The holidays are a wonderful time to show your appreciation for your employees. If you have remote employees, you may be wondering what kind of gifts you can send them to show them how much you appreciate their hard work. I’ve put together some of the best remote employee gift ideas that are sure to please.

A great way to think of thoughtful gifts is to consider their work style and home office setup. What do they use to stay productive and connected while working from home? 

Industry leaders understand when you’re giving a gift, you want to delight the recipient – whether it’s a lovely surprise or some well-needed support. Looking for a present implies trying to understand that person. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the most meaningful gift. A warm mug for their morning coffee, a cozy blanket for their legs while working at their desk, or a nice set of earbuds is a thoughtful way to make remote team members feel appreciated.

Special occasions like the holidays only come once a year. Corporate gifts, the best virtual gifts, the holiday season, and other special occasions are the best time to show your appreciation for your employees and clients. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Luckily, here Are Some Trendy Gift Ideas to Help You Out.

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remote employee gift ideas

Trendy Remote Employee Gift Ideas

Think Goodness

Think Goodness is a live good brand that brings together a collection of entrepreneurial brands dedicated to making you look and feel good.

They have four key brands: Origami Owl, Willing Beauty, CMYK cosmetics, and Intuitiv Wellness.

You can find customized inscriptions on a personalized pendant, tag, or bracelet with your choice of metal finish. 

Gold, silver, black, or rose gold for men and women. You could also find wellness products Scientifically backed, plant-based supplements for better focus, better sleep, and to feel good.

You can also find a good variety of skin care products and makeup to package up as an excellent remote employee gift.

What I like most

I like receiving personalized gifts, and the extra effort makes them my favorite gifts. This is true, for those that do not have such a common name.

A personalized gift is a personal touch that is a thoughtful way to express how much you are appreciated.

What I also like about Think Goodness is that they donate a portion of their profits directly to the Giving Goodness Foundation.

It is a foundation that delivers random acts of goodness. This could include buying someone a cup of coffee or helping a single mother make ends meet.

The Giving Goodness Foundation turns 96 cents from every dollar donated into random acts of goodness. Pretty cool right?!

It’s no secret that remote employees are gaining popularity in the workplace. A recent study found that over half of companies have at least one remote worker on their team, and that number is rising year after year. The question is: what can you do to stay engaged with your remote employees?

Remote employee appreciation gifts are a great way to show gratitude for your remote employees’ hard work and dedication, especially when they’re not in the office every day. A gift will show them that you appreciate the time they spend working remotely, and it’ll help foster a sense of community between all employees.

Remote employee engagement doesn’t just mean giving out gifts—it also means creating an environment where everyone feels like they belong and have a supportive network around them, no matter their location. It’s all about finding ways to make everyone feel like part of the team!

Employee gifts and care packages are a great way to help remote workers feel like they’re part of the team.

If you have remote workers, sending them gifts is a great way to show them that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. And if you don’t have remote workers, gifting them can be a great way to get future employees excited about working with you!

Gift boxes are also useful for companies that want to treat their employees to a little something special or just say “thank you” in an effective way.

A work-from-home survival kit. This can include things like cozy socks, a nice mug, tea or coffee, snacks, and anything else that will make working from home more comfortable.


Wickbox is a uniquely beautiful luxury candle brand with up to 100 hours of burn time.

With a luxury scented candle, they are sure to make any remote employee feel the cozy comforts of relaxing as well as appreciated.

A different brand and a beautiful, on-trend container are featured every month, which can be reused for something else, perhaps makeup brushes.

You can choose medium or large candles as an option. You also have the option to give it as a gift, which is very convenient.

This is an excellent gift idea for candle lovers that like to surround themselves with heavenly scents and beautiful decors.

What I like most

I like the wonderfully scented candles along with the smells that come with each gorgeous candle container. I love reusing containers for makeup, fake or real flowers, and my bathroom accessories.

Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box offers a wide range of high-quality makeup and skin care products that would make any women want to get dolled up for their next zoom meeting!

The best remote employee gift ideas can be the ones that are the most useful. It’s not always easy to feel pretty when working from home.

They send you at least 2-3 full-size products too. You essentially get a lot of value for what you pay for.

What I like most

I know how I get when I’m at any beauty store. I usually stand there like a deer in headlights! I usually get overwhelmed and just walk out. What girl do you know doesn’t like sweet surprises in a box delivered to their door?

Nectar Bath Treats

Nothing says relaxing more than paraben and cruelty-free bath bombs! I first discovered Nectar Bath Treats on a trip to Vegas. I was immediately welcomed in with a sample of one of their bath’s scrubs over by sinks in the middle of the store.

I was amazed at how my skin felt so silky after using it, and I was hooked. Good play Nectar! 

Aside from the body scrubs, you’ll find some bubble bath soap, whipped soaps, bath bombs, and out-of-this-world candles that look good enough to eat!

Their gift sets include the most indulgent and scrumptious sweet treat bundles of variety. I would certainly call this the ideal gift for anyone that likes fun gifts.

I bought my daughter one of their delicious-looking candles that had the smell of fresh berries, and to this day, she says she can’t light it because it is too pretty. I think she’s going to keep it on her shelf forever.

What I like most

I like how creatively delicious every candle or scrub looks. You find yourself weirdly feeling like you are in a bakery, yet it’s all soaps, body scrubs, or candles plus, the feeling of silky-smooth skin is the icing on the cake.

Discount Mugs

Discount Mugs is your one-stop shop for anything you’d find in an office at very discounted prices. You can customize just about anything here with your company logo in text or image.

