A part-time mobile phone side job can be game-changers for you if your tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Sometimes having a full-time job just isn’t cutting it and you want extra money to save for a trip or buy yourself something you’ve wanted for a while. On the other hand, maybe you’re out of work or laid off and your thinking, I need a way to make some income to get by.

AppJobs is your grand station to finding multiple side gigs in your area all without having to send your resume and waiting for an interview! Today I’m giving you the step-by-step walkthrough for a part-time mobile phone side job so that you know exactly how to get started.

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate or referral links which may reward me in the event of a subscription or sale (at no extra cost to you!). You can see my full disclosure.

If You don’t know what AppJobs is yet, It is the world’s largest community of gig workers with 700k+ members across 250+ cities and 38 countries and 11 languages.

The platform allows you to find, compare, rate, and review all jobs in your vicinity. Some examples are Airbnb, Lyft, Uber, rover, and even TaskRabbit. To get a better picture of who they are.

Step-By-Step Part-Time Mobile Phone Side Job Using AppJobs

Signing up 

To sign up for a part-time mobile phone side job for the first time, go to this awesome mobile phone side hustle hookup website and click the “Join Now” button.

part-time mobile phone side job

Next, create an account with your email or Facebook. Click “Sign Up” to confirm your registration. You’ll receive a message asking you to confirm your email. Then you are ready to go!

step-by-step walkthrough

Complete your profile

step-by-step walkthrough
Make sure to update:

  • Personal information (name, birth year, phone number)
  • Work town (pick the closest to the place you live)
  • Preferred job categories (driving, delivery, babysitting and more)
  • Resources (tools you own & use to make money, for example, vehicle, insurance, licenses)
  • Reviews (your opinion about previous experiences you had working with app jobs)

Doing this will help them to find the best app jobs for you! 

What are the resources? 

Resources are tools that might be required to make money with an app job. For example: 

  • If you want to be a driver with Lyft → you need to own a car
  • If you want to be an online teacher with Lingoda → you need a computer
  • If you want to be a deliverer with Foodora → you need a bike
  • For any of these, you will need a smartphone with an internet connection. All these tools (car, computer, bike, smartphone, internet) are called resources at AppJobs

Remember to pick the relevant resources on your profile as this will help in getting better results when searching for jobs!  

  What Are the Requirements for a Part-Time Mobile Phone Side Job to Start Working?

 Different app jobs have different requirements depending on the city where they provide their services. You can check all the information you need on the job offer page. In most cases, the basic requirements are:

  • to be over 18 years old
  • to own a bank account

Find your city

 Once you have completed your profile, you can select your work town/city by searching for it via the search bar at the top of the page.  

🤔 What if Your City Is Not Available?

 If your city still doesn’t appear in the search, it is because they are not there yet. Don’t worry, they are growing fast! They suggest that you: change your website language to English because some cities and job offers haven’t been translated into other languages yet. Try another city.

You can sort job offers by: 

Most Popular: the most common companies

My resources: this will rank job offers based on which match your profile the best – you can start right now!

Newest: new job offers in your city ✅ TIP: Complete your profile and sort job offers by My Resources to see what jobs you have the resources to get started right away! 

If you see a green light, you can click “Quick Apply” and start working right away or you can click “Read More” to learn more about that app job. 

 What happens after clicking “Quick Apply” on AppJobs.com?

After you click “Quick Apply”, you will be redirected to the company’s website. After you register with the company, they will instruct you on how to start working.  Most companies will get back to you within 7 working days.


This is what happens on AppJobs after you “Quick Apply” for a job offer.

 How Long Does It Take To Get Apart-Time Mobile Phone Side Job?

 It can take up to a week for most of the companies to get in contact with you. In some cases, like Uber, it can take up to three weeks. It takes a while for some companies to receive and process your documentation.

It is important to remember that the companies will send you an email after finishing the sign-up, so if you don’t receive that email it might indicate that something went wrong during the process and we’d suggest you try again. 

 If you don’t receive a reply from them after that period, they are happy to help. Just send them an e-mail (help@appjobs.com) and they will help you to contact the company. 

Getting paid 💸

All the payments are completed by the app/company you choose to work with. Each one has a different policy and we recommend that you check that information during the sign-up process.  Here are some commonalities for most of the companies: 

  1. You have to own a bank account to get paid.
  2. Usually, all the payments are made weekly.
  3. PayPal is a very common tool to get paid.
  4. ❗ Remember – as a freelancer, you won’t have a fixed employment contract. This means in some countries you’ll be obligated to pay taxes by yourself.

