Are you looking for data entry companies that offer online data entry jobs without investment or enrollment fees? You may want to put your typing skills to good use, or you’re a total tech-savvy guru looking to earn money and get ahead in the digital age. Either way, I’ve got a massive list of the best legitimate online data entry jobs hiring so you can start making money online that will help you out!

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What Is a Data Entry Job?

A data entry job is like the modern-day version of a Rosetta Stone. It’s an ancient relic with a secret to unlock mysteries and unknown lands, except instead of hieroglyphs, it’s made up of numbers, words, and symbols. 

Data entry jobs require someone to be meticulous about details; you must have eyes like a hawk and fingers like lightning! But don’t worry if your typing isn’t the fastest – you can always practice with online typing tests! Sure, they’ll make you feel like everyone is judging you, but it’s all part of growing your skillset. 

Here’s a free typing test that will calculate your speed in 60 seconds. Just start typing what’s on the screen.

At the end of the day, data entry home based jobs are essential to keeping businesses organized and running smoothly.

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online data entry jobs without investment
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Types Of Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment

Data entry tasks range from simple copy-paste and form filling tasks to complex transcription or coding roles. They involve entering data into digital formats such as databases, spreadsheets, and other online systems. Some typical data entry roles include medical transcriptions, customer service agents, call center agents, virtual bookkeeping assistants, clerks, and web researchers. 

Online Typing Jobs Include:

In the financial industry, you assist with personal information like bank transactions, bank accounts, and other government agencies.

Retail, you enter catalog orders and process incoming mail.

Medical, you input patient information or update medical files.

Editing previously given data, and you would seek out mistakes or proofread.

Offline data entry jobs often require entering info into a list, spreadsheet, or word document.

Other Standard Titles for Data Entry Clerks You May Find on a Job Board for These Roles Are:

Administrative Data Entry Clerk for all clerical work.

Professional Typist

Data entry clerk

Data entry operator




Keyboard Operator



Data entry specialists

Data processor

Data Coordinator

Data Assistant or Virtual data assistant

No matter what job you choose, developing strong typing skills and attention to detail is crucial to succeeding in the role.

Requirements Needed for Data Entry Positions

Data entry positions are among the most in-demand jobs available right now, and there is no shortage of available opportunities. However, with so many online data entry jobs, knowing your qualifications to secure a position may be the first step to success.

Data entry professionals must have some basic skills. Strong communication and computer literacy skills are essential.  They should also have a good understanding of Microsoft Office applications such as Excel and Microsoft Word. In addition, depending on the job, applicants may need experience with specific software packages such as Access or Photoshop. Finally, excellent accuracy and attention to detail are essential.

Skills Needed to Succeed in Data Entry Jobs

Typing Speed- Data entry positions often require a minimum of 45 words per minute. However, jobs such as transcription, legal secretary, and typist will require anywhere from 60 to 90 words per minute on average.

High School Diploma

High-Speed Internet Connection

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Typing Jobs from Home Without Investment and Registration Fees

When looking for genuine online data entry jobs, you might have come across companies that want you to pay upfront. These are scams, and you should avoid these at all costs. 

A scam alert on some websites indicates that if anyone contacts you by email, please refrain from responding to them! Only apply directly to these websites. It is a known tactic to gain your information.

If you receive an email saying they are from one of these websites that you apply to, it might be safer to reach out to the company’s contact page on their website to confirm first.

This also includes anyone that reaches out to you via social media.

When scouring the internet, you’ll see other legitimate companies, including private companies, that offer real work-from-home data entry jobs. There are a lot of different industries that need text data, but keep in mind that even a scammer can place an ad on the internet.

Besides the occasional background check, no one should be asking for money. A background check may cost up to roughly 25 dollars.

You may have already heard of some of these; however, these are all legitimate online data entry jobs without investment.

1.) Allstate Insurance, you’ll find positions such as Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, and Office Assistant. 

2.) Axion Data Entry Services always seeks talented individuals to join.

3.) Appen hires independent contractors for small tasks. A recent review said:

 (Micro tasks include data entry, social media evaluation, etc. The tasks can be very repetitive, and a majority of the jobs don’t pay well. It’s a nice job on the side, but don’t expect full-time wages here).

4.) Ask Data Entry offers online data entry outsourcing, image data entry, offline data entry, copy-paste, and more services. 

5.) Ardem Incorporated provides document scanning and data entry services to Bio-Medical, Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, and Retail businesses across the country. They have worked with some of the biggest brands, including KFC, Habitat for Humanity, and Five Below.

6.) Capital Typing offers transcription, data entry, and market research. You can find their job posts on Indeed or Zip recruiter, but you can also try contacting them to see if they are hiring.