This is helpful especially if you are looking for a discounted bulk buy for a decent number of remote teams.

Although they have a large variety of coffee mugs, tumblers, water bottles, and glassware, they equally have a large variety of office supplies. 

With so many remote employee gift ideas to choose from, you might want to consider a gift basket of sorts, they make for some of the best gifts!

What I like most

I like that you can customize just about any item and, it’s just as valuable. I know I want to change up my mousepad once in a while. I seem to always need new wireless earbuds.

If you’re looking for a way to show your remote employees that you care about them and their well-being, sending a care package is an excellent way to do it.

Employee Care Gift baskets are great because they let remote workers know how much you care about them as individuals. Employee Care packages might contain things like yummy snacks (which will help keep their energy up through long hours at work), gum or mints, lip balm, pencils/pens/highlighters (because those always seem to get misplaced!)

A Set of Noise-Cancelling Headphones. This Is a Great Way to Help Your Remote Employees Focus on their work, and it can also help them avoid distractions from family, roommates, or pets.

Remote Employee Gift Ideas for Gift Certificates and Gift Cards 

It’s not always about the type of gift given, but rather the right balance of how you show remote working employees you took time to go the extra mile in thinking about them.

Physical gifts are more personal, and therefore often more meaningful. This is because they show that the gift giver put some thought into the gift. They had to pick it out and bring or send it to you—they took time to determine what would be a good fit for you. Digital gifts, on the other hand, are often just sent out to everyone in the world with no personalization whatsoever. They can seem impersonal, or even worse like they were picked out by a machine because they were just a “popular” choice of gift.

But despite all this, digital gifts still have their place in the world—especially when it comes to work-from-home employees who don’t have a lot of physical space available! If you’re working from home and want to give your team members a little something special for their hard work over the past year, sending them an electronic gift card might be just what you need!

remote employee gift ideas

I like to refer to digital gift cards as convenient gifts because sometimes it’s just plain easier! Perhaps, you have a virtual assistant that you know who works long days and always has a lot to accomplish. Sending them a gift card could be your best option.

Send coffee or snacks: If you know your remote employee likes coffee or snacks, sending them some will let them know they’re appreciated! Sending them a subscription box to any number of healthy snacks to choose from or one of their favorite snack boxes.

 Sending a gift card to one of their favorite coffee shops is a simple way to acknowledge what coffee they like. Cold weather and hot drinks, yes, please!

Digital Gift cards are great because they allow remote workers to buy something that they need, instead of just getting something “nice” that they don’t want or need. You can also mix it up by sending gift cards to different stores—like Amazon and Kohl’s—so they can pick out exactly what they need.

A subscription to a streaming service. Whether It’s for music, movies, or tv, this can be a great way to show your appreciation for all those late nights and early mornings spent working.

A Gift Certificate for a massage or other relaxation service. After all, working from home can be stressful. Help your remote worker relax and recharge with a gift certificate for a massage or other Spa Treatment.

Movie Tickets are a nice gesture because it shows that you understand that they might want to get out of the house once in a while and that they too, have lives outside their home office. A movie Tavern gift card is a great way to give the gift of entertainment.

A Subscription to a remote working magazine or website. This is a great way to keep your remote employees up to date on the latest tips, tools, and resources for working remotely.

A Gift Certificate for a remote working retreat. This is a great way to show your employees that you value their work-life balance, and it can help them recharge and refocus on their work.

Remote Employee Gift Ideas for Team Building

Let’s face it, it’s hard for remote workers to feel included and stay connected when working from home. These are some great ideas you could use as a gift to your employees, whether it be for a virtual holiday party or a monthly team-building opportunity.

Your virtual meetings will surely be a hit with some of these ideas!

remote employee gift ideas

Send them each a bottle of wine or sparkling wine (call it a happy hour.) With a note that explains a certain time of the day, preferably, the end of the day towards their weekend, you’ll all get on a zoom conference and play a trivia game like Escape the 90’s, Virtual Icebreaker Quizzes, or Virtual Escape Rooms.

Another fun game is Video Charades break your whole team into two groups. Let’s say ‘Team A’ and ‘Team B.’

A person from team A has to act on the word or phrase told by team B.

Because it’s virtual, team B has to text the word or phrase to the person who will act from team A. Team A scores a point if they can guess the word with the help of the act.

Then the process repeats for both teams.

To make it more fun, you can also draw instead of acting (related words or phrases on the whiteboard by sharing his screen).

No matter what communication software you use for your virtual team, there are loads of great game ideas. As for a few specific ideas, truth or dare, karaoke, word games, a bingo game, Never Have I Ever, Guess Who, cards against humanity, and Pictionary can all be done over Zoom.

Two Truths and a Lie. Most people are familiar with the game but, in case you’re not, here’s how it works: everyone on the virtual call takes a turn and says three statements about him/herself. Two of the statements must be “truths,” and one must be a lie. The other team members then try to guess which statement is the lie. 

This is a great game for remote teams, as it helps everyone learn a little bit more about their coworkers’ interests and backgrounds. So, if you’re looking for ways to build team morale and cohesion, online team-building games are a great option.

These make a perfect way for a new employee to feel included while having fun. The perfect bonding experience while collaborating with the entire team.

There are a lot of great gift ideas for remote employees. Some of my favorite remote employee gift ideas include gift cards, subscription boxes, and care packages.

Whatever you decide to get your remote worker, make sure it’s something that will show your appreciation for all their hard work. A little thoughtfulness can go a long way!

 What’s your favorite gift idea for remote employees? Comment below and let me know!

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