As startups and established brands introduce more experimental products into a changing market. The creation of new market research interviewer jobs is at an all-time high. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for market research professionals will grow at a consistent 19% rate until 2031, making it one of the most lucrative and fastest-growing industries for Gen Zs entering the workforce.

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If you are looking for an entry-level analyst position or you are experienced. I have you covered with these thirteen market research companies.

market research interviewer jobs

What Does a Market Research Interviewer Do?

A market research interviewer handles surveys and interviews with customers and potential customers.

As a key contributor to collecting data on customer satisfaction, preferences, and demographics. Market research interviewers may work in a call center or in person. 

According to Zippia, 46% of most market research interviewers have a bachelor’s degree. But 21% have a high school diploma. Yet, some jobs may need a master’s degree. Most have a college degree, so it’s possible to become one with only a high school diploma or GED.

Oftentimes, the research industry requires previous experience in customer service or market research.

They typically work full-time during regular business hours. Some jobs may need evening or weekend work. Some may have short-term contracts. Most interviewers work independently, but some work in teams.

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Top Market Research Interviewer Jobs You Can Do from Home

Below are thirteen companies you can work -from- home. As a market research analyst professional.

1. Telephone Survey Interviewer for Nichols Research

Nichols Research is always looking for telephone survey interviewers to collect consumer insights, private data, and brand-related info via computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI).

Nichols Research is a young research consulting firm. they aim to serve a broad range of clients. Including mock juries, national field management agencies, and universities. They allow interviewers to use their software to ask complex questions. And punch in responses as they hear them.

Their telephonic surveys provide the research team with immediate and genuine responses. Although not a personal touch. It can produce research input and cost efficiency from a guaranteed response rate.

You must have home a computer, a stable internet connection, and a quiet environment. Be able to hold conversations for more than half an hour without distractions.

2. Medical Market Research Interviewer for Science and Medicine Group, Inc.

Science and Medicine Group, Inc. They are always hiring new medical market research interviewers. You can work for their broad range of market intelligence brands. They are the parent company of Kalorama. IMV Medical Information. Bioinformatics. Strategic Directions International, and many media brands.

The company assigns medical market research interviewers to collect clinical research data. Related to diagnostic imaging, clinical instruments, life science, and dental procedures. This information delivers scientific results for in-house research panels. They can then use it to develop new medicines, lab equipment, and surgical tools.

Medical market research interviewer jobs are among the highest paying in the industry. But also entails the most responsibilities. The Science and Medicine Group does not need experience in healthcare. But many of its employees are former RNs, hygienists, and CRNAs. You will be handling sensitive customer data covered by HIPAA. You cannot host on a computer not monitored by the company.

3. Research Participant Interviewer for Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis needs skilled interviewers. To help them craft qualitative and quantitative studies. Most market analysts start as research participant interviewers. If You work for an institution that is a member of the Association of American Universities. This makes for an excellent credential.

You will be responsible for contacting respondents via social media or telephone. and assessing their willingness to take part in a market study. You verify their qualifications to keep data pure. and you’ll improve the chances of earning grants through case presentations to stakeholders. Which another team handles.

Obtaining informed consent and performing data quality checks. While participating in debriefings and follow-ups are also expected once hired.

4. Market Research Field Interviewer for Westat

Westat is an employee-owned corporation, which means every market research field interviewer they employ can directly affect their stock price and market performance. Westat’s field interviewers usually work in retail centers, nonprofit offices, and government buildings. However, since COVID-19, the company has interviewed hundreds of preselected respondents using interviewers working from home.

Westat might assign you to work outdoors now and then. Only for actionable information that would be otherwise unattainable through a phone interview. Your respondents will come from businesses, government agencies, and foundations. The information you extract will inform social policy, clinical trials, and urban planning.

You must have a driver’s license and be able to work with tablets. As well as other portable computing devices on the road. Westat might train you in a specialized field. Intercepts, exit interviews, and customer surveys. They provide training programs. They train you to use their software so that you understand how to analyze the data.

5. Business Development Research Analyst for Kharon

Kharon is a research company serving defense and law enforcement entities. They investigate financial crimes. Their human resources team is looking for a business development research analyst. Someone that can generate leads. Someone that can also help their marketing team point toward prospective clients.

You will work under the Chief Client Officer. Engage in meetings, presentations, and calls with key players. Account holders, and sales leads. You will contribute to marketing campaigns through follow-up interviews. Interviews with law firms, banks, and professional services companies. usually adapting your tone to help Kharon make a sale.

This role will put you in a hybrid arrangement. where you work from home and take part in conferences and industry events now and then. You will be responsible for keeping a pulse on the market and identifying competing products that might outclass yours. You will check social media and track keywords on search engines. You will also converse with potential leads for business development.

Kharon prefers applicants with sales industry experience from a finance, tech, or regulatory background.

6. Research Interviewer for Nielsen

Celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2022. Nielsen is the largest research firm in the United States. With annual revenues surpassing $5 billion.

It employs around 10,000 research professionals, many of whom work from home. They direct most of their research output to advertisers as the global marketing industry grows to over $600 billion in 2022.

Market research interviewer jobs at Nielsen help in-house marketing teams. By providing data for predictive models. This enables retailers, packaged goods manufacturers, and media companies to grow their businesses.

Over 80% of 620 respondents from Nielsen report that they can work remotely. They are part of an equal employment opportunity affirmative action employer. 

7. Market Research Interviewer Jobs at IQVIA

Established in 2016. IQVIA has grown from a niche marketing research company into an industry giant. Earning more than $4 billion annually. It has a domestic employee pool with only 6,000 personnel, most of whom are highly specialized.

