In this article, we’re going to look closer at the various travel jobs for free spirits that are perfect if you prefer a more relaxed lifestyle where you can pack up and head to a new location. Instead of being tied down to a cubicle or long-term commitment, these job ideas for free-spirited people can empower you to journey to Portugal, ride waves in Hawaii, or spend a summer in Sweden.

There are tons of best jobs that pay well online, as digital nomads do, that you can do as a free spirit. Therefore, travel bloggers, YouTube influencers, and book editors are common.

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However, our focus for this article is going to be on more structured jobs. These jobs are some of the best ways to reach the freedom you want with the type of work you do on your own terms. If nothing else, this should give you some great ideas for seasonal work when you want to follow the sun (or winter) around the globe. Let’s get started!

1 – Tour Guide

The beauty of being a tour guide is that it isn’t limited to ghost tours in Louisiana. You can offer guided tours of Mexico on a kayak, boat tours of the Rio Verde, or even an intimate tour of the Vatican. Surely, with a little research and some experience, you can quickly find a niche market to serve, so their vacation is that much better, and they can share new experiences.

2 – English Teacher

There is a massive demand for native English teachers all over the world. Companies will hire you to spend a few years in Japan, then crossover to Germany, Spain, and many other destinations. All that is usually required is proof of your abilities and nothing more than a high school diploma or some college work. It’s a great way to visit a beautiful place and see different cultures.

3 – Cruise Ship Worker

A white and blue cruise ship to sail around the world.

Some of the best travel jobs for free spirits include sailing the seven seas. Whether that is as a cook’s assistant on a mainstream cruise liner like Disney or a personal assistant on a smaller Norwegian cruise in Italy, there are a lot of jobs in this niche market that allow you to live on the water and visit exotic destinations. You could be docking near ski resorts, or the ship could offer day trips.

4 – Au Pair

Want more “fancy” living while overseas? Why not help a wealthy family raise their kids by being an Au Pair? This fun job has a few more prerequisites. Au pairs should have (first aid, CPR, some college, etc.), but you’ll earn a decent living and have your room and board covered. It’s a great opportunity for young professionals who have a great passion for little ones.

5 – Flight Attendant

Flight attendants get to see everything! You’ll need some quality time management skills and not be scared to hire a driver or explore off-the-beaten-path locations, but you can earn a surprisingly large salary while being paid to visit phenomenal places all over the globe. Take the time for work-life balance as you enjoy free time while you travel.

6 – Photographer

A girl wearing a tan sweater sitting in the middle of a street with her camera taking pictures to be a photographer for free spirits.

This is one of the travel jobs for free spirits that blurs the lines of online side hustle and actual job. The goal in this respect is to get hired by a magazine, popular blog, or research team to take travel photos and culturally significant snapshots of what you see. This travel job gets you up close and personal with many places others will never experience. This is the perfect job for a very independent person.

7 – Bartender

A traveling bartender can work anywhere. Even a few months of experience is more than enough to mix drinks in Las Vegas or Trinidad. The only difference with this travel job is you must want to socialize with a lot of people. Because let’s face it, in the bar, new people like to share their personal experiences. This is also one of the better options for those who wish for seasonal work in different locations.

8 – Surf/Climbing Instructor

Every vacation spot around the world has some form of climbing activity or water-based surfing. If you expand your exploring skills to include skiing, you can easily earn a good sum of money living as an instructor teaching others how to relax and have fun while you stay fit and ready to journey. 

9 – Hairstylist/Barber

While hairstyles may change from country to country, the fundamentals remain unchanged. Learning how to offer quality haircuts and styling sessions to customers gives you creative ways to invest in tools of the trade and hit the road anywhere you wish to go next.

10 – Chef

Three chefs wearing their white coats and chef hats stand with arms folded and smiling.

Being a chef is a wonderful travel job for free spirits who also identify as foodies. After you spend meal times crafting delicious morsels for customers, you’ll be invited to the local haunts the other staff likes to enjoy. Plus, you can use this skill in a bunch of different settings, from luxury resorts to cruise ships. A chef will always be a big need in the travel industry.

11 – Travel Nurse

We’ve mentioned this travel job for free spirits before because it is so effective and lucrative. Yes, you do need to complete school and get licenses, but the high demand for a credentialed nurse has never been higher. Plus, you get added respect as your journey. Everyone loves nurses!

