Ready to work from home? Explore 30 top virtual call center jobs for a flexible career! We’ve created a list of companies hiring remote customer service agents. There’s something for everyone, whether you want leadership roles or just starting out.

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Virtual Call Center Roles

Work-at-home call centers include giving customer support. Assistance and sometimes sales. 

Working from the comfort of your sweet home or other distant location. Virtual agents rely on computers and the internet. The appeal lies in their flexibility while working from home. A customer service representative could also be an agent.

Here are a few other listings you may come across.

  1. Remote Customer Service Representative
  2. Virtual Call Center Representative
  3. Telecommute Customer Support Agent
  4. Work-from-Home Call Agent
  5. Online Support Specialist
  6. Remote Call Operator
  7. Telework Customer Care Associate
  8. Virtual Helpdesk Agent
  9. Home-Based Customer Service Agent
  10. Digital Customer Experience Representative

 It’s worth noting that many virtual call center jobs can be independent contractor roles, too. This can aid contractors with more control over their schedules and earnings.

Equal Opportunity and Inclusive Policies: What to Look For

As you take off on your virtual career, sort places that create equal opportunity for all that apply. Seek workplaces that value people in their workforce. Without regard for sexual orientation. National origin. Gender identity or marital status. Here are key notes:

Equal Employment Opportunity: Look for places devoted to equal employment.

Diverse Workforce: Opt for employers that actively foster various work. 

Professional Development: Consider places that offer growth opportunities. This applies regardless of background or experience. This is great for recent college grads and those changing into new positions.

Flexible Work Arrangements: Rank companies that offer flexible schedules. Identifying the importance of work-life balance.

Benefits of Virtual Call Center Jobs

Picture of a white keyboard and black headphones. Working from home as a benefit to working remotely.

A virtual call agent has the possibility for career growth. Most home opportunities offer training to improve skills and product knowledge.

 This can lead to moving up within the company. These jobs provide chances to grow and an opportunity to make customers happy.

Roles of a Virtual Call Center Agent

Virtual call center operators answer consumer calls. Emails and chats. They answer questions. Fix challenges and give technical support. 

They also handle orders and manage complaints. They may also upsell or cross-sell. Virtual call agents use ways of conveying information. And tech for client happiness and productivity.

Skills for Virtual Call Center Roles

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Here are a few skills you’ll need for these remote jobs.

Excellent Communication Skills

Virtual call center agents must have strong verbal and written skills to interact with customers and convey information clearly and effectively.

Technical Proficiency

Basic computer skills. Virtual call center roles need to be familiar with customer relationship management (CRM) software and the ability to fix tech issues.

Customer Focus

A deep understanding of customer needs. Empathy and patience are vital traits. Agents should be able to handle challenging tasks while being professional.

Time Management 

Virtual call center agents often work alone. So, practical time skills are crucial to meet targets and handle multiple tasks.


Adapting to different customer personalities. Questions and concerns are important. Agents should be quick learners to grasp new info about products or services.

Problem-Solving Skills 

Virtual call center agents must think on their feet and find creative ways to help. Making sure customer happiness and loyalty.

Stable Internet Connection 

A high-speed internet connection is vital for available customer communication and access to needed tools.

Top Work-from-Home Call Center Jobs

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Industry-Specific Virtual Call Center Roles

1. Ascensus Call Center Representatives

 Ascensus is a large company that assists with retirement and government savings. 

They offer jobs for virtual call center Reps. They seek people skilled in aiding and answering retirement and education savings questions.

How to Apply: To join Ascensus, go to their Career Page. Use the search bar and type in “Call Center Rep.”Find the matching job opening and follow the instructions to apply. Best of luck!

2. Proesis Biologics Call Center Representative

Proesis Biologics requires a remote East Coast call center agent to assist eastern centers. 

Your task: guide plasma donor questions and basic inquiries to the appropriate team members. Skilled rep abilities are crucial for handling many daily calls/emails.

How to Apply: Visit their remote job opportunities page.

3. Advantage Health Centers Call Center Representative

 This job centers around customer service and admin duties for practice operations. 

Duties involve managing calls and scheduling. Providing info and outreach with follow-ups and patient scheduling. Pay ranges from $15 to $18 per hour, depending on experience.

How to apply: Visit their career page, scroll down to (operations), then click on the link Call Center Representative (work from home- any state). 

General Customer Service Call Center Job

A woman smiling beside her grey laptop while working virtually customer service.

4. Carters Seasonal Call Center Universal Agent

Carter’s Inc. hires remote seasonal call center agents to handle phone, email, and chat inquiries. You’ll address client concerns with top-notch customer service and sales skills. Flexibility with company-scheduled weekends and holidays is required.

How to Apply: Visit the career page and search for (call center) to view current listings.