7.) Conduent is an IT and services company that always has data entry work. Right now, Conduent has online data entry jobs at $13.50 an hour, with the ability to earn up to $20 an hour after completing online courses. 

8.) Data Dimensions is a technology company that offers integrated solutions in the P&C industry with EDI Clearinghouse, digital mailroom, & payments services.

9.) Emapta is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider. With 15 offices throughout the Philippines, they work with leading international firms. In addition, you can find work-from-home postings for virtual assistants, order entry specialists, and transcribing.

10.) Oworkers specializes in multilingual statistics entry, processing, annotation, and moderation services.

11.) Pearson Gallery occasionally hires full-time data entry typists to work from home. Sourcing and organizing certain records, collectively with audio files, running documents, and studies papers.

12.) Sig Track is an innovative company that provides high-quality data services for businesses, organizations, and government agencies. They offer a wide range of services to help customers make informed decisions about their business operations. Sig Track’s primary focus is customer data management and analysis, assisting clients to easily collect, store, analyze, and manage customer data. They only hire from the U.S.

13.) Smart Apartment Data is a leading software solutions provider for the multifamily apartment industry. It provides advanced data and analytics to help build better communities, streamline operations, and optimize revenue.

 With its cloud-based platform and cutting-edge technology, Smart Apartment Data helps simplify complex decision-making processes by providing critical insights into market trends, occupancy rates, rental prices, and other relevant metrics. 

If a data entry position is not listed, check back.


online data entry jobs without investment
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More Top Online Data Entry Jobs

14.) TDEC offers business processing outsourcing services to government and commercial clients worldwide. They supply cost-effective solutions for time-consuming, labor-intensive business operations, such as document management, administrative support, call center assistance, financial processing, and lockbox services.

15.) Tech Speed is a Data Management service provider that enables clients to outsource their data management cost-efficiently and strategically. Tech Speed has provided innovative data processing solutions, personalized customer service, and globally competitive pricing since 2002.

16.) Working Solutions offers on-demand sales and customer service agents who work from home. In addition, they provide Work-from-home opportunities to folks across the United States and Canada.

17.) Xerox’s Heros @ Home program hires qualified veterans and military spouses for at-home employment opportunities. In addition, you can find a variety of options. Xerox Holdings business enterprise is an American business enterprise that sells print and virtual document services and products.

Transcriber Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Online data entry jobs involve entering information from one source into a computer, usually text.

Transcription data entry is an online job requiring more skill than simply copying and pasting information from one document to another. It involves listening to audio recordings or videos and typing out transcripts accurately and efficiently,

like typing word for word.

The most common type of transcription work involves transcribing audio minute by minute. This requires someone experienced in the craft to identify each sound and convert it into written words accurately.

For accuracy, you must have excellent listening skills and attention to detail.

In addition, you should be able to order quickly without making any mistakes, ensuring the transcript reflects the audio precisely.

Meeting tight deadlines is also crucial for transcription data entry roles, as some projects may require completing many words within short periods.

18.) Acusis is a service provider of quality medical transcription services nationwide.  They offer full-time and part-time employment. You must have a minimum of 3 years of experience. 

19.) Accutan Global is a transcription company offering contractors voice writing and real-time captioning.

20.) Audio Transcription Center provides services for books, interviews, oral histories, market research, military histories, legal, academic, and more. You must type a minimum of 80 words per minute. 

21.) Aquity Solutions provides clinical documentation services for healthcare systems and practices overloaded by medical data entry and management tasks.

22.) GoTranscript delivers audio and video transcription services. They also offer translating services such as Spanish, German, and French. 

23.) Kendall Creek Communications is a U. S. based staffing agency always looking for quality independent transcribers.

24.) Musixmatch is an Italian music data company and platform for users to search and share song lyrics with translations. In addition, it’s a unique opportunity to transcribe. So, you can become a curator whether you want to transcribe, proofread, or translate song lyrics.

25.) Scribie offers an excellent opportunity to increase your income by transcribing audio files for them. The work involves listening to the audio files and typing them as accurately as possible.

The job is fully remote, and you can choose your files.

You will go through a test process.

26.) Speakwrite You’ll have the opportunity to transcribe audio from all sorts of industries, including police departments, investigators, law offices, and protective services. They want people looking for a career, not an easy-money gig.

27.) TranscribMe offers highly accurate human transcription, translation, data annotation, and AI dataset services. It is a top-rated work-from-home site where you can make money by transcribing audio and video files.

You’ll find a steady work stream year-round with a user-friendly platform and timely and regular payouts; you’ll find a stable workstream year-round.