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12 – Consultant

Flexibility is the name of the game for these travel jobs for free spirits. Being a consultant could include IT, business, marketing, or even art direction. All it takes is a decent laptop, and you can build a fantastic consulting career that services clients from all over the world. Remote work with your laptop isn’t going anywhere, and it’s only becoming more in line with creating your own schedule.

13 – Travel Journalist

Write about your travels and share your adventures with the world. The trick to this travel job is to write off all your expenses as you journey. Again, this is better if you start out working for a book, journal, TV channel, or blog, but you’ll get the gist quickly and be able to set up your own online business in no time. If you consider yourself a great content writer, it’s a great option!

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14 – Tutor

A women next to a younger girl showing her something on a tablet for tutoring for free spirits.

You can focus on online tutoring if you want, but part of the benefits of this job that pays well is getting to know your clients. A tutor can be anything. If you are a math whiz or incredible at teaching Excel, you can find a niche, business, school, or private company willing to take you on. The benefit of this work can also give you a unique opportunity to help mold young minds.

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15 – Voice Actor

Okay, we’ll cheat a little with this travel job for free spirits. As a voice actor, all you need is a decent microphone, a quiet space, editing software, and a laptop. All these different things can fit into your backpack and enable you to go from hostel to hostel worldwide as you earn a living. That means audiobooks, animation, commercials, and more. I’m sure you’ll be able to test your comfort zone.

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16 – Landscape Architect

Endless teams are looking for help with designing outdoor spaces. Being an expert in particular flowers, plants, and trees allows you to bring New England charm to Chinese homes or vice versa.

17 – Carpenter/Plumber/Electrician

A free spirit often has a trade skill waiting to be unleashed. These are blends of logical backgrounds with artistic creativity. You could work as a restoration specialist in England, offering your carpentry work to London homes, or an eco-friendly plumber in Puerto Rico, helping to upgrade their systems for better hurricane resilience.

18 – Interior Designer

One of the more common travel jobs for free spirits is interior design. It helps to start as an assistant to someone with a large book of clients. Then, you can learn the trade and craft your own pathway forward in any country you wish. The more popular you become, the easier it is to travel and provide your insights.

19 – Massage Therapist

A woman relaxing on white towels with a massage therapist rubbing her face.

Why not help people relax in hotels, spas, cruises, and luxurious cities? A Massage therapist can go anywhere they want and offer their expertise. These jobs pay well and often work perfectly for free spirits who like getting to know their clients. When you play some good music, or shall I say, relaxing tones, it always helps with healing the body within.

20 – Video Editor

Again, we’re going to cheat a little. This is not a traditional job but more of a high-demand career from any remote location. Video editing is still a leading skill because video content is king online. The travel twist is shooting the content yourself and then transforming it into incredibly useful pieces that hotels, businesses, and brands can leverage.

21 – Camp Leader

Many free spirits work as tour guides, teachers, or tutors during the school season and then put on their camp leader and counselor hats during the summer. This allows you to get back outdoors and enjoy a more natural summer experience while still having a “home base” at your other job. You could be a seasonal worker and have a great time during the summer.

22 – Scuba Instructor

Being a certified scuba instructor is crazy lucrative. Tourists want to explore, businesses need welding, and brands love underwater marketing. Teaching any of these groups gives you a solid line of clients, and you get to enjoy waters from the Bahamas to the Arctic. Also, this depends if you are not afraid of man-eating sharks.

23 – Lifeguard

A man holding a rescue board standing in front of a beach with the wooden lifeguard stand next to him.

Pick up your lifeguard certification if you prefer the beach’s soft sand between your toes and a well-balanced tan. You can travel to many destinations using a selection of leading qualifications that prove you know what you’re doing to save a life.

24 – House Sitter/Dog Walker

Finally, consider being a house sitter and dog walker for other people on vacation. As they explore the world, you can build your savings through travel jobs for free spirits that watch their homes and four-legged friends. Many agencies and marketplaces will help you get started on this travel experience.

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Wrapping Up

Travel jobs for free spirits are only limited by your imagination. The goal is a decent living, so you have the finances, freedom, and support to explore incredible destinations worldwide.

Hopefully, this list of job ideas inspires you to try something new, scratch that travel itch, and maintain the sense of freedom that drives your spirit, fills your heart, and rewards you with extraordinary experiences.

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