IQVIA is born from the merger of IMS Health and Quintiles. Most of its clients are clinical development and life science companies. They improve healthcare outcomes and speed up the commercialization of new drugs. This includes medical instruments.

Market researchers from IQVIA work with over 150,000 data suppliers. Covering 85% of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Their research is broad and includes interviews and focus groups. To meet their client expectations and keep the excellent reputation built up. The IQVIA PCS team is committed to recruiting, training, and supporting driven individuals. Especially those who have both consulting skills and life science skills.

8. Research Interviewer Gartner Research

Gartner Research is deceptively tiny. It has a mere 4,500 employee count in the United States but over 150,000 worldwide, many of whom work remotely. It is also a component of the S&P 500.

Market research interviewer jobs at Gartner often involve working with academic institutions. They also work with tech companies. They create relevant data for human resources, supply chain, and financial management.

9. Field Interviewers Vital Research

As an independent contractor. You will conduct interviews with individuals who are receiving state services.

Field Interviewers conduct semi-structured in-person or remote (via Zoom or phone) interviews. They speak with older adults and persons who have a disability. They are often from varying cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Core questions cover topics such as: accessing essential services. Communication with providers. Case manager’s choice of services. Medical transportation, personal safety, as well as community involvement.

10. Telephone Interviewer Part-Time Snake River Insights

Snake River Insights hires ‘remote’ market research and telephone interviewers. To help conduct healthcare surveys across the United States. This is a seasonal work-from-home position. They do not sell any products or services. They simply gather people’s opinions for research purposes.

If you live in the State of Idaho and are a self-motivated individual. A seasonal, part-time work-from-home position might be a suitable fit for you.

Every interviewer goes through their training program prior to their first contact.

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11. Market Researcher Telephone Interviewer IHR Research Group

As a Telephone Survey Interviewer. You will make phone calls to consumers and businesses across the nation. You will conduct important surveys about a variety of interesting topics.

New interviewers start between $12.50 and $13.00 per hour. This depends on your qualifications, education, languages you speak, and years of experience. College students welcome!

Spanish-speaking bilingual interviewers are also wanted and begin at $13 per hour.

*Must Live in the State of Nevada*

12. Survey Interviewer Part-Time ICF

The work supports vital health-focused surveys for Federal and global health agencies. As a Survey Researcher at ICF, you help collect data via specific telephone questions. The data collected is used to identify risks and watch trends. This allows their clients to deliver targeted, effective health policy interventions.

Do you have great telephone communication skills? Computer entry, time management, and organization skills? If so, this might be the next role you are looking for today.

This role is fully remote and part-time, approximately 25 hours each week. Hours of work can vary.

13.  Telephone Market Researcher GDCC West

GDCC West is a telephone data collection company. Gathering market research data through phone calls to major international companies. They want great communicators and people with enthusiasm. You also have good basic computer skills.

They offer full training and free language classes. 

How Much Does Market Research Interviewers Make? 

 You can expect to earn a decent wage. Most market research interviewers make between $15 and $25 per hour. They make an average of $18.25 an hour. That’s $37,969 a year! 

The exact amount you make will depend on your experience and the company you work for. If you are starting out, you may only make around $10 per hour. But, if you have several years of experience, you could make $30 per hour or more.

You can also try to negotiate a higher salary when you are first hired.

 Market Research Interviewer Skills


Working as a market research interviewer can be a great way to earn income. The job is relatively easy and does not need much experience, depending on the company. Yet, there are some skills that are necessary to be successful in this role.

First, it is important to be able to establish rapport with the people you are interviewing. This is especially important when conducting telephone surveys. It can be difficult to establish a bond with someone over the phone.

This means being able to build a good relationship quickly and being able to put them at ease. It is also important to be able to ask questions in a way that is safe and respectful.

Second, it is important to be able to listen carefully to the responses given by the respondents. This means not interrupting them and taking time to carefully consider their answers.

Oftentimes, respondents will give clues about what they are thinking. Through their body language or the words they use. Paying attention to these cues can provide valuable insights.

Along with strong communication skills. Some professional credentials may need you to have a minimum typing speed for inputting data. You should be a self-starter with curiosity and problem-solving skills. 

An ideal candidate for a research interviewer position will have excellent communication skills. Interpersonal skills and comfortable working by themselves. Have strong time management skills to meet deadlines.

Finally, it’s important to have experience with, or are familiar with, different data collection methods. Such as telephone surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one interviews.

market research interviewer jobs

Telephone Market Research Interviewer & Marketing Research Analyst

The telephone is one of the most important tools in market research. It allows you to connect with respondents to gather information. But what is the difference between a telephone market research interviewer job and a market research analyst job?

A market research interviewer handles conducting phone surveys with potential or current customers. They ask questions about customer satisfaction, product preferences, and purchasing habits.

Market research analysts analyze data collected by market research interviewers and other sources. They use this data to identify trends and make recommendations to businesses. Things like how to improve their products or services.

Both roles are important in market research, but they are different. If you’re interested in a career in market research. It’s important to understand the difference between these two positions.

Is Market Research a Good Career?

If you have an interest in marketing and business. Market research is a worthwhile career path. It is a field that requires critical thinking and analysis. It is a helpful way to learn about different aspects of businesses. Besides, market research can provide a reliable source of income.

 Market Research Interviewer Jobs

To learn more about market research interviewer jobs, and best practices for Market Research, you can check out the Market Research Society. They Deliver a range of highly valuable services to professional market researchers. These include professional development and education, creating professional standards, and the Code of Professional Behavior, Including a few free courses. 

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