Looking for legitimate online jobs that you can do from home? There are ways to make money online.


According to globalworkplaceanalytics.com Forty percent more U.S. employers offered flexible workplace options than they did five years ago. Regular telecommuting grew 115% in the past decade, nearly 10 times faster than the rest of the workforce. Here are some legitimate work-from-home jobs that I found to get you started in the right direction.

Mega Typers is a workforce management company that provides data entry services to private and governmental institutions. The pay is earned in what is called Typer Credits. Rates start from $0.45 Typer Credits for each 1000-word images typed. Typer Credits can be automatically exchanged for money. All you need is a computer with an internet connection and the ability to type 10 words per minute. Are you really good at typing?

Nexrep hires people as independent contractors as sales and tech support professionals. Work at home while providing great customer service to their clients. You are required to pass a background check at $25.00 that you provide.

Vipdesk hires virtual Customer Service Agents to take calls from home for a variety of different clients. Services include customer service (via inbound phone, email, chat, SMS/MMS and social media), Social Media Management, Back Office Support, and Virtual Customer Experience Consulting.

Appen hires social media evaluators as well as different types of work. As a Social Media Evaluator, you will evaluate the quality and relevance of information in your assigned area, which may be newsfeed, ads, or search results.  You will log in to the site via their tool where you will give input on whether each piece of information is the most effective and relevant content.

SYKES provides customer support to other companies, so you might end up as a customer service rep for a cable company, bank, or any one of their many clients.

Crossover connects companies with talent. Crossover hires customer service associates, as well as a number of different jobs. This company is 100% remote.

TFE (Transcription for Everyone) hires transcribers and transcriptionists to work from home. You can even start without previous experience. They give you the ability to work your way up. There are 3 test transcriptions that you transcribe and send in for feedback before you can start working on paid transcriptions.

If you’re looking for legitimate online jobs to start making money remotely so that you have your freedom from the alarm clock, I’d recommend starting by taking a look into some of these opportunities. You can also try some search engines like Indeed.com and type” remote” in the search bar. Always do your homework and look for reviews.

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