Looking for work- from- home Proofreading and Editing jobs? Proofreading or editing is maybe the most perfect work-from-home  job out there. With the right skills, you’ll be able to work on your time frame, doing the work you love, in the comfort of your home, and make good money for your services.

Work from home Proofreading job opportunities put you in the driver’s seat of your success.

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When you’re just looking to get started or brush up on your skills, the following websites are great places to help you get ready to work.

Work From Home Proofreading Jobs

work from home proofreading jobs



This website is a go-to for where to start on your search for work-from-home proofreading jobs. At Proofread Anywhere, you could start your own proofreading business. You can take a 76-minute workshop that is completely free.

You’ll learn 5 signs proofreading could be a perfect fit for you! How proofreading can be your ticket to lifestyle freedom and financial security. The surprisingly easy way to attract your ideal proofreading clients. Learn how to make money doing what you love.

 If you’re an established proofreader or editor, they’ll even give you the skills to help perfect your craft and get more content through quicker and with higher levels of accuracy.  


Scribendi is a high-quality team of editors and proofreaders.  They’re continually expanding their team if you want to work for them.  But if you’re just interested in testing out their services, you can check out some of their freelance opportunities.  Freelance proofreading or freelance editing are great ways to see if this is a career for you.


WordVice is a great place for former academics to step back into the field.  They work primarily with academic writing.  If this sounds like something that you could handle, reach out and check out their regularly updated career listings.  Editing academic writing is a special gift, so they’re frequently looking for new talent.

Babble Type

Babble Type is always looking for new talent.  They work in the field of transcription.  This requires an ability to use their software and integrate with strong listening skills to get near-perfect content. It can be inspiring working for a company this passionate about making words readable for all.  If transcribing is something you may be interested in Babble Type is a great space to check that out.


This website works to help get scientific research to the publication stages.  Sometimes those who excel at science struggle to put their findings into words that others can understand.  If you’re someone who has the skills to take these scientific concepts and turn them into high-quality readable academic writing, Cactus Global is your place. With Cactus Global, you can proofread or edit as a work-from-home job and still help the world at large.


Proofreading Pal is a company dedicated to making sure whoever needs high levels of proofreading and editing jobs can get the support they need. They work with top clients to provide high-quality results. Their team is composed of doctors and professionals who know how to edit for grammar, functionality, and voice. If your proofreading and editing skills are elite, this is a great place to connect with other like-minded individuals.

More Work From Home Proofreading Jobs


Scribe Media specializes in helping those who are interested in publishing e-books or conventional books get published.  When you work with them, you’ll help someone who already has a great vision shape their words into something that can be accessible by many as a published text.


Writer’s Relief is a set of tools and resources that help connect writers who may be stressed or overwhelmed to get the relief they need.  They are a team of other writers, editors, and proofreaders ready to help step in and help you.  Whether it’s publishing a book or writing website content, Writer’s Relief works to help get high-quality proofreading and editing skills in the hands of the writers who need it most.


Paper True is an organization that puts publishing help within reach for anyone who needs it.  If you work with them, you could work on anything from website content to professional academic texts.  They pride themselves on a 3-point system for making sure they are delivering high-quality editing and proofreading to their customers.  If this seems like the editing or proofreading work-from-home job of your dreams, don’t hesitate to reach out and check their recent career opportunities.


Smart Brief specializes in digital marketing and online publications.  This specialized form of writing requires niche skills of proofreading and editing. If you have some writing skills and you’d love to see your work published online, it’s worth reaching out and connecting with their team of professionals in the business. With the digital marketing world growing by the second, this can be a lasting career in proofreading or editing.


Scribbr works with academics and students to provide the editing and proofreading skills they need to take their papers and research to the next level.  Editing for clarity in academic writing is an elite skill. Scribbr links academics with professionals in the proofreading and editing fields to help them publish high-quality content. They’re a very popular service, so it’s always worth checking out the opportunities with them to work from home on your way to finding proofreading and editing jobs.


On this website, you have a rolling list of jobs available in the editing and proofreading fields. Having a long list is a great way to check out what you are or aren’t interested in.  Scan their job boards for inspiration or employment.  When you’re ready, you can apply right on the site or reach out to the organization for more information directly. A job listing board is a great place to be inspired.

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Conclusion to Work From Home Proofreading Jobs

No matter where you start, it is worth getting your feet wet in the world of online publishing or editing.  The job opportunities in this field are multiplying by the second. In our modern world, great proofreading and editing will become more important, not less. Native English speakers will always be high in demand. Using these websites and your skills, you’ll be able to find all the proofreading/editing jobs that you can to start work in no time.

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