28.) Tiger Fish has been in business since 1989. They provide transcription, proofreading., and editing services.

Tiger Fish is known to maintain a regular pool of transcribers. 

29.) Quicktate audits summarize, evaluate, and analyzes audio recordings and phone conversations. For companies. They transcribe voicemail messages, memos, letters, and legal and medical files. 

How Much Can You Earn from Data Entry Jobs?

The amount you can expect to make varies wildly, depending on the type of job you’re doing, your experience level, and the company you’re working for.

 For example, entry-level data entry jobs typically pay anywhere between $10-15 per hour, while more experienced workers may be able to command higher wages. 

The average hourly salary for a Data Entry Clerk I in the United States is $17 as of November 23, 2022, According to, but the range typically falls between $16 and $20.

In addition, some companies offer bonuses or other incentives such as flexible scheduling or health insurance benefits.

Additionally, some freelance roles allow contractors to set their rates, so someone with the right skills and qualifications could make significantly more than average.

Freelancing Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Data entry is integral to many businesses, but finding freelance workers with the right skills can take time and effort. Fortunately, several platforms are designed specifically for freelancers seeking data entry jobs.

 These websites provide job seekers with a wide range of work possibilities in the field and allow you to build your profile and portfolio. In addition, these sites will enable you to search for jobs in various categories, including data entry. As a result, you can easily filter out any low paying data entry gigs that don’t meet your criteria and apply for those that do – often within minutes!

Many part time workers are looking for a stable and well-paying job. Whether you want to supplement your income or are looking for something more full-time, numerous options are available online. You can find daily payment opportunities, and you can also explore content writing and other projects. Content writing jobs are abundant, and those types of jobs pay more.

Land Your First Online Data Entry Job Without Investment

On these websites, you’ll find a lot of entry-level positions, even large companies looking to hire. Some are low-paying jobs that you can start. However, it’s a good way to build your portfolio so that you can later require more money. Finding your based data entry gigs can fulfill even a part-time job hunt.

30.) Fiverr is the best and most popular online marketplace for finding businesses in need of data entry services. Users can search through thousands of jobs, ranging from simple copy-pasting tasks to more advanced projects such as creating spreadsheets.  You will find pay per piece or project. In addition, Fiverr offers an escrow system so freelancers can feel safe when taking on new gigs.

31.) Upwork is a well-known freelancing platform that helps you find and apply for freelance jobs. They used to charge a membership fee but opted out of that.

32.) Freelancer is another platform for freelancers to find and apply to anything they want, including legitimate data entry jobs.

33.) SproutGigs is a revolutionary new job platform connecting job seekers with employers looking to hire freelance and contract workers. It’s designed to help people find meaningful, flexible work opportunities in various fields. So, whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time employment, SproutGigs makes it easy for freelancers and contractors to find the perfect fit for their skills and lifestyle.

34.) People Per Hour is an online platform that allows freelancers and contract workers to find, secure and complete various legitimate online data entry jobs without investment. It bridges the gap between customer demand and quality services by connecting employers to reliable freelancers who can provide cost-effective solutions. People Per Hour offers an excellent opportunity for individuals looking for an extra income source or to make money from home.

The platform is user-friendly, simple, and easy to use. It allows customers to post their skillsets, budget, and delivery date requirements to receive bids from potential candidates ready to work on their projects without any upfront charges. Customers also get access to a range of reviews about previous work done by candidates making it easier for them to make informed decisions when choosing the right person for their job.

35.) Rev allows freelancers to transcribe and convert audio files to text. Transcription jobs can range from creating a transcription of recorded interviews and focus groups to lectures and podcasts. Work as much as you want, from wherever you want.

36.) Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an online marketplace created by Amazon that allows people to make money from home by doing data entry. In addition, MTurk enables businesses, researchers, and developers to outsource tasks that are difficult for computers to complete and require human intelligence. 

 MTurk offers a variety of tasks, such as surveys, transcription, image recognition, and data collection. Workers can choose the type of task they want to do and how much time data entry tasks they want to spend on it. The pay rate varies depending on the task’s difficulty, but it is usually calculated based on the amount of time spent on each task. Workers also have the option to set their hourly rate when completing specific tasks. 

Using MTurk, businesses can save time and money while still getting accurate results quickly.

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Is a Data Entry Job for You?

Data entry is right up your alley if you’re looking for data home jobs that keep your mind busy. You can quickly get started without much experience, and anyone can do it. So, keep your eyes peeled for sneaky typos! It’s a great way to hone typing skills and make money online. Plus, if you manage to get yourself into a flow while inputting information, it can be Zen-like!

Good luck on your data entry journey! Which places are you going to apply to? Leave a comment!

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