The payment can vary according to the app/company. They suggest you check that information during the sign-up process.  

 What are Verified and Non-Verified jobs on AppJobs.com? 

Verified jobs are apps that are currently hiring and AppJobs considers them as a legitimate and safe app for you to use to make money in your region.  Verified job offers show the company’s logo. 

Non-verified jobs are jobs that they can’t verify that the companies are currently hiring,  but it doesn’t mean they are not legitimate or safe. 

Non-Verified job offers don’t show the company’s logo.

My Desk at User’s Panel – Everything a Gig Worker Needs

After signing up and completing the profile, you will get access to your panel; this is a place where you can find the job recommendations based on your qualities as well as useful services and can easily connect with other job-seekers!

 Finance: Wallet & Keeper Tax 

Available in the US only. The wallet is a place where you can track all of your earnings in one place and is totally secure and private to each user, linked with your bank account. 


Thanks to the wallet feature, you can: 

  • Verify real-time account balances → whenever My Desk is refreshed, the financial status of the wallet will update.
  • Access detailed transaction history → users can see expenses & income details for the current month.
  • Easily track your finances all in one place



1. Verify real-time account balances

2. Track your actual monthly income

  • Helps you to see how much you really got paid with your (gig) jobs
  • Gig jobs are usually paid weekly, irregularly → Overview

3. Estimate your average monthly income

4. Use & connect multiple bank accounts

  • Get a total overview of all bank accounts in one place 

 With Keeper Tax, you can save thousands on taxes by having all tax write-offs in check.

  • Keeper tax is an expense tracker with a search tool for tax saving
  • Helps find tax savings in your expenses, all in realtime
  • Specialized for gig workers and the expenses of a gig worker
  • Customized search for tax savings based on the type of gig job you do 
  • It is linked to the member’s wallet (Plaid) account


Keeper automatically finds tax write-offs among your credit card or bank transactions using a secure service called Plaid.

 Members’ first month using Keeper Tax is free of charge! Insurance available in the US only Members can buy on-demand insurance via AppJobs and get a customizable insurance package.


Small business insurance protects you and your business against lawsuits in the case of property damage, bodily injury and more.  

How does it work?

  1. Choose the type of insurance based on the job category
  2. Select insurance period/date
  3. Confirm customized insurance policy & pay
  4. Receive Certificate of insurance via email
  5. Preview insurance history on Thimble profile

The cost of insurance starts at just 5$

Online Tools and Services for Independent Contractors and Gig Workers

Sometimes people have the motivation to work, but lack the resources necessary for many regular jobs. AppJobs is the solution! A resource can be a car if you want to work as a driver, an animal boarding license if you want to be a pet sitter, or a smartphone if you want to make money with any kind of app job. You may also need some financial advice if you are a freelancer or are looking for different insurance types.

 AppJobs is offering services that will help you access all the necessary tools for you to succeed in your app jobs, such as insurance policies and financial consultations. 


AppJobs Community Forum

What Is the Forum For?

 Inside the Community you can share, learn and connect: share knowledge about your job experience, learn from other users and connect with them. AppJobs will help you with getting help!

 What to Do Here?

As a member, you can ask questions (even anonymously if you wish and request an answer from a friend)- Add an answer, share the experience- Join a group.


You can can find a guide through the application process explained step by step, pinned on the top of the main page.


Community users can get support from AppJobs support by joining the AppJobs Support group and ask any questions they may have.  Visit the community page to find out more!

Why Should Part-Time Mobile Phone Side Job-Seekers Use AppJobs?

Because they support you through every step of your freelance journey! That includes providing easy access to work tools, tailored financial and insurance services and staying connected to your colleagues around the globe. 

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Job seekers will find all the information about each app job in the relevant location: description, perks, requirements, earnings and reviews from other workers. They also have special deals for users who sign-up with specific companies through them.   

Wrapping up Your Part-Time Mobile Phone Side Job Step-By-Step Walkthrough

I hope you have found this step-by-step walkthrough for a part-time mobile phone side job helpful. Don’t forget if none of the jobs are available in your area just keep checking back because they keep growing! There are a lot of different ways to earn money and I hope you get a jump start with AppJobs.

Starting multiple side gigs can help you out when others have limited hours. Let me know if you found this post helpful. Leave a comment

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