. This may be the perfect job if you have a voice you think the world would appreciate learning from. You can share knowledge on how to best organize a backyard garden by giving insightful product reviews. The world is your oyster!

16 – Yoga Instructor

A woman sitting in a yoga pose on the floor wearing a brown stretch pants and top for yoga as interesting jobs that pay well.

Yoga goes hand in hand with free spirits because it is a leading way to stay in shape while supporting more relaxed philosophies and energy transmission. On top of that, add the recent popularity of different yoga styles being taught worldwide, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities no matter where you journey next.

17 – Stage/Screen Actor

You don’t need to be Zendaya for a career in acting. There are many stage performers, background extras, supporting roles, and other technical interesting jobs that pay well in the entertainment world. To get your job, all you need is a connection with the local troop or commercial, and you’ll quickly learn the ropes.

18 – Hairstylist

These are good jobs for those who want a regular space to earn a living, but with plenty of creativity that allows them to stretch their free spirit. You get to meet people from all levels of society and perfect a skill that never goes out of style.

19 – Fashion Advisor

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Plenty of high-earning achievers have no fashion sense. This isn’t a mean thing to say. It simply means you can be a virtual nomad offering solid fashion advice to people that makes them feel good, confident, and sexy as they go about their day. Some places that hire fashion advisors are Stitch Fix, Short Story, and Lane Bryant.

20 – Self-Published Author

The barriers to entering the author’s world are long gone. Self-published authors offer some of the best jobs that pay well because you can work remotely and earn an incredible living if you test out a few different marketing techniques.

21 – Graphic Designer/ Web Designer

Earning a living as a free spirit can still involve the passionate art you enjoy putting out in the world. Plenty of businesses want graphic designers to jazz up their websites, web content, marketing campaigns, signage, and more. 

22 – Virtual Assistant

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You must try these work-around-the-world jobs on for size first. Being a virtual assistant is highly rewarding and can offer a solid income, but you don’t want to get tied down to a client that doesn’t treat you well. Be sure to interview them and look at their social media presence to ensure a beneficial connection. Having your own business is freedom for a free-spirited person. You get to choose the type of work you want to offer and work on your own terms.

23 – Social Media Manager

Time to flex that free spirit with these interesting jobs that pay well. As a free spirit, you probably understand the online world better than most and have a specialty platform that is well worth exploring. Maybe you can navigate Pinterest with highly engaging boards or have a great TikTok following for your underground news account. These are precious skills people will pay a lot to secure.

24 – Creative Director

Sometimes called “Art Directors,” these are the people who dictate the visual and aesthetic experiences of a brand, project, or company. This involves everything from a local homebrewed beer to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Creative directors with a strong reputation earn an incredible living and get a lot of freedom to explore their craft.

25 – Stunt Performer

Most free spirits have a healthy respect for fear because they have experienced so many unique things in life. As a stunt performer, you get to test out this theory by learning a fantastic skill, traveling to remote locations, and networking with celebrities.

26 – Online Entrepreneur

Now is the perfect time to learn how to sell products through your own online storefront. Being a digital entrepreneur takes nothing more than a streamlined website, a decent niche market, and an online following. You get to be your own boss through e-commerce, consulting, or some other IT service.

27 – Airbnb Host

A guy greeting a couple at their Airbnb.

If you want to hit the road and explore more, an Airbnb host is the perfect job for you. You’ll be able to turn a property into a profitable venture, meet people from all over, and expand your operations into other locations.

Final Thoughts

Many jobs for free spirits invite plenty of options for people who want to be adventurers, digital nomads, or enjoy the freedom of an informal career. The beauty is that the choice is 100% yours. Some of these are top digital nomad jobs and are the easiest way to create your own schedule, 

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Hopefully, this list gives you a solid starting point and plenty of options for finding those interesting jobs that pay well for free-spirited people like you. If you have other suggestions to add to this list, feel free to add them in the comments. Let’s make this list the most comprehensive resource for all the beautiful free spirits in the world!

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