When you want to start applying for jobs online there are some things you should know especially when you are submitting your remote work resume with your remote work experience to different websites, in the hopes that you’ll have a chance of being one of the selected. It can become very frustrating to come across a job posting that you want, only to find out you were not accepted.

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I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me and how disappointed I was. I would sit in front of the computer staring at my resume, not understanding what needed to be fixed. Did I ask myself plenty of questions yes! like, Is it education? Are there gaps unexplained? Maybe I’m not even good enough. Are my experiences not matching up with their so-called qualifications?

Or so I thought.

I remember going to my local job center, where they help you find local jobs. I needed a resume made for me and I knew that the job center offered to make free resumes. Well, it wasn’t as simple as going there and signing up, waiting, ready, and complete.

I had to sign up and come back on a different day and only after I gathered all the information I needed. What a pain having to remember everything like dates and what I did.

I did go back to the local job center. I sat down with a nice lady and talked about all previous experience and dates. I looked over her shoulder to see exactly how she was entering all the information. She was creating my resume using a word document (remember those)?

I wondered to myself how is she coming up with each of the sections of my resume? Suddenly I noticed she was looking on google for different ways to word some of my experiences. I realized at that point she had no idea how to translate most of my work history into what I did as experience.

She was, however, really good at structuring my resume.

So there I was with a mediocre resume at best. I have learned so much since those days! Those were the days of applying to just local physical places to work. It is a whole different ball game when it comes to applying your remote work resume to online workplaces.

remote work resume

Have you ever gone to your local grocery store to pick up lunch meat in the deli and found yourself taking a number so that you can wait there until your number is called? Well, it seems as though that is similar to what it might feel like when applying online.

The good ol’ days of applying to companies may get plenty of applicants applying to the same job but when it comes to working from home there are thousands of applicants applying to the same job posting.

Avoiding Remote Work Resume Pitt Falls

You want to structure your resume and use keywords that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Let’s say for example you are applying for an online evaluator type of position, your keyword here is evaluator, right? Also known as a Web Search Evaluator. Maybe you have a knack for searching online for relevant information.

In case you are wondering what a Web search evaluator would entail, you are essentially given a search term to find information on other website search engines like Bing, Google, or yahoo to determine if the results were correct enough for the search query.

What skills might you have that can transfer over to your resume? Do you have analytical skills, communication skills, or how about any kind of research skills you can write on your resume? Example of Resume 

 Large and small companies use what is called Application Tracking Systems. This computer software system looks at each resume submitted and if your resume has the right keywords, it will then pass through and be accepted. Only then will a human look at your resume and qualifications.

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No matter what your background is, there is always a way to structure and professionally phrase your previous work experience to fit the job you are applying for, within reason of course.

 Here’s another example, you had previously worked as a barista at a coffee house and you are applying to a customer service job online for a company that would require you to answer incoming calls and answer customer inquiries. You could say you often gave customers exceptional customer service and a detailed description of coffee choices daily. Sounds good right? Emphasizing customer service and communication.

Remote Work

Figuring out what keywords are relevant to your resume might take a little extra work, but the good news is you will find them and place them accordingly by using Google. Whatever online job you seek, take a look at the job title and requirements. Then take the job title and Google that specific job title and synonyms 

Google ( Customer Service Synonyms) to find some good related keywords to use in your resume.

The skills section of your resume should be the area to bullet point, just like the example below, but you don’t have to use bullet points. You can just list your skills as well.

Online Job Resume


Aside from keywords, but often gets overlooked, are your key accomplishments – the things you have done on the job that demonstrate your ability to make success happen. When a pile of resumes get screened by an Application Tracking System and then possibly a hiring manager, and they all have the same keywords, it is your key accomplishments that make you stand out and attract the interview.

Instead of listing things you did as assignments completed, try to figure out wording this to present your accomplishments as achievements that are worth mentioning on your resume.

Where to Create Your Free Remote Work Resume

I love Canva because it’s easy to use, and you’ll find some great up-to-date resume templates you can use all for free.

If You use this link, You’ll get to choose one of the premium photos, Icons, and illustrations available.

If you don’t like canva after checking it out, I’m sure there are plenty more free alternatives for you to check out. However, I’ve only used that one as well as created several resumes for other people I know, and it never failed me!

It’s easy to use with drag-and-drop features. After you have created your resume, you have the option to upload it directly to your computer as a JPG file and/or a PDF. You can also upload a photo of yourself to use on your resume.

If you wanted to upgrade to Canva Pro, you’ll get more options with fonts and pictures. Canva is great for teams or more than just you. You would be able to share your account if you needed help. Doing it yourself for resume purposes, the free version, is very doable.

You can also use some of the keywords you find to update your already existing resume and put them in your descriptions of your experiences. This should give your updated resume a boost, as well as help get your resume seen by a real human.

Done for You Remote Work Resumes

If you have followed along with this post and its entirety but still feel you don’t have what it takes to create your remote work resume or just don’t have the time to sit down and figure out all the details and keywords you should be using, I get it because It’s no walk in the park! 

I can, however, direct you in the right direction with Virtual Vocations. They have a Professional Resume Assessment service that is available to free members and premium subscribers. Simply sign up, navigate to Career Services, and add the Professional Resume Assessment to your cart. Keep in mind if you choose a premium subscription, you receive a generous discount on the review. Once you activate the service, upload your document to the Resume Assessment section in your account.

 In two to three business days, you’ll receive a write-up from one of their resume experts with tons of information to help you succeed. They are focused on only remote jobs, so they know!

Don’t have a resume or need to start over from scratch? No problem. When you join as a paid Virtual Vocations subscriber, you’ll have access to the free Create a Winning Telecommuting Resume eCourse, which is a five-day, self-directed tutorial sent directly to your email account.

The course walks you through the resume creation process and helps you tailor your resume to telecommuting/remote jobs. You can also download templates and guides from the Telecommuting Toolkit. Once you have a solid base, request a professional assessment from their team of experts. They will show you how to polish your resume so that you feel confident applying to new jobs.

While you are there, check out all the remote job postings! All are Prescreened and trusted. You’ll find remote job postings for writing, bookkeeping, Data Entry, and Customer Service, just to name a few. Your free registration grants you partial access to their database.

Want the Definitive Guide to create your work-from-home resume? This makes it easy for you.


So, we talked about including keywords in your remote work resume so that the Applicant Tracking System doesn’t flag your submission for words other than what it’s looking for. Getting the leg up on mentioning your skills and achievements.

Canva is my number one pick for your creation due to its exceptional platform and already done for you templates. (almost too easy)

Where you can get a professional resume assessment as well as browse remote postings.

You are now equipped with the secret sauce, so now it’s your turn to create and elevate!

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