5. Conduent Remote Healthcare Call Center Associate 

Conduent seeks call handlers for a company’s Patient Assistance Program. Tasks include handling questions and applications. Making outbound calls to patients and healthcare providers. You’ll receive training to tackle program challenges. This is a great entry point for newer call center reps!

How to Apply: View their listings for virtual call center roles.

Non-Profit and Humanitarian Virtual Call Center Jobs

A woman holding a little girls face with light brown wood background for non-profit and humanitarian virtual call center jobs.

6. United Muslim Relief Call Center Job

United Muslim Relief (UMR) seeks a skilled rep in Washington, DC. This temporary job involves talking on the phone. Duties include answering questions. Dealing with complaints and asking for donations. You should be able to handle a high call volume.

How to Apply: Visit the career page.

7. Foundation for California Community Call Center Agent 

The Foundation for California Community Colleges seeks an agent to improve the state’s higher education system. Become part of a purposeful team with a mission to double its impact in the next ten years.

How to Apply: Visit the career page and search for openings.

8. American Red Cross Call Center Blood Scheduler (Remote)

 The American Red Cross seeks skilled people to call potential donors and help schedule blood donation appointments. This includes calling active/former donors. 

How to Apply: View open remote virtual call center roles and apply.

Healthcare and Medical Call Center Jobs

Picture of assorted medical equipment. A pair of blue gloves, white blood pressure cup. and blue green and purple pill boxes for healthcare and medical call center jobs.

9. Boston Medical Center Call Center- Patient Service Representative

Boston Medical Center is a vital hub for patient services. As a patient service rep, you’ll join a devoted support team. They seek agents with strong social skills, empathy, and a passion for helping others. 

How to Apply: Visit the virtual call center job listings, then search for (call center).

10. St. Luke’s University Health Network Call Center

St. Luke’s Health system seeks people with excellent social skills. Able to handle multiple tasks. Attention to detail and a customer-focused mindset. 

How to Apply: View the virtual call center roles. Search (call Center) openings in the search bar.

11. Broadpath Virtual Agent Jobs

 BroadPath is a leading provider of virtual call center solutions. They offer remote jobs for agents. These agents should have excellent speaking skills and be devoted to customer service. 

How to Apply: Visit their virtual call center job roles for current work-at-home openings.

Retail and Consumer Services Call Center Jobs

A woman with long brown hair smiling into the picture wearing a white lacy shirt with a rack of assorted tops behind her for retail and consumer services call center jobs.

12. Sky Valley Mobil Homes Call Agent 

 Sky Valley Mobil Homes is known for providing excellent customer service. Their call center agents answer questions, provide info, and satisfy customers. They seek home-based agents with great social abilities.

How to Apply: Visit the open call agent listings to apply.

13. Tricoci Salon & Spa Call Center – Guest Service Representative (GSR)

Famous beauty and wellness firm offers excellent salon and spa services. As a Guest Service Rep (GSR), you’ll be customers’ first contact, assuring great service. Tricoci Salon & Spa wants virtual workers with great talking skills. A kind manner and a love for guest care. 

How to Apply: to apply to this Illinois-based company, check out the career page and click on job openings.

14. Lands’ End Customer Care Call Center Rehire

Lands’ End is a known retailer for its high-quality clothing and home goods. You’ll represent this iconic brand. Delivering excellent customer service. Lands’ End seeks call agents for rehire with prior experience. Those with product knowledge and a passion for outstanding customer support should apply.

How to Apply: Visit the open customer care jobs on their website.

Media and Broadcasting Call Center Roles

A grey and black laptop with floating blue and white conversation bubbles, stars and bells for media and broadcasting call center roles.

15. The Christian Broadcasting Network Remote Call Center Representative 

The Christian Broadcasting Network is a media firm spreading Christian values and uplifting content globally. You’ll be part of a mission-driven team. Providing exceptional service and support to viewers. The network seeks reps with strong speaking skills. Empathy and a passion for their mission. 

How to Apply: View their career page to see call center listings.

16. Fetch, Inc. Call Center Retention Agent

Fetch, Inc. is a leading tech-driven company in pet-related services and insurance. As a call center agent, you’ll play a vital role in keeping valued customers. Fetch, Inc. seeks virtual agents with excellent social skills. Empathy and persuasion abilities. 

How to Apply: Their career page lists all current openings in virtual call center roles.

Tech-Driven Customer Service Roles

17. Elevation Connect Call Center Team Lead

 Elevation Connect LLC is dynamic and customer-focused. Become a call center team lead and join an eager team with fantastic customer service. They hire reps with leadership and service keenness. 

How to Apply: Check out their career page to see current call center openings.

Insurance and Financial Services Call Center Positions

Picture of a grey calculator on top of white graph paper for insurance and financial virtual call center roles.

18. The Hartford Insurance Sales Agent, Inbound Call Center (Remote)

Hartford is a trusted insurance company. Known for extensive insurance solutions. As an inbound sales agent, you’ll Provide expert guidance and tailored insurance options. The company seeks web-based customer care agents with solid sales skills. 

How to Apply: Go to their careers page and click on search jobs. 

19. Progressive Call Center Representative

Progressive’s call center team seeks committed people who thrive in a fast-paced environment. They offer remote positions for customer service. Inbound sales and claims. Successful people can handle multiple tasks. Customer service experience and computer skillfulness. Paid training and ongoing coaching are provided. 

How to Apply:  Go to the view job openings page. Then, in the search bar for ( keyword), type in (call center).

Behavioral Health Call Center Specialist

20. Fast Pace Health Behavioral Health Call Center Specialist (Remote)

Fast Pace Health is a leading provider of behavioral health services. Dedicated to delivering compassionate care and support to people. You’ll handle mental health questions with empathy and expertise as a call center specialist. They seek remote agents with excellent skills. Empathy and a commitment to mental health. 

How to Apply: Go to the career page. You can narrow your search by clicking on ( remote) in the locations from the left sidebar.

Dental Support Call Center

21. Aspen Dental Call Center Rep

Aspen Dental is a leading dental support group. They provide high-quality oral care across the United States. As a Rep, you’ll support patients with appointment scheduling. Questions and service information. They seek home-based customer service agents starting at $14.50, with strong empathy and a customer-focused mindset. 

How to Apply: View their listings for virtual call center roles. Use the search bar and type in ( call center representative).

Debt Collection and Customer Care Call Center

22. Radius Global Solutions Call Center Rep – Work from Home

Radius Global Solutions is a trusted provider of debt collection services and customer care. You’ll speak for this company as a virtual operator handling questions from home. 

How to Apply: View the virtual call center roles to become a rep.

Alcohol Delivery Customer Service Position

23. Minibar Delivery Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

Minibar Delivery is a leading alcohol delivery service. They seek virtual call center agents who are clientcentric. Have strong social skills and can help with orders and questions related to alcohol delivery. Join their team to provide excellent service from your home in the beverage industry.

How to Apply: Visit the career page for remote work jobs. You can also submit to the general interest to be considered later.

Global Customer Experience Management Call Center Roles

Picture of a woman in front of a translucent board. Shows sad, ok, and a happy face with star ratings for global customer experience management roles.

24. Foundever

Foundever is a global customer experience management company with virtual solid call center operations. They seek remote agents skilled in speaking. Tech-savvy and customer-centric. They offer jobs for agents to provide outstanding support and service from their homes.

How to Apply: You can search for current virtual call center positions in your country.

25. Alorica

Alorica is a major customer service outsourcing firm. Home-based agents who love customer service. Speak well and can handle questions and concerns should apply. Work with Alorica to provide excellent virtual services.

How to Apply: View virtual call center job listings and search by the location you want.

26. TTEC Jobs

TTEC is a customer experience tech and services firm. Hires virtual call center agents. They want reps with a passion for customer service and support. 

How to Apply: Visit the work-from-home page and click on ( view all work-at-home jobs>).

27. Liveops Call Center Agent Jobs

Liveops is a leading virtual call center company. Empowering agents to work remotely and provide excellent customer service. You’ll represent various clients. Handle questions, sales, or support tasks from your home office. Liveops seeks agents who want to be self-employed independent contractors. 

How to Apply: Check out LiveOps’ available virtual call center positions.

28. ACD Direct Virtual Call Center Agent Jobs

ACD Direct is a respected company that focuses on high-quality customer care. They seek those with strong communication skills. Empathy and customer-centric approaches. 

How to Apply: Visit their virtual call center positions to become an agent.

Market Research Call Center Role

29. Numeris Call Center Agent (Outbound)

Numeris is a market research company known for conducting audience sizing studies. They hire virtual call center agents for outbound calling. Numeris seeks an articulate, persuasive agent who can engage respondents in surveys over the phone. This role allows you to help with data collection efforts remotely.

How to Apply: You can search for remote call center openings on the website.

Call Center Management Position

30. Global Placement Firm Manager of Call Center – Virtual Branch Manager

Global Placement Firm offers a manager role. They are a staffing agency focusing on call center placements. They seek skilled professionals to lead virtual call center teams. This role involves remote management and driving call center success.

How to Apply: Browse through the current virtual call center positions on their career page.

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Conclusion to Virtual Call Center Jobs 

Finally, virtual call center jobs provide a flexible career in remote customer service. Technical support and sales. These careers are popular because they offer work-life balance and support customer service. You can find a fantastic virtual call center job with your speaking skills